I lately met my closest friend from my high school days on my current visit to my hometown. We planned to move outdoors, calling for a speedy unfasten from day to day chaos of home and life. We spent hours sitting around at my farmhouse across the lush green fields, chatting about the faithfulness and love of almighty and encouraging each other regarding what he is doing in and through our lives. In the midst of the conversation, my friend shared with me her moments of solace, seeking my honest opinion.
My friend, she is a Mother of two, a teacher by profession, in marriage and living with her husband, a typical what we call a happy life. She is in love she declared to me and I was like, we all are with our families.
I exclaimed, me too in love with my husband, Its, not like the same she barged me, sharing with me her moments of confrontation with the devein connection.
She revealed her secret, sharing her solace, with a firm head over the shoulder and discernment of the presence of Divinity in her life.
I kept listening to her with a warm loving smile. She told me, she is in love, with a person, a scientist by profession. The two come in together in a professional meeting and developed acquaintance.
With time their acquaintance developed into a good friendship as they continued in talk over calls. Over the course of time, she developed an emotional understanding and evolved in a emotional bond with this person.
My friend discovered the day that she is in Love when this person told her that he has to travel on work front to Europe for some long time. My friend then has this moment of realization that she truly loves him.
My friend confessed her feelings, telling she is at unrest as if she is going to lose something if he travels, and from then their romance bloomed, this was the confession moment of love for both of them.
Its been almost 8 years now, them together but have never seen each other in physical proximity. As I listen to her lifetime moment of rest, my eyes shine brightly in her honour.
God has divine connections lined up for your life. There is power in connection, connections lead to life, I told her as she smirks back.
I couldn’t ignore this feeling and it started to overwhelm me a bit, Well… The Truth is:Firstly, the “reality” of “young children must always be the priority. Any non-acceptance of this prime parenting fundamental’s importance leaves the ‘new’-found ‘relationship’ just an off-shoot of a lack of attention perhaps from the ‘marriage’-partner.

An infatuation only that is in the process of treading water until such time as a favourable environment for a physical relationship does present itself.

Of course, if both individuals “respect” the other’s station in life, and fully understand and respect that there is a line that cannot be crossed…Then, it could be termed as a purely platonic relationship that wishes and will actively contribute to the fulfilling of each other’s roles in their respective stations in life and living…!!! …’and THIS IS LOVE…!!!