A hug from you is the world to the kid. It’s kids that provide us with compassion and love at the moment we need the most, a refreshing node, bright shiny eyes which set us free and make us look again to the world with a new vision. All my troubles are forgotten when my boys wrap their arms around me. Children have no big stuff, but they are the big stuff whose small consideration and demand set us at peace.
Likewise, kids too have expectation and needs. What do they want most from a parent? Their demands are not worldly belongings; it’s your words, and what comes priceless, it is your time they need.    In a parent-child relationship with an adolescent kid, to have a friendly way and trustworthy sharing, to match up to the expectation and demand what is most needed is trust.  Trust is endorse with time. Are you giving enough of what your kid wants the most? Your Time.
There is no relationship without communication, sharing time builds trust, and trust pampers love.  Relationship breaths and need to be feed with respect, especially the one which are our soul relations like, Parent – children one. To have a friendly relationship with the adolescence kids trusting them and at the same time getting hold of their trust is essential. This foundation of faith is endorsed over time. How much time are you spending with your kiddo?
Life is too busy these days. Where parents are occupied with work and stress, kids also are having overloaded schedules to follow extracurricular activities and sports. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted of meetings, travel, household chaos and the other inevitable realities of life. There is not much time left for each other. Technology is also playing a scamp part in drifting relations away.
Feeling Loved and Important, mirror good behaviour, knowing children’s strengths, and most important “voice thoughts and feelings” and development of the stronger relationship which are the essential building structure of family dynamics is possible to attain with adequate time dedication only.
What is stealing our time is the lost art of conversation. Childhood educator and author of  “The Importance of Being Little (Viking)”, Erika Christakis in her document “Atlantic”, writes the children progress is dampened because their parents are always distracted by technology. The kiddo’s screen time is not the feature to be worried about. However, it is the parent’s screen time. This technological distraction is causing harm in the language development of a child which is the best predictor of school achievements she says, and the conversation is also essential for the developing brain.
She further elaborates, kids tend to adopt tantrums in scope to attain the attention of their parents who have drifted continuously away from their consideration. The addicted parents who cannot stay off the screen and continuously on to check the incomings, if are not satisfied go grumpier and likewise this influence the kid’s behaviour.  The parent is present, yet not present is far dangerous., as their physical absence modulate them to be independent and confident rarther. So for a sure bonding what is needed is to understand, It’s not worldly belongings your child longs for; it’s your words, and what comes priceless, it is your time they need. So put down your phone.