This is our 4th Valentine season over Soul Conjunction. It’s an immense joy to share the feeling of love, life, and light with the world as I write via my blogs. 

We write on vivid topics, writing on Love & relationships always sparks mixed emotions. The world is going through much it seems like people are facing another phase of a renaissance with technical evolution, meta & matter taking over the mind of the people with the world in their pockets. The fast-changing lives, the rise of climate crises, crises of peace, disturbance over the waters & borders, the escalation of wars seems everlasting struggle the humanity is set to. 

In the world of economics, geopolitics & our personal lives, the dark clouds are pouring many transformations in the relationships & psychology of children, our lives, and our lifestyle. 

Well, research of recent times says it’s all the butterflies that cause storms, yes the personal shifts in nature and the way of nurture that impacts the dynamic of cognitive ability transforming our environment impacting life and relationships. 

When so much chaos is surrounding the world. Wars, wars in personal lives, the pandemic, predicaments shifting of planetaries ‘n amid all, the arrival of February seems like a disruption of energy just like a warm breeze amid the sharp cold blades. A song of solace, an arrangement that evokes senses & reasons to settle to embrace to behold the brighter side.

As Sakura sings the hymns of peace elevating affirming life energy to Cardinals and Blue jays messaging, “be cheerful for the show must go on”. Cherry blossoms do not fail to bloom, though have seen the centuries & the seasons of gloom with the arrival of springs the crisp sakura on Jindai Zakura lends hope amid the numerous disruptions. 

So is the valentine season and I decided to look into the silver linings harvesting the grace that heavens showers so the tree of love may strengthen to bear the fruit of love ‘n passion? Elevate the game implement the effort to banish the reasons stress ‘n struggle & life dissipating Life in relationships, for live is life.

The world is broken and fragile more than ever before, now people are more at unrest, the souls soaring in wanderlust, in pang for powers, its all matter over mind. People today together, tomorrow alone, people are looking for a new partner & new life. All lead to believe love is a fairy tale.

Love crises are the subject gaining attention now as never before, healing and mending souls is now a concern more. Why relationships, brokenness, healing & well being are the major trending topic and are they on the discussion forum as never before? 

People are high, in stress, in rage, anger & discrimination is on the rise. In the name of love, the world is falling apart as never before, In name of love people are distancing more, divorce happening more, mental illness, depression, violence, and secret life are on soar.

They say Love is patient, Love is kind, it neither envy nor boasts. It’s not proud, doesn’t dishonour others nay seek self. Not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love doesn’t delight in evil ‘n rejoices in the truth. Always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres ‘n never fails.

Does love like this exists? Is “Love” A Fairy Tale?

Well, if we go by what all great personages, philosophers, saints, and divine men and women have delineated: Love, is in giving. To be truthful, being intentional one has to live by emotions creating love. 

February is the month of romance and every aspect has its cause and reasons of existence. In this season everything grows new. As nature switch its complete stance, shedding off summers, ravishing rains and wrap up winters taking a new avatar of warmth, love ‘n romance to nurturing nature to weave new earth.  

Flowers soaked in hues of happiness ‘n the bright buds bloom. Crisp leaves take over as the dead one add on to manure. People celebrate the festivities of love “Valentine” manifesting the adoring & caring nature & mother earth. 

When nature does not fail to show kindness, why do humans measure compassion restricting in boundaries of nation, religion & indifference? The manifesto of well-being is not wealth or health instead it’s all about mental health and the pivot is trust and love. 

Perhaps explains why is the world is at war. Zeal for dominance is increasing leading to the change in the psyche of every human being. Fueling stress, comparison, confusion, fake life, misgivings and depression. 

The reports and research of present days shows fail relationships and divorce have doubled over the past two decades with most cases of divorces happening in the urban areas of India. And the factors laid down are shocking. The common causes of divorce conflict, arguing, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship, lack of commitment, infidelity and lack of physical intimacy are some reasons that break away the commitment & steal away trust and romance the essence of love. 

