Evoke your Vagus Nerve & Hack On your Health, Happiness & Abundance!

The alchemy of your psyche is the Elixir of your life. Evoke the nectar of eternal bliss, rest to rejuvenate the reservoir of power within that not just heals and hails active living. Relate to your true being, access your consciousness nurturing nature that’s your psyche experiencing soul & gut. 

You know everything in this world is psychology, but what drives our life are our perception and our involvement with the material world; we evolve around matter & worth of money, and we forget to relate with the substance of life & living. People rush and run around the things of pleasure and invest their time and energy in pleasing people. 

Truth is we run for material gain, forgetting that what we need is far beyond reach but is present in the moment, “life”. Yes, when you can dare to dare life straight, beholding into the eye of matter, you will find life and psychology in every element present over the phase of the earth. 

This understanding makes us understand things & people better, and so do our behavior and relationships. And when we do, we make efforts to protect time, talent, money, and energy that contribute to creating meaningful, peaceful, compassionate life. 

Well, what drives the masses are the things of pleasure and riches; they call it success. Hold of this perception is so deeply rooted in our physic that the first impression of these influences becomes powerful enough to topple one down. Moving shaking the beliefs, values, and principles the person is rooted in.

The substance of being human is our humanity, kindness, and harmony, despite what we are drawn to strongly are materialistic gains & physical belongings. Something that people discover in the later stage of life or when they have undergone some brokenness, only to realize that what brings solace is not the market & products but mindfulness. 

You will be surprised if I tell you what’s most precious is and you own it? 

It’s the power of your mind. Your ability to think and reason brings meaning to your thoughts and the things around you, your desires and actions, and it happens when you slow down, close your eyes, paying attention to your breathing. 

Yes, your reason for living over this phase of the earth is your breath, the uncountable in measure & you hold no control not the track of it, nor do you ever pay attention to this undeniable truth. 

Truth is when you protect your psychology, trust yourself, believe in your talent, and respect your time, you protect life and bring meaning to this world. Yes, the world breaks everyone, but some people overcome and become strong in broken places. With each day passing, the world is becoming more fragile and broken—none than before; people are fighting battles in the name of love.  

With the development in science and health care, where life expectancy is increasing, communicable diseases are decreasing, and so the death rate the non-communicable diseases are on the rise. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung disease are collectively responsible for 74% of all deaths worldwide, reveals the data. These diseases aren’t just lifestyle diseases but are also caused by poor thinking, lifestyle, and uninformed living.

In the rush and chase of life and living, you forget to rest and breathe. You want to achieve the world all to give away to make it a better place only to find yourself out of love life and living. Know no achievement is success if you miss out on yourself. A sick person cant take care of the others. To serve others, first, you have to be fit. The first rule of selflessness is self-care; In making a compassionate world, you can’t miss out on compassion for yourself. 

When you are critical of anything that isn’t compassion, you create Peace. The truth is, during these times when people are at war in the name of love, it’s difficult to remain aplomb. Having compassion for self and others seems difficult. The schema in the subconscious mind surfaces to impact reality. But then, this is the time to practice positive imagination, flaming positive outcomes to break free and create a new reality. Compassion for self and compassion for others, as they say, be kinder than you feel, yes practicing a positive psyche builds a resilient self. 

However, building a resilient self isn’t easy, and one has to go through much Physiological and Psychological hardship. When you put in the effort appears barriers also, sometimes from within and from the environment as well. Yes, in the changing dynamics of this fast-changing world environment, do play a part. 

When innate biological factors (genetics/nature) matter, nurturing, that is, the upbringing or life experience, equally matters too. Now drastic change & threat is nurturing under the influence of internet AI & ML, that’s taking over the lives of people. 

Our environment is becoming a serious challenge as each passing day we are getting more dependent on it. Yes, we do have to take care of our environment, for that is what our lives depend upon. 

Humans are social animals, and we do need a healthy environment to laugh and live. Normal life is a balanced life of a normal person. Whenever there is a disturbance between this inner being and the environment, that causes dysfunctionality. 

As said by Marcus Aurelius: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength”. I will not dare to negate the words of Stoic, but this is also true with deep-rooted consumerism & evolution of technology. The order world is changing, and so it’s significant for the psychological community to comprehend with time, we have to change our tunes with AI/MI/Internet now ruling people’s lives.

Well, COVID days were the real manifestation that “control” is just an illusion. Now in this era when newborn children are set under care in the arm of AI, the technological environment plays a significant role in the life of young and old. Our mind is a processing machine, is curious, loves information, learning new things & creativity. 

Yes, your mind is your best friend and holds all the potential to harness what you need and want. What stops our mind from working in its full functionality is our mind only; yes, it’s your worst enemy as well. To break free, what is needed is to work on the pattern of habits to build new to new results.

Habits are the routines you develop through constant practice, and they happen subconsciously. Habits create the behaviors you need to achieve success. Well, there is no formula or shortcut to success; hard work & strategies play a crucial role. Yes, one can’t ride on horses driven by data, though it helps equally & is necessary.

But the goal is to follow the GPS, your bliss, the north star, which sparks especially when the situations are critical; perhaps that is when the challenges serve as the way to evoke your critical thinking, the Chakras, the vagus nerve.

When you breathe, you send love notes to your mind-body-soul, evoking your vagus nerve that holds the major control of your brain, heart, and gut functioning. The Vagus nerve is the bridge connecting your “mind-brain, body-Gut & soul- Heart”. 

When you are under stress or face pressure that spike anxiety, the impact it creates is sleep disturbance, negative belief, flashback, avoidance, etc., stealing your peace and impacting your ancient brain area and the prefrontal cortex and so your ability to think critically. 

It carries reflexes of your implicit memory to explicit memory and vice versa. When the vagus nerve is activated, it stimulates the PNS and sends a signal that it’s time to relax. 

Anxiety and negative emotions activate the sense of fear and flight, which further activate the hippocampus that shuts down the prefrontal cortex that is responsible for your personality, logical thinking, and executive functions impacting your life and lifestyle. The body goes under a toll as in coping or defense mechanism protecting against the attack on the mind, heart, and digestive functions becomes a disease in the long run. 

Be critical of all that steals your peace, 

Be critical of everything that chokes breathing.

Be critical of all that does not hails health & flourish,

And when you are, that’s critical thinking.

That burgeons out of Compassion,

And love for self & surrounding. 

Though you breathe all through the day numerous times, not even realizing you are breathing pattern. Well, what if I tell you that paying a bit of attention can bring a bounty of benefits? Yes, deep conscious breathing triggers a relaxation response in your body that stimulates the Vagus nerve & works as therapy. Conscious breathing is a Secret of long life.

The vagus nerve is the body’s superpower, and it’s used to counteract your fight/flight system. It’s how you develop a healthy stress response and become resilient. When stimulated, you feel calmer, more compassionate, and clearer. How wonderful it is to find it all comes free the health, peace, and all that makes life happy and meaningful only when we pay little attention to our breathing and great attention to our thoughts then. 

With each breath of yours, inhale gratitude, exhale love, take care of your health, and share happiness. Slow deep breathing triggers a relaxation response in the body that stimulates the vagus nerve. Knowing conscious breathing is therapy.

The Vagus nerve is the longest in the human body; It runs from your brain, travels through the heart, and reaches your gut. The vagus nerve is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions, such as digestion, heart rate, and respiratory rate, as well as vasomotor activity & certain reflex actions, such as coughing, sneezing, swallowing, and vomiting.

Vagus nerve stimulation enhances the extinction of conditioned fear and modulates plasticity in the pathway from the ventromedial prefrontal cortex to the amygdala. The brain areas associated with the thinking skills that make up executive functions – working memory, inhibitory control, flexible shifting of attention – are primarily ‘located’ in what is known as the prefrontal cortex. 

They say silence is gold and that one must pursue meditation and solitude. Silence is associated with the development of new cells in the hippocampus, the key brain region associated with learning and memory. 

Hippocampus is a complex brain structure embedded deep into the temporal lobe. It has a major role in learning and memory. It is a plastic and vulnerable structure that gets damaged by a variety of stimuli.

The vagus nerves carry signals between your brain, heart, and digestive system. They’re a key part of your parasympathetic nervous system. Vagus nerve damage can lead to gastroparesis, food not moving into your intestines. Conscious breathing helps control your high/low blood pressure. That is how when you perform yoga and get hold of your breathing, you get hold of your mind, body, and soul. You evoke your vagus nerve, the connection points of the chakra. 

The vagus nerve connects the gut and brain through the gut-brain axis. It communicates information from the gut to the brain using neurotransmitters (such as serotonin and glutamate) and gut hormones, all of which play a vital role in sleep, mood, pain, stress, and hunger.

Vagus nerve signals to the heart via intracardiac ganglia, and it has been hypothesized that VNS might modulate atrial electrophysiological properties because of this innervation.

Your heart, head, and gut-brain communicate through the vagus nerve. It’s one of the longest nerves in the body. The role of the vagus nerve is to act as a communication centre for all your internal organs. The nerve starts at your head and goes all the way down to your abdomen.

The vagus nerve is the great communicator between most systems in your body, including the major organs of the brain, digestive system, and heart. With the guidance of your seven chakras, the vagus nerve can be a psychological and spiritual powerhouse for healing, health, happiness & abundance. 

Think Critical Think Creative Think Compassion!