Maasi, tell me what are you reading? Read it, loud please, I want to hear the story. My nephew pulling my sleeves, bragging at me to narrate. Gosh, how I mention him what I am reading.  I never wish him ever to know such content ever exists. He is now 14 years old and his mind is well developed for understanding social affairs. Though my thoughts are no more ready to duck this read from him, sure sooner he’ll get to read it anyways.

The content is a text from the syllabus offered by the education system which he will learn in the coming times.

As parents, we all want our children to grow up as good human beings. We want to inculcate respect for others and their views irrespective of their gender. This is what the present-day parents “Modern parents ” hope for. We, place them in the best school to provide them with the best education. Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another and education helps to build a strong nation.

Youths are the soul of the nation, and they will design leadership roles that will embrace ‘n priorities the needs of the country, the teens from the age of AI.

The youth, young maidens and lads both will build the winning and influential tomorrow of our India, but how they will get along if, “their walk does not match the talk”,? If one has gender-biased bigotry, they carry ahead.

The content I am reading is a book from the school syllabus. The text offered defines the upbringing of this generation of girls with prejudice. Where we as parents want our girls to be outbound and confident, to stand alone and take and throw the challenges of life and living,??

The text from the book  “modern girl” tells girls of the present day, are too selfish to think about others. Only the latest fashions and cosmetics are very dear to her.”

Somewhere the text accuses the present-day woman of immoral teachings and the essay also puts the onus on the ‘modern girl’s parents.” It tells that the parents are partly responsible for the egotistical nature of their daughters. Its points insistence on the present-day girl being no longer as shy, an obliging and a cosy creature as she used to be.

The text narrates, “She wants to enjoy life LIKE BOYS. She’s more a selfcentred person than a loving daughter or sympathetic sister” as if enjoying life and not sacrificing it (to men) was tantamount to “being egocentric, unloving and unfriendly”… the text is a collection of biased endless cliches.

With the evolution of the genesis of male and female being made in the image of God, with no distinction between man and woman rooted in the soul, rather than just the body. How will this weed of acumen let the budding boys and girls build all an intact with the esteem and with the sense of being in league with each other?

How do I narrate what I’m reading to my nephew, kids have an evolving mind? A speck of such thought on his spirit may root and lead to a judgmental perspective me thinks.

Where force has to lead to bring the change,a change for better, change to build a bright nation by the involvement of next-generation, such seeds of prejudice into the innocent juvenile won’t be destructive to spoil their beautiful minds ??

Things will change but will take a long time. The change is possible with the generation of these independent girls who will emanate to become well-educated mommies of the future,  who can give the essence of cerebral pursuits to their bearing kids.

When we talk about the age group from 6 to 14yrs, it is the phase where kids spend most of the time with their mothers around. An educated mother will simply create a new soul of society as she passes her grasp from one generation to another.

Educated generations of mommies give the essence of cerebral pursuits to their bearing kids and shall dispense a new generation, a generation with the beautiful mind to society. A spell will debilitate gender equality,  the root cause of all the evils happening in India against women.

The problem is even in today’s time it is only a mother who differentiated between her boy and the girl child, the conspicuous is the forthcoming generation of girls bringing the change we want to see in society to prevail. In our relationship with our motherland, we have a lot to rightly offer to the next generation, and the right education is the one.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton!