Spend thirty years in a tiny cell,

And come out ready, To forgive people,

Who put you there.

Forgiveness just ain’t heal you,

But impacts the world for good,

It heals the wounds of the world.

Let our consciousness burgeon life energy,

Proposing Joy Love Harmony to infinity.

Fierce passionate souls, we advancing, 

With Peace in heart banishing finite mentality.

Nay fighting for directions or finery.

How one perceives things changes everything. When they say nothing changes but then everything changes? It’s our consciousness that amalgamates with words holding the life energy sets one to take a deep dive into antecedents and distinguish the consequence in disparity. 

The different perception leads to different consequence driven by intensions in amalgamation intentions. One is the process, and the other targets the outcome. From why to how, if to when… the direction of transformation is “intentions”. 

The internal fire that can ignite up many souls,

Sparked with the intention that delineates the goals.

Intensions that intensify the outcome, 

Words have always drawn solace & strength.

When stricken into desires evoking hope,

Intentions transcendence beliefs into deeds.  

Our present will become past some day as the part of universe’s memory and then the life of a few legends will get inscribed in history with the ink of deeds to become a voice that echoes as emotions even after centuries. The anecdotes reincarnate to map into intentions, the right intentions fetch life energy burgeoning peace and harmony for the coming generations. 

Not one but there may be trillions or more of such words, quotes, poems, and stories hailing out loud history in the present too evoking emotion and fueling motivation for people. One such quote moved my soul to spine chills, evoking shaking empathy & compassion for the present world that is disrupted each day with new narratives fueling anger and hate-affirming polarization, an uproar of the clusters challenging the peace. 

The quote by Francois Pienaar,

“How you spend 30 years in a tiny cell and come out ready to forgive the people who put you there”.

And as I dig deep the findings come out to be surprising and was a beautiful powerful impactful movie “INVICTUS”. The movie is based on the book “Playing the Enemy”, by John Carlin based on Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation about the events in South Africa during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The movie is based on the book, the book is based on the life and experiences of Mr. Nelson Mandela. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid activist who served as the first president of South Africa. 

Allow me to share, the trail is not over yet, the source of the inspiration for Mr. Nelson Mandela was the Poem INVICTUS. A short poem by the British poet William Ernest Henley from the 19th Century. So can you see how a poem that was written in the early 19th century become the cause of friendship between enemies? This is the power of words that when working in amalgamation with the intentions ride on the consciousness to delineate the divine blueprint into action beyond the human imagination. 

 “Invictus”, is a Latin word & means unconquerable. The poem depicts courage and the desire to hold on to life and dignity even in the face of death despite life’s indignities. This poem depicts the poet’s attempt to motivate himself when there is no hope at all. When the poet writes this poem he has already lost one of his legs. So, in such a situation of mental and physical agony, the poet tries to lift his courage. 

The words from the poem become the source of courage for the then fighting for the rights of African Mr. Nelson Mandela. A true story of Nelson Mandela who drew inspiration from the poem Invictus to survive 27 years in jail. Isn’t amazing to witness the circle of time come round narrating the anecdotes of darkness transcendent into the light? A journey through people is the bearer of love, courage, and unity. People, who keep up the fight from era to era… unbelievable? All to thrust light, life, and hope evoking the power of words: The Life Energy. 

When consciousness (intentions)are synced with procedures (intensions) the amalgamation of what may or may not be buried deep in one mind becomes the food for thought drafting the pattern of feelings and action a divine blueprint that leads to life, peace, and freedom. 

This is the power of words that hit the mind and forge life. Where the poet himself source life & inspiration from his own poem to recover from the pain and suffering to become a renowned writer, the one-legged Henley became the inspiration for a man again after a century, Nelson Mandela who was jailed for thirty years in a tiny cell but felt free, his life energy nay perished but soared weaving aspiration and dreams of future and peace.  

It’s said that Nelson Mandela recited the poem to other prisoners also while imprisoned at Robben Island. The prisoners were empowered by the message of self-mastery, further inspiring an entire nation for change. The source of the inspiration for Nelson Mandela was the poem Invictus. 

It becomes a source not just to survive twenty-seven years in jail but then his dreams he released into reality. When he learned that South Africa, for the first time, was hosting the Rugby World Cup in 1995, he came up with an audacious idea. He planned to use Rugby to unite South Africa.

Nelson Mandela understood the game better and built a lasting friendship with the then captain of the Springboks, Francois Pienaar. He broke the wall between the team and the Blacks. He openly supported the team and sent a clear message that the Springboks should have the support of not just whites but all South Africans.


The victory of self-love begins with banishing the thought of selfishness and igniting the power of forgiveness. Freely accepting the love of the universe liberating it for the enemy to make him a friend. As they say, to have a friend be one.  

Victory begins in the mind and it’s all the game of intentions. Be mindful of your intentions for they determine perspective and actions. Be optimistic, think positively for yourself and others and you will end up creating & sharing happiness. 

Zest to Learn, Unlearn & Relearn, not just new skills, ways or methodologies and the things of the world, but moreover self assimilation & correction in amalgamation with what the world needs. This need toils the direction of the future, and then the whole universe comes to help you achieve the purpose. 

They say: Better is to light a candle, rather than cursing the darkness!

And it’s all about the journey and nay the destination. Great Things Always Begin From the Inside… intentions are the breath for life and its style. When the world is getting overloaded with information, focus on what energy it carries. Does it disruptive? Or is building harmony? Each word is potent and holds its own nature of nurturing the future. Morphic fields are the script matrix conceding information vibrating in its range. This ring is interconnected to the inline matter to matter. Information goes into form and becomes matter. 

As the soul manifests the human form the information does the same, it becomes form. Understand this; If you cannot read the information in the book you cannot digest the energy that acts. Same time if you can read a script that is a form of ‘matter’ when your consciousness interacts with this form of matter, it becomes the life matter i.e Life Energy with direction & intention for you to act upon. 

Practice Kindness & Always Stay Humble. 

Energy and information are not the same they have different properties. Take this example; If you buy a book, you purchase information, now if you do not have the time & energy to read this book, it will not lead to the formative force. The amalgamation of your consciousness, information, and energy gives birth to the formative force of life energy. This the reason students must understand when they say, read the books of your age and avoid the forbidden ones? Yes, this is the reason you become what you read. 

A book is a form of information when you read being conscious, information transforms into energy scientists call it formative force or life energy. Everything is connected to everything else by an unending ocean of zero-point energy, covered by morphic fields of embedded information. 

The connection between life energy/zero-point energy and information evokes formative force. If this formative force connects to matter, a life form originates & the ecosystem all evolved into a higher degree of biodiversity. Similarly, this happens to societies and the development of culture. 

Consciousness binds the information and the intensive energy moment it does, formative force originates. Energy and information need consciousness to come alive. Now, this leads to Higher-order thinking, becoming conscious leads to higher consciousness., and the way becomes the goal. 

Yes, it’s so necessary, to put Mind over Matter to create a sustainable equal peaceful world.

You Can All Join In Pervading Life energy. Together, we hold the key to creating a Beautiful World.