Life happens to us all, but some do face unfortunate ways of the universe and all go bitterly tired of fighting against the tides of times. Trauma takes over their lives. Anxiety depression overtakes they collapse on dark days.

Trauma impacts people’s lives and is dangerous. Proper treatment and therapy over the right course are a must. However, the harsh truth is despite timely treatment a zeal from within of the patient is needed. An intense urge to not dwell on the past is necessary.

But, the truth is present, past or future dwelling on any wouldn’t help. Grieving is a pattern and to break the pattern one has to learn to live free. Withdrawal, Rejection, Healing, Fall back again is a merry-go-ground trip & one has to step out of self with intentions to be selfless & caring & that is when one break a cycle & healing happens.

Kindness is a medicine that when you give it to others it heals you. Being kind increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood. Kindness inspires others and it warms your heart too. You gain life & joy when you share kindness with others.

A healthy Diet & Regular exercise can have mood-boosting effects.

A sudden setback perhaps is like a sudden jolt that drives out the wind form the sail. The trauma symptoms exacerbate and you may find yourself returning to old ways of coping.

This is it, grieving goes in a cycle, if you have survived you are more tuned to the danger of falling back. Withdrawing symptoms, an urge to disconnect, hypervigilant, self-doubt, numb and suddenly the world seems withdrawing and you cuddling up in your own bubble. All the source of good vibes suddenly goes dark, pointing fingers back to you, questioning you and your worth.

Exhausted and discharge of fighting back to these feelings, you perhaps seek the guidance of past positive experience and catch up with the pace of healing which can be slower this time. Often under these responses, there is a lot of grief, both from the past and in the present.

You are on the war with self wishing to come out of the hold of anxiety or depression, catching up routine feeding positivity and indulging in life. But the truth is this is an unending cycle of grief. This is how people who suffered trauma behave and dissolve day in day out research suggests.

You must take up activities like; Indulging in social groups, that offer support to others in need.

Spend time with your child doing things you both can enjoy.

Go for a walk, play a game, cook, make a craft, watch a funny movie.

Gently encouraging positive emotions and moods.

To overcome, one has to indulge in service. Looking at others in need. Rising from self to feel empathy for others. Realising their need and extending a helping hand. When you follow the guided intention of service and be selfless & caring that is when one break the cycle of sickness and depression & healing happens.

Psychiatrist and neuroscientist Judson Brewer suggest Anxiety runs in a loop and the key to break free from it is Kindness. His new book, “Unwinding Anxiety” tells the new science professes kindness can heal your mind.

I love winter’s snowy outdoor, it makes me realise the power of the warmth of the Sun and the wind that touches and takes ways agony to a far distance.

A frozen leaf all stuck in ice, and as and when the springs hit, the warmth of the Sun melts the ice-freeing its spirit drifting around with the flow of destiny. If springs never happen if the warmth of Sun never strikes on the leave it perhaps remains lost under the ice-cold dead.

The stronger the sun & breeze, the more the leaf moves before freezing. Despite how hard times are we all clearly see the togetherness heals and fuels hope, kindness is therapy.

Embrace Positive Vibes Only.