Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever, said Walt Disney, giving wings to the imagination as animation and cartoons become part of entertainment and are now conversations and memes. Now hybrid technology is a guided play environment that could represent the school for children in the future. From online dating to celebrating a wedding in the avatar world, economic to arts notice that the interaction is inherently social with live people and live moment to moment, emotionally laden interactions yes all is possible if one can imagine, but are we ready to live laugh love life in sci-fi world?

Lightning & thunder once set forests on fire & the human brain caught up the ignition of curiosity setting humanity to pickup threshold energy of invention, innovation, and exploration thrusting wheels of time & thoughts to transform dreams into reality. 

Now, much faster than ever, the world is evolving traversing into the realm of the parallel universe. From taming animals then early humans to now taming the beast within, the advanced beings. The narrative of humanity is ever-progressing, ever-evolving & has even taken many 360′ turns as millions of years passed by and many millions of years yet to come.

There’s no doubt that creativity and technology play a hand in hand-rolling the earth and humanity to evolve further and faster sojourn to infinity. Limits and boundaries are merely words now as the Universe is ever-expanding and ever-unfolding all in all our cognitive and critical behaviour & thinking. 

My point in case is curiosity, creativity & technology are ever-evolving, parallel and incomplete without each other. Certainly, the future is Augmented & Virtual Reality: the hepatic technology that’s opening new horizons and scope to live by dreams. A world aspiring for growth and development delineating a Crisp and Clear message: “Those who are curious and open accepting the change will move forwards & the future belongs to them”. 

The future is undoubtedly Sci-fi our world has evolved from an era of analogous history, stone-carved images, huge sculptures singing history, and natural colour paintings depicting tapestry to now in the present age of digitization. Microchips, Digital arts, NFT & digital vaults digital payments, the pattern is evolving & booming. Build scrimp welcoming the hepatic technology providing some handy tools, cryptocurrency and thin sleek gadgets for the people to manage the ecosystem, economy & communication all not to survive but thrive in the parallel universe.  

Covid crises have mobilised further the tech world giving wings to reality. Now not just long-distance relationships but future techs are building strategies, business and economics to harness the meta world. 

They say change is the only constant we may not see the change at the moment but eventually, people experience it over time. Nothing moves fast as technology: every week a new version is launched and people follow updates synchronising into flow and life, waking up only to discover new billboards with big advertisements.

Research suggests technology impacts people’s lifestyle, thinking and behaviour patterns impacting your whole being & relationships from generation to generation. Yes, relationships are evolving with time like tides in this era of transformations & technology being the same new every time. 

The latest reports suggest corporates and big data companies are facilitating deeper and more meaningful connections with augmented and virtual reality, from shopping centres to, digital cafes are coming up over meta. According to a report a parallel world is under construction that will cater to the major population apx, 83% of global consumers. 

Yes, people strongly believe technology played a crucial role in bringing people together nullifying the distance keeping people bonded being far miles apart. The diabolic virus infused into the minds distorted life, people were pushed to lead a quarantine life and then technology served as a lifesaver. Internet becomes the superhero burgeoning hopes, happiness ‘n health widening up the scopes to live under quarantine opening new horizons to live to laugh loving life, transforming walls into the backdrop for an infinite life experience. 

The basic need of a human being is a social circle, any good relationship is built on security, belongingness and compassion; the basic needs, something social circle lost out losing its substance & grace. Covid Crises has manifested the need for meaningful relationships further establishing the significance of positive aspects and harmony, calling for people to come together to work on policies that help and build humanity. 

From children to the elderly people thrived even when they were under a lockdown or when quarantined for they were separated but still connected. Meta world has brought hope and life to such a segment of the population for whom life is no more restricted, perhaps quite an explainer: why do people love virtual reality? The VR technology makes users feel that they experience the real locations and aesthetics – autistic experience seeing the real things. 

Internet is the town square for the youths too? 

The data reveals, that in 2020, 71 per cent of the world’s youth (aged between 15 and 24 years) were using the Internet. According to the 2021 user data collected by “Paxful”, one of the world’s leading peer-to-peer crypto marketplaces, 32.21% of traders are reportedly 18-24 years old while another 32.76% are in the 25-34 age group.

Immersive worlds and creating online avatars are nothing new, online games like PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends or per se the League of Legends have already created virtual universes. 

Meta verse is upon us soon it going to be Omnipresent, sooner getting us under its grip just like Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook. Meta world is the upcoming rising carrier option too. It’s going to be the Economics of tomorrow with high scopes in VR, AR, and MR that’s transforming the world across all industries. 

In the meta world, you are you exist in a virtual reality headset, you feel like you’re sitting in a room with someone else who can see you, who can see all of your nonverbal gestures, and to who you can respond and mimic. 

The way the hectic world is over us and is to bring us new immersive and imaginary worlds to educate children a segment of the population who spend time on the internet and are much curious it’s necessarily important. Today, as the metaverse infrastructure is still under construction, researchers, educators, and policymakers have a responsibility and a chance to lead the way rather than get caught in the undertow. 

What’s happening in the meta world is it’s becoming the outlet for social media without gaming. The new metaverse is designed to support any type of social interaction, whether that’s hanging out with your friends or having a business meeting. Virtual interactions offer enticing financial opportunities for big businesses. 

The nature of relationships is also evolving with the internet that is now wired more tightly into our cognition, the deep learning layering up in human brain circuits. The data suggest that 53% of people would rather live without a close friend than without their mobile. Of course, digital technologies also create connections in the real world, helping us find communities of interest and sometimes even love. 

Yet the move toward digital-first relationships is a step change. What are its implications, how do we perceive and value relationships, how will it affect our well being and what new opportunities does this create?

The rapid digitization of our societies has led to a focus on privacy and security, defining user rights and ethical boundaries for companies. 

Digital wellbeing is a point of great concern and also the responsibility of the companies. 

Your well-being now is not about just your mental health anymore, it is about your digital health also. The world is concerned about privacy & security. Million went through trauma due to COVID, but then trauma taught the generation the coping mechanism, awareness of the adversities that became the opportunity to thrive. 

It’s most significant in this era of the digital world is when the bombardment of information gives a perfect illusion people fail to discover when & how they turn from the master of mind to the slave of technology. They say whisper of genius echo of madness, they say love quickens all sense except common sense? Well, being mindful and quite aware of self to be safe is the key to being a happy and healthy mind in the Virtual world.  

From personal to clusters to universal,

From finite to infinite, From diversity to unity,

From human to humane what is common? 

Is the difference between the left & right embodiment of our brain. 

To be sane to live a meaningful life with passion what is needed is balance,

a rule that applies also in the meta world,

for things change as they are discovered ‘n acceptance is strength in

the world of meta where consciousness is on the test. 

Meta world where the distance is relatively equal from molecules to the moon is just an instance and people grooving making emotions the dark shadow silhouettes divulge delusions becomes the battlefield in meta.

What could be the food for the soul in a soulless environment?

Perhaps all begin and end with intentions and if you hit with a link of fake playing to checkmate you shall be detained to fall in the mental trauma well may be receiving some jerk on financial loss as well. Well, such things are not new over the internet but the things more sensationalised are more prone to traumatise. 

The metaverse is facilitating deep and meaningful connections too. According to Facebook ” Into the Metaverse “, serve report 83% of global consumers believe that technology brings people together. In China, 84% say that technology has deepened their relationships with friends and family. Dating apps and connection platforms are looking to the metaverse as the next place to find and celebrate love.

Recently tinder announced revolutionising the dating market, by launching an app that facilitates dating in the metaverse. During covid singles continue to connect online when pandemic restrictions prevent in-person meetups. 

With the leap of trends virtual love doesn’t end in dating apps reveals the report, & interested parties can get married in the metaverse. One couple, married on Labor Day Weekend this year, held a ceremony on the virtual work and event platform Virbela the New York times reported.

An avatar walked the bride down the aisle, another avatar toasted the happy couple, and twin avatars, just 7 years old, served as ring bearer and flower girl. The ceremony was joined by other friends and family, all as virtual avatars, all immersed in the live reception.

Before it makes its mile in the market, the metaverse is already evolving into a place to find and foster true connections thanks to emerging platforms that support intimate ceremonies and communication. The generation is high tech they find love through apps. They trust digital neighbours to give the best suggestions on food and housing. 

We place our most precious photographic memories in the hands of digital giants to protect for eternity. We’re already living in this virtual, shared space known as the metaverse. We experience love in a plethora of ways, ranging from relationships to hobbies to personal and spiritual fulfilment. Every type of love has a digital counterpart we can experience in the metaverse.

As we continue to spend more time on our phones, our computers, and soon on our AR/VR headsets to be part of the culture as we continue to digitize more of our daily lives. We must ask ourselves if Love, hate, right, wrong and deception are not the elements of the virtual world but in reality too. And so how does love in meta be alluded to? 

It’s about the churning and how long it takes for the lotus of consciousness to bloom in life, well everything happens in it’s own time, one can’t force the sequence not even the algorithms and bots. Let me add: It’s not about in the parallel world but when you play along, your limit is your consciousness they limit and defines things. When you become conscientious ruling your mind you become a driver in The Meta world. 

How can you pindown deception in the virtual world? 

Be guided by your tenet, follow your ikigai, your Northstar.

follow your gut your truth your reality, your higher ideals for in a parallel world your consciousness and reality are never one. It’s so interesting the things we do, the way we justify them, and how perspective clears the jagged edges of our past to shape a smooth experiential memory.

It seems that “visionary” and “delusional” are twins. The difference is perspective visionary dares to turn the delusion into reality. The hit of the pandemic has disrupted the world and given new patterns to survive within the walls that are not just an option but a huge scope now. And to bring lives into the wall is to breathe & feel.