The world breaks everyone, but some become strong in broken places.

You can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change its nature. Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions . . . by changing the experiences that comprise those impressions. Be the change you wish to see, we create our reality. 

Life isn’t just a mellifluous hymn of happiness but a jukebox with changing tunes. Sad Mad Glad are nodes changing rhythms on their own, time & terms, and aren’t permanent. Life happens to people & they fight battles silently which we are never aware of. 

Loss of a loved one, failed relationships, loss of job, unprecedented sickness, divorce, shattered dreams, and several situations make up life settings. People hit the bottom rock in life, such critical situations make one sink or soar high. 

What marks the difference during such time is the mindset. People who banish fear, think critically, and then do not give up on hope .soar to heights, turning these moments of test into testimonies. Kindle light within when it’s all dark & the world is critical, Critical thoughts then sync grit in action. The chip of the pain? It’s time to brew active imagination, Rise & shine sharing the healing & harvests. Founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung explains such is the traits of a thinking personality.

When you are critical of anything that isn’t compassion you create Peace. Truth is during these times of adversity it’s difficult to remain aplomb. Having compassion for self and others seems difficult. The schema in the subconscious mind surfaces to impact reality. But then this is the time to practice active imagination, flaming positive outcomes breaking free and creating a new reality.

Compassion for self and compassion for others, as they say, be kinder than you feel, yes practicing a positive psyche builds a resilient self. 

However, building a resilient self isn’t easy and one has to go through much of Physiological and Psychological hardship. When you put in the effort? Appears many hurdles as well sometimes from within and from the environment too. Yes, in the changing dynamics of this fast-changing world environment do play a part. 

When innate biological factors (genetics/nature) matters, “nurturing” that is the upbringing or life experience does matter too. Now drastic change & threat is nurturing in this changing world that evolving with turbo speed. The impact of internet AI & MI, that’s taking over the lives of people, and our environment is becoming a serious challenge as each passing day we are getting more dependent on it. Yes, we do have to take care of our environment for that is what our lives depend upon. 

Humans are social animals and we do need a healthy environment to laugh and live. Normal life is a balanced life, whenever there is a disturbance between this inner being and the environment it causes dysfunction. 

As said by Marcus Aurelius: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength”. I will not dare to negate the words of Stoic, but this is also true with deep-rooted consumerism & evolution of technology the world is changing and so it’s significant for the psychological community to comprehend with time we have to change our tunes with AI/MI/Internet that’s now ruling people’s lives. 

Now in this era when newborn children are set under care in the arm of AI, the technological environment plays a significant role in the life of young and old. Yes, with technology life is getting easy for all… but then it’s also an open door to dependency, deceit, and fraud. 

With the emergence of technology & social media, psychological fallacies are becoming more poly in the hand of the minds which knows nothing but only to mint money. Now the digital environment is a real-life game of Dragon and Dungeon, a double edge sword for this cyber world that has no rules & laws. 

The deep mind of AI gets its feed from the people’s mentality. Scenarios of falsehoods and ignorance generated by society fuel the stigma of mental illness. Ignorance spreads when people are not well aware of, or study the subject. Another way is to energize the doubting thoughts countering the facts in the masses, self-defense in such an environment is critical thinking.

If you thinking what do I mean by the ignorance or falsehood that is spread by society? Allow me to explain: Deliberate spreading of confusion and constructed ignorance in society is called agnotology. It is culturally constructed ignorance created by special interest groups to create confusion and suppress the truth in a societal important issue.

A Well researched & established example of agnotology is the working model of Tobacco companies which was first brought into the light by Mr. Proctor who exposed the model of how cigarette companies work. 

Tobacco companies don’t want people to be aware of the ill effects of smoking and spend huge amounts obscuring the facts. The research exposed how powerful industries use ignorance to sell their products. Yes, ignorance served as power and worked well as a catalyst in antagonizing the masses until smoking cigarettes cause cancer wasn’t proven. 

Mr. Proctor observed, “The tobacco industry is famous for having seen itself as a manufacturer of two different products: tobacco and doubt.”

That doubt, however, allowed cigarette sales to continue for decades before the inescapable truth came to light. Another doubt infusing tact to counter awareness is targeting the brand ambassadors of the products and taking things personally deviating from issues but not from the product & brand themselves.  

Let me give you another example in the series. The climate crisis which is the greatest challenge on the face of the earth, has its challenges to face… from the long old days to now, the coal and other traditional energy sectors companies kept denying it and thus doing so to nullify the efforts made towards the awareness of dangers of the climate crisis.  

Agnotology is the deliberate spreading of disinformation and the creation of ignorance. It is a complete science and a poly that deliberately produces strong agents that stop the flow of the right information. Their job is to make you know not that you are supposed to know. Agnotology is a study of the deliberate spread of confusion to sell products. 

Another example is the blatant use of terms like “schizo” and “psycho” to perpetuate the myth that mental illness and violence go hand in hand. As stated in the United States, places by the Stigma Council are “otherwise”,  It says: Those living with mental illness are more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators.

One of the more damaging misconceptions is that those with mental illness have somehow caused their illness and can “stop” at any time. Research has clearly shown that there are biological and behavioral components to mental illness and that treatment through the appropriate use of medication and psychotherapy facilitates wellness and recovery. 

Yet, society continues to treat mental illness differently from other illnesses. 

The latest report by WHO says that people are suffering from mental health problems, mental disorders are the leading cause of disability, causing 1 in 6 years lived with disability. It is the poorest and most disadvantaged in society who are at great risk of mental ill-health and who are also the least likely to receive adequate services.

The well-being of our communities will remain compromised until there is a unified understanding that mental health and the treatment of mental illness are paramount to the whole health picture of every individual. 

The media and the entertainment industry play a significant role in the perpetuation of myth and fallacy when they use offensive exaggeration and are inappropriate in their characterization of individuals living with mental illness. The damage done by this kind of flagrant misrepresentation is not to be underestimated. 

It behoves us to be mindful of the fact that inaccurate depictions of those living with mental illness have as profound an impact as insensitive stereotyping. 

The well-being and quality of life of people in society are based on the pillar factor which is their emotional, social, psychological, financial, and physiological health. With higher well-being and quality of life factors, one can infer that people have healthy, happy, and flourishing lives. 

To live a full life “being human” and not turning into bots in the world of AI/MI, where no “rule book” rules, the ONLY rescue is wisdom of mankind. Its  the GPS, Northstar & the guiding light to follow things through & thinking Critically.  

Yes there is no formula or shortcut to success, hard work & strategies play a crucial role. But one can’t ride on horses driven by data, though it helps equally & is necessary. The goal is to follow the GPS, your bliss the north star, which works especially in the situation of critical challenges, in a world that is now more in control of data, AI, MI, and the Internet which gets its feed less form conscious and more from mass unconsciousness. 


Think Critical Think Creative Think Compassion!

When you are critical of all negatives that nay support positive IS “Critical Thinking”!

When you are critical of everything that isn’t compassion IS “Critical thinking”!!

When you are critical of everything that doesn’t care to propose well-being for all IS “Critical Thinking”!!