People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

" Leave No One Behind"
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” Leave No One Behind” 

For I accept who I am, I am because of you. A paradigm shift from paradox to ubuntu. 

Gender equality, sustainability, climate crises, artificial intelligence, catastrophic pandemics, politics, and wars are fewer exhaustive topics that did set your mind on unrest. These make top headlines, food for the thought to contemplate the future of mother earth and the coming generation.

Making prime time the topics are served at your dinner table. All hot debates and panels escalating their point of view manifest the polarization of ideology and thoughts. All in all to justify the stance in self-righteousness dumping the fairness behind pointing fingers at each other. 

As an audience maybe the sensitivity hits your mind and heart, and you discuss – contemplate – comprehend what could / couldn’t be done. Cursing the times, feeling haplessly helpless all at the end of the meal just to leave the topic & thinking alongside the empty dishes you move forwards to catch up your chores & life.  

Perhaps you think what is the point of giving energy and grinding over things that couldn’t be changed? When simply building effective altruism seems unrealistic, when finding common grounds in simple arguments seems impossible? How difficult is it to accomplish peace and profits for all, leaving no one behind?

Well, Leading change all in oneness amid this diversified world seems impossible while keeping a tab on profits too. Empathy and kindness, compassion, well-being & flourishing mentality that let people thrive, surely need to share partnerships with wealth & profits, in this ruthless world that seems impossible, where consumerization has a higher perspective riding on polarization and dividing narratives. 

Each day new research hits the television screen, the scientific reports backing up new schemes promoting products doing to ideologies and not the interest of people or mother earth giving rise to dispute pressing point of self-interest at the cost of humanity and values. Is the “Greater good” much of a narrative buried in the books? 

When the ignorant youths end up poly in hands of the powerful, it’s high time to protect innocent minds from becoming ANGRY MACHINES. The same narratives hold different metaphors and meanings, serving different agendas extending widening gaps & differences. To raise awareness against wrong taking all wrong ways and means? 

Gender equality, sustainability, climate crises, artificial intelligence, catastrophic pandemics, politics, and wars, the narratives are different and are from different parts of the world. But the different antecedents result in the same consequences that facilitate hate crime unrest stealing peace from the world. 

For the sake of self and the next generation, society must thrive, transforming from fear-flight, fighting for barely fulfilling life & needs the cooperative commitment to being the creator of a thriving society. What’s needed is open minds where people can share common goals banishing ego, intolerance, anger, jealousy, and intention for revenge. 

If I may ask, what is your idea of a good life? 

What could be done to create a world where people are open, they think beyond themselves? To agree to disagree all with one perspective to attain peace while not losing on profits? Necessarily may not be in the same team following the same ideology, but one goal? The goal is to achieve peace, sustainability, and a good life for all so that no one is left behind. 

Being different rooted in what one believes, holding on to respect, ground realities, values, and principalities but flowing with the flow selflessly being aware and accepting others without judgment something that we seek for ourselves too. An attitude of gratitude, belongingness, and forgiveness. 

Awareness of our individuality, our differences, and acceptance of the same for others make us one. People are different and accepting this truth is what makes us human. Our individuality, uniqueness, skin, and thinking all are explicitly coupled in the oneness of shared goals, values, and sustainability for all. 

The diversity, uniqueness & individuality that’s woven over the tapestry of the closely knit motif. The different patterns that turn one piece into a masterpiece, ordinary into extraordinary. A stronger fabric surface  in tone throughout when tightly spun and densely packed individual yarns share a common goal equipped with elegance, beauty, and warmth in all its integrity. A collective win is a way of questioning established power structures and renegotiating hierarchies. Let me share with you a narrative that became the idea behind penning down this blog. 

In December 2019, the four shortlisted contenders for the annual Tate Turner Prize asked the judges if the prize could be presented to all of them. They described this as a request that was consistent with their values of “commonality, multiplicity & solidarity”, a paradigm shift. Let this not become a paradox, but a clear concept. 

Competitions mustn’t be neutralized especially for kids at the junior level when they are undergoing building backbone, resilience, tolerance, and grit. Taking a stance on self-beliefs and building confidence in facing competition chasing down the victory and learning from failures isn’t a straight journey, but of rise and fall, peak and valley. Valley where one learns to stay all in humility, let go, forgive and care holding on to the hope of better tomorrow. 

Well in the real world of adults, where trophies matter, the numbers set the tone and testimonies of success. Is this ever possible to thrive by being humble, being kind leaving no one behind? Well, the outcome of the Tate Turner Prize show is possible. Let me share another narrative. In India in the year 1993, 120 farmers came together to be masters of their economic destinies. They pooled around 400 acres of their ancestral land on the fringes of Pune City and proposed the rather revolutionary idea that they would together develop ‘MagarpattaCity’, an innovative mixed-use township. 

The Pune Municipal Corporation, first shocked out of its wits, ultimately bowed to the power of the idea and the passion of its proponents. All the landowners contributed their land to a development company and accepted the principle of proportionate shareholding. The rest, they say, is history, all was the effort of a team of few people who believed in collective power, and the power of the word in action. 

What triggers human emotion and so the actions are words. Words are powerful, words can motivate and inspire and words can build bridges and can burn them down. Language is evolving with changing times and one can’t deny its fