How it can be, this person says one thing to me,  has entirely different stories to share publicly? I wonder what is his originality? Initially, it was stressful dealing with this person and now with extream and passing of time it’s getting hurtful.
 I am hurt, I am badly hurt when I come to know the one who spends hours with me sharing thoughts and time, giving and seeking understanding, with others set of people had an all-new personality.
I am astonished this person never cease giving surprises, now what I am learning is, this person holds a dual personality. The attitude of this person, & behaviour astonished me and set me in pain when I see him playing mind games.
Of the many negative feelings that arise from dealing with this person, most eventually boil down to emotional fatigue, which is destroying not only the relationship but also impacting the mental state and physical health of mine negatively.
I wonder how the other way round this person’s ideas and ideology shifts at beats. The thought of his behaviour and different standards with me, place me in misery.
This is what happens to us when we come across people who play with the mind and enjoy playing with our time and energy. They are actually the attention seekers,  who go up head over heels to be the prime key.
As I was discussing this person’s behaviour with one of my friends, the insight she brought changed my plight from inward to the outward side, so profound that her insight set me free out of my grieve immediately.
Such people are dominant in nature and want things to happen all in there like and ways, if they can’t get what they want they play mind games, she tells me. They like to stay with us for their convenience, and when they are with the new set of people they have new stories to tell and share, which put them as prime seeking all attention.
 Whether their actions are cruel, frustrating, or simply negative, the best approach to going with such dual personality people is to be proactive and learn how to manage them and our own stress at the same time.
The truth is, the cause of pain is their nature which affects you, Why? Because you are immune to understand the law of expectancy. To correct this person or change will bring happiness to you is not true. People never change, this understanding and preventing self from there bad influence can only limit you from further suffering.
“It’s not you, the person is in pain, the truth is the other person is actually is in pain and suffering, suffering because of his nature. The nature that will not shift, that is causing him pain, to avoid this suffering, this person lives a dual life, a life where this person finds himself secure with an attention of others, which this person archives with the change in character”.
They are highly stubborn, and not flexible and so its hard for them to shift from their nature, tolerance is the sign of maturity, and this can only help you to be happy and to maintain your state of mind if you are around someone who holds dual personally, not getting influenced by their tactics can help and save you from further stress.
As you are allowing the others person’s behaviour to intrude in you, it becomes the cause of all miseries. The truth is the other person is in pain, not you which make his presence of, with a dual personality problematical. Which is actually a solution and now has become a way of life for this person.
 So when you come across someone who plays with your emotions, try to understand that how and how much they are suffering and are in pain with their rigidity so they try to turn the table to their side all the time. How much insecure they are so they constantly try and put in the effort to please people around, they weave stories and false identities as perfect people and come up as dual personalities.
Because their desire is to influence all they don’t hold their own consciousness to the firmness of their opinion but they shift style as per the situation and the people around, they develop a fake image of their identity that people like and praise.
Such persons are not happy in themselves or with the people and things that they have, they desire for more and so they keep hunting for more and as a result, they develop a dual personality to get more. they are by nature not satisfied.
There are people who dominate, few are like this be,  being exploited and in pain due to their environment. This negative environment becomes fule for them further to go on like this.
An understanding to manage expectation and an understanding that we cannot control others behaviour and our maturity and profound life enhance strength within us,  with time we do develop into a resilient person undergoing less pain. After your encounter with a particularly stressful person, try not to dwell on them in future learn to detach.
If things went badly, do your best to rectify it or move on. Be certain to understand this person does not thinks about you, and is on the next soul hunt. Don’t allow a stressful interaction ruin the rest of your day.
Try to learn from your experience and don’t create new space for this person to exploit your emotions again. Build strength to detach from this person emotionally and this will help to heal you further.  People never change and they will not, learn to let go and live without expectations. Don’t lean on them, if you they will  come back to only hurt you again.
Humility cannot hold one who has the knowledge of life. People who play mind games are actually the reason for suffering not for us but for themselves.
Truth is this person is more in pain who play mind games or hold dual personality, as they are happy only when their wishes are full filled, they are stubborn in nature, so the truth is they are not happy people but more insecure and in pain. The irony is you are around such person, you will end up in pain and suffering due to their actions.
You have to develop empathy for them in your self and learn why they behave in the manner they do or play the mind games. This understanding of this person will help and inculcate your profoundness so you will shift from being a person in pain or suffering to the healer for this person who is actually causing you pain. An effort to understand the mind game they play the way they play will help &  develop you stronger to protect you from emotional hurt.