Birth of a child is a gift to the universe, a ‘bloom’ in the garden that grows and emerges to form an environment adding innate qualities to contribute & creating a beautiful world. 

Parents are the forebear of generation, kids are clay to be moulded so, to become a better and meaningful instrument for the society. Many times this sheer thought makes my heart to overflowing with gratitude.

Whatever I am today, I am because of my Daddy, who taught me how to respond to life, coolly sharing and caring peace, & positive vibes being humble at the same time. An amazing father who teaches well to pursue the ups and downs, fighting fit in the finite games of life with the infinite energy of confidence in self & Divine.

Rising for a fortunate life, meaningful life, not just for self and for others too. Daddy who read me bedtime stories then and now listens to my despairs & challenges, guiding & encouraging me to face life, infusing in me hope & courage, he is my Guiding Light. 

Daddy, who can move heaven and earth to fulfil the little daughter’s wishes, he who wiped away my tears with faithful promises. He also prepared me for solo rides to face life. Prepared breakfast and tiffin during school days, he who taught me to ride a bicycle, and when i fell held me telling scratch on the knee was not the end of the world. 

Endless frisbee and board games, even after long days at work, scanning with an intuitive lense, the nature of my friends, how much and who can be friends to her little daddy’s girl. Daddy guarded me just in a closed nutshell, still letting me to grow, to be myself, full of confidence being humble.  

Along with my mommy, Dad is the person i love more than beyond boundaries.

I thank my daddy cool for the things he taught me & I am grateful, refraining not in sharing with you all. 

One thing since I was a child that is stuck in my head, as I recall now is the echoing voice of my Dad; a persistent exhortation- Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be You always. You are the child of the universe & you are born with a purpose, pursue it. 

Let no one ever tell you what you can or can’t be. The only thing is you cannot do is ever obstructing others from chasing victory. 

  • Speakup and stand for what you believe in, even if it’s difficult and you need a step ottoman. Be unique and pursue your dreams, respect means; both giving and receiving.
  • My dad, who is born & raised to be a kind humble being, brought me up no indifferently. Loving, caring & thinking for others is an innate quality in him all transferred to me. 
  • Perfection pleases, and so I am taught from a very young age; do your work not just to be up to the mark but put some extra effort all with intentionality.

Daddy was there every way helping me coolly, so i can make the coolest optical illusion, a project for my science fair for watching me succeed in the world is the world to him. 

  • Nothing comes for free nor easy, work hard, for the things you want. Sometimes we want instant results in life, but Patience & not the instant gratification is the key. 
  • As they say, kids pick up much from not what is taught but by observation, I picked up to be patient by simply following him. We are the generation that yearns for instant results, but my dad instilled patience in me.
  • He experienced love and loss and passes down words of wisdom to me: Be a good Human Being, there is a lot of opportunity in this area and very less competition. 
  •  Life is way too short to stress over sweating the small stuff. Never judge and not feel bad either walking away from the things that make you sad & stressed. 
  • He taught me early on not to be impressed by people who do the life of appeasement. When someone is good from inside it doesn’t take much work to see it.
  • One has to stop seeking validation from people or situation. Place your faith in Divine, who never fails to supports, provide & shield you in time of need or sudden misfortune.

If you don’t want disappointments? The simple rule is, never expect.

  • Dad has always told me to never go into any relationship or situation with expectations; it will limit your disappointment. To be and not to be will always be the question, but knowing that even if it’s not going to be, shall be fine is confidence. 
  • I have seen my daddy always ready & extending help to others, irrespective being known or strangers. He says you may own riches and possession of the world, but true happiness comes only from serving the purpose & meaning that is above your self. 
  • Connecting into social responsibility schemes and groups is part of our family that I grown up with. So, with my first job being a doctor where am serving others, i made sure to join groups on social welfare. And now my self-running welfare programs under the wellness world while am running an independent Hospital.  

Life is what you want it to be. What you perceive of your self, that is what the world will see. So always be confident of yourself. In the crowd of sparkling glitters, confidence is knowing the spark within & letting it guide you and not derail from the shine of the outside world. 

Mind your mind. For once you know how your thoughts define the design of your life, your need & wants, it’s easy to form & mould then the mindset, the key to a happy & full of peace. 

I love my dad for everything he’s taught me and so much more. At every age and every stage, I will always and forever be daddy’s little girl.