The least common reasons are lack of shared interests and incompatibility between partners. Well, the point to ponder is why these differences are on the rise, what is ripping people, what’s widening the gap? Golden Silver Jubilees stars are falling with the rise in stress and mental health issues?

What may prevent the falling pattern that can create disruption invoking trust, confidence creating strong and lasting relationships. ?

The relationship expert Ms Esther Perel says it’s important for the partner to be honest with themself foremost to love themselves fully and check on what the need is. And that is when one can give back the same with integrity and honesty. For, to love is to give and you cant give out of your emptiness.

Be Your Own Valentine, Invoke Your Ikigai!

Romance is the glue of love and it takes effort to create the magic, you can’t unless you are self-aware and in self-love. Here’s are some questions that help you to comprehend What are you running short of that is giving rise to your failing relationships?

  1. Attention & care ? 
  2. Are burnout and frustrations building one leading fall? 
  3. Is friendship with the world stealing eternal peace?
  4. What causes loss of charm & attraction from a partner? 

People live together, compromise, fight, fall, rise and that has been happening for centuries. Many studies suggest that having healthy companionship could have a protective effect on health, and help us get better. 

The fact is love makes us alive, it’s the hues of a hundred shades and gives meaning and purpose to life. Love is the essence, the basic foundation of any relationship. Parents, Spouses, kids, friends, family, neighbours, or countrymen all woven over the motif of love that binds people and the universe.  

Love among the partner is the bond of long and healthy relationships. Yes, it’s love & romance, says Esther Perel . With the absence of romance, the thing slowly starts rusting, getting boring. Routine lingers on and with time distance gives rise to the gap that becomes the catalyst of the increasing infidelity.

They say nothing can cage the mind & heart and love travels on wavelength of unconditional intentional tracks. Communication, togetherness, sharing & caring are necessary but the magic mantra to keep the bond alive all through life is romance. 

Poles apart attract that is true, and love is the bridge that keeps partnership Divine in the oneness of mind body and soul. Two individuals at the zenith of originality masters of their own potion having common destiny and the portion that makes them one being apart ‘n different all through the changing age, phases, the high low of the tides of life are intentionality, clarity of mind and understanding the meaning of Love & Life. 

Comprehending service is the key and when you do, your needs and wants are equally taken care of. Simple as that , what you give you receive, it’s not about me but we. From young couples to become parents & grandparents down age keeping alive the sense of friendship, intimacy, sex and fidelity are nuts and bolts of romantic life. 

Of course life is not as simple but like a garden of flowers, emotional and relational intelligence plays a significant part. Edge of insanity, impulse, feeling desire, as like people just met more of familiarity.

Positive emphasis soaked in the divinity of love all with divine intention saves from the darkness that is the birthplace of desires and loneliness. It’s not just about your work, peers, colleagues, friends and projects that one needs for a great life but also the mental peace that is the bounty for the euphoric nourishment of living and a healthy mental being. 

The complete attention of the mother and father is a need of specific age, need changes with change in life span. In the protective environment of family and in the embracing love of parents where we live by unconditional love, growing up with siblings we learn other coping mechanisms and value systems work that feed the gratification, tolerance, and desire for the achievements explains Alferd Adler the psychologist. That is how the human brain is designed. 

Spouses are each other’s favorite persons period and are the first to face the outlet of any emotion. The basic instinct is love, every emoting is a call for love or love itself. The key is to understand rather than to be understood, disaster is expecting others to understand you without saying. Silence is not always the answer especially under same roof. 

Our response to the partner who is adults as adults are the problem says Ms Esther. Our kind is truly loving and believing our resilience is not meant for the home. A home is a place people need to be self. If tired, then to be so. If broken then to be so, or whatever emotions they are struggling with, home is the place to be self and its the job of the partner to let them be. Embrace openness. 

All days aren’t alike and it’s necessary to confess the need and emotions. Be exciting, sexy, boring, be yourself, being self prevents burnout. Someone who will not be able to suffer to become what others need seems to understand but they suffers more and is unhealthy in any relationship. 

