People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

Iam Soul Conjunction

I Am Addicted To Light, Kalimba de luna!

While asleep darkness pleases once you awaken, darkness you dislike. Heart of lotus riding wheels of light thrives to balance & rise, awaken soul follows the light.

People groovin making emotions silhouettes divulge delusions.
Shimmer shine juggles creating shades of parables and plight.
Show me what you say, show me the way, show me the light.

Be a flame incandescent deep and you’ll glisten the spark infusing desire to live and not just live, uplifting a fainting soul to rise, a dusky mind perhaps cheer up proposing positive vibes.

Embrace gratitude that fills your heart with joy so you may not faint as you dance through changing phases of the moon. Possibly you may rise or falls, but darling its shine remains the same as it goes only to come again, Kalimba de Luna.

Believe more, do more scars are precursor ramifying into scarlet bloom healing into incandescent defusing Love Faith Hope in the environment. Kiss of the sunray lifts the spirit high, dancing through rationalism to empiricism living the crux of meaning lunatic dictates no more your life.

Breathe deep, introspect taking an inward journey. Identify & correct infirmities conditioning them into possibilities. Nither the blush on or rouge light up the skies. The grin that you wear from ear to ear sparks Kalimba de luna. Believe in what you say, Show them what you say, show them the way, show them the light.

Awaken soul follow the light, I Am addicted to light, show me your light. Thriving making-meaning, living a purpose-driven life. I’m addicted to purpose, I know “Live is Life”, now show me your light. Light blooming out of solitude, comprehends and synthesis into action is wisdom.

Knowing the path is knowledge, leading it is courage. Following it in the togetherness of the tribe being tolerant, considerate and loving is wisdom. We are the person of our choices. Perhaps much is derisive in the eyes of the world, but in the end what matter is what brings you love, joy and peace. Transcending all in your own definition & must not be subjective to the world’s perspective.

Your imperfections are the correction index. Just a cool & diligent insight and they can serve as the stepping stones to the success. We all wanna live a happy life? What makes you happy? Your deepest significance is your capacity to care. Light Shines in the darkness and darkness did not overcome it. Show me what you say, show me the way, show me the light Kalimba de luna.

Know, You Are The Maker of Your Own Destiny!

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