Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet. ~Plato

Platonic love, an anecdote of DIVINE Love and not Romance!!

You know love is not always about romance. Have you ever experienced love out of physical environs? Let’s say,  Souls in Love where physical presence is of no permanence? Fully awaken minds which moved out of carnal attraction. To individual bodies falling into the attraction of souls and eventually a union with the truth in wisdom to become soul mates in divinity.
The most superior form of selfless love where being in love, all you learn is to respect the truth of stations in life. Your individuality in the beauty of awakening truth, surrendering the soul still limiting and commanding self in control of that physical being. They share narratives of heart and soul and not of bodily romance.
An anecdote of Love, or say close relationship, that shred carnal curiosities still all in the oneness of souls. Platonic Love is something one can say a contrast to romantic love. As said, Love owns all sense except common sense this goes in contradiction to Platonic love.
Today when the world is soaked in love and is celebrating the festival of lovers the “Valentines Day”, we conclude our series on Valentines Week, “WHO IS YOU VALENTINE?”, celebrating all those lovers who live and breathe the most divine and pious form of love, Platonic Love.

What Is Platonic Love?

The love, the Platonic lovers share is selfless, full of Virtue, that the other’s station in life is priorities and not the carnal desire. It is a space where jealousy doesn’t exist and hidden agendas never breathe.  Love that is rooted in genuine honesty and promotes other self-being and affirms it worthy.
Soul mates in platonic love, are the lovers who love and share life just like as best friends however they are independent of sexual relations. We can say two friends of the same sex who love each other and share friendship and life but don’t have physical embroilments.
The genuine platonic love as defined is; The beautiful or lovely other person inspires the mind and the soul and directs one’s attention to spiritual things. A simple way to sum it up would be,  a good friend in divinity, FULL STOP.

The Basic Characteristics of Platonic Lovers are:

 *Unfiltered Honesty

Unlike the romantic relationship, there is not fear that the partner will leave because they are never with you in the first place.
You can have a fight, not speak for months, then patch things up, and things will pretty much go back to normal as never changed.
Platonic love doesn’t have to spare anyone’s feelings. There is no need to maintain fake. There are no expectations, it’s a genuine Selfless Love.

* Respect Boundaries

While purely platonic relationships may have a no-holds-barred aspect to them still they are so mature to bound self in respectful boundaries. They are never said and discussed still are in practice for sake of unconditional love.

* No Expectations

Although friendship is a give and takes partnership, when it comes to platonic love, there’s no expectations nor demand deems.
Dr Diana Raab while sharing her personal experience on a platonic Love  with her friend Mr Thomas Steinbeck, the son of Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck mentions, she was so close to him that they were deep-rooted bonded and understood each other, they were like siblings together, their telepath was strong even if one was never close, the other was knowing how the one is feeling.

Dr Diana Raab says, “Our love was unconditional, but we never crossed the line into intimacy. We laughed together. At times, we were never possessive over our company for one another, and when not together we knew telepathically what the other was feeling.”

Here are some tips that Dr Diana shared as she mentions her PLATANOIC LOVE :

*Discuss your feelings with your Platonic Partner.
*Set boundaries with mutual understanding.
*Refrain physical contact out of hugging as part of greetings.
*Refrain from sexual conversations.
*Be Mindful of practising of what you speak when together.
*As the word defined “Platonic Love”, it evolve deep emotions where the lover has deep    feelings for each other, however,feelings are nowhere near to romance.

Platonic love awakens love all in divinity. Where you act rightly with wisdom and honesty. Being your self, truthfully at your stations of life, fully able to send and receive divine vibes to the soul mate on the plateau far side. Being never together still never apart, Single Soul residing in two bodies sharing one Heart.