  • Learn to respond and not react. 
  • Be the first to apologize. 
  • Evolve, don’t panic. 
  • Catharsis in love is magnetic, Learn it. 
  • They say when nothing can save the world it’s art, bring it in.
  • Practice Mindfulness. 
  • Recommit, every day.
  • Never compare your relationship with others. Life of social media and reality are separate worlds, let this never run out of your mind.  

Love is constant and romance is contrasting, ‘n isn’t a permanent state of enthusiasm. The magic between you and your partner will probably feel missing, sometimes appearing and again disappearing but that is perfectly normal, Learn to create magic. Your spouse is the only person in the world where you can test things and play around with. 

Healthy relationships work from within and the cause is the respect for each other’s roles and responsibilities. Be comfortable with yourself, be busy and awesome with yourself and when you are happy and blooming you are dissipating life energy that blesses your relationship.

 If you’re not comfortable enough with yourself or with your truth when entering a relationship, then you’re not ready for that relationship. Don’t make the other person suffer for your lack of integrity or inability to embrace the truths of your life.

A great relationship begins with trust and honesty. It’s tempting to lie and smear the truth, but it never helps. It’s simply better, to be honest. The feeling of disappointment that comes with the realization that you are incompatible is much better than the feeling of pain and betrayal. 

Forget love, create great friendship, all rooted deep in love. A great friendship is out of Faith and Divinity. The love of the highest order when being one you’re separate is all rooted in friendship. How that can be? when you learn to comprehend what is worshiping God. For love is god and god is love. This level of devotion protects partners from infidelity, the infuser of doubts, and the killer of romance. 

Yes, romance does work at all ages but, the inclinations change & so the escalation points are different. It’s more of companionship based on shared values and common interests all soaked in humour and purpose.

Love is nay a fairy tale, but to turn it into rational it takes efforts and intentions. Every expression is a gesture that seeks love, love for self-worth. That is what human beings are, our every action aspires for the sake of love. A need that with time transforms with the development of our age into manifestations of various other emotions and affirmation.  

It’s not about the number of friends one has whether it’s a committed relationship or not. Perhaps what signifies is the quality of relationship you hold. What you source out of your relationship is what impacts your being, your personage, your strengths, talents, curiosity, desire for development, and optimism all with faith and trust.

Warm relationships are protective: the happy health OXYGENARIAN comes out at the age of fifty. Calm close relationships buffer up and set a cushion from the sling and arrow of getting old. The researchers discern people at the age of eighty’s who were in a good relationship were happier and in a good mood even when going through the physical pain of ageing.

They say, “wisdom hill is hard to get and easy to skip”. A relationship is similar, messy and complicated as well, it’s not only sexy or glamorous but lifelong and never-ending are the happiest ones. 

Love that proposes health ‘n life is hard to live by not a fairy tale. Let the pile of debris not let the light of love in heart hide. Always remember it’s not about me but we. 

Just because you like each other and are compatible, the relationship doesn’t go deep, partners have to work for love to give it meaning. Yes, You have to work to be in a happy relationship. Creating a loving and lasting partnership isn’t easy. It’s not one of mere stability, but also quality 

You have to respect each other, make mutual adjustments, many a time compromise, personal sacrifice, and let go of the ego. To forgive and then there is bonding. That escalates the emotional components of passion and intimacy also, noting work without the commitment towards each other.  

Commitment is a cognitive choice, a decision that individuals make to be in a relationship. Couples who renew their commitments each day with each other in words and deeds, set standards for themselves for a long-lasting romantic partnership.

Are you in search of your soul mate?

Romantic relationships are dynamic and as such are ever-changing and so are intensely complex. The recipe for a successful marriage isn’t fully clear, but this sample of findings points to the importance of work and effort. 

Successful relationships don’t just happen and are not a fairy tale? 

They emerge when two people invest in their relationship and have the structural, mental, emotional and physical & spiritual support of each other with a Divine mindset. 

What does it take to make love a reality is to :Just Love?

All with integrity and commitment keeping vows to swing in the balance of romance and reality. Live is life, and Love is patience, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. Love never fails.