Adamantine, still very fragile is the nature of any relationship. Where a relationship continuously needs to be feed with trust, time and togetherness, a relationship also needs to be protected from the ongoing changes in the direction of times. A relationship is not always smooth. However, the situation of life engraves twists and turns. How we manage these test of time staying together give rise to a successful relationship.

In a perfect relationship as well people have the difference of opinion, again and again on many matters. Staying determined is the passageway. The twist and turn are prone to come and needs to be followed with discretion in the relations. The exchange of emotions and discussion are the outcome of the conscious and subconscious trade of communication. Communication with all in dignity and respect are the soul of the relationship.  It’s all conscious efforts that one wishes to make a relationship successful. But, almost all that is needed to safeguard any relationship is a subconscious delivery of words.

Take it into a romantic relationship or a parent-child relation, brother – sister or friends. What marks a check in though time, is the selection of word while exchanges during heated conversations. Our language, the said foul words burn the bridges. If same anger if dispense in cool and coated comprehension it can prevent the further deterioration of relation. With the rightful communication towards to resolving the situation is the key.

Have you ever thought about how you speak to your partner, spouse or the children or how you treat them in public or private does matters? The kind of words we choose or the way we behave can have a much more profound impact than one can imagine. Especially while speaking with the adolescent children words matters. Words spoken can impact the behaviour and also emotional health.  A lousy mouth can be turned out or at times can push your partner away forever.

As said,”beauty lies in your soul, and the outside it’s your mouth that holds the magic.” The kind of words we choose to speak to our partner, spouse or to our children set the mindset and strengths and shape the connection. What one can get done with love is impossible to communicate and get into a rage. Young kids are sensitive to the ambience, and if their self-respect is hurt, they went through the substantial emotional set back which also leads to the fallout of their confidence.

One may communicate well, share your dreams, respect emotions but the way you use the power of words could still affect your relationship on a subconscious level. The choice of the word during heated conversations needs to be guarded. Words leave the impact of a lifetime shaping the future of your relationships. The respect and dignity of your kids and spouse or partner are reflected in the words.  Your words express to them that they matter. Words can make or break a relationship, and your choice of words and the way you communicate yourself can accelerate or derail the ongoing bandwagon of emotions drifting far the people you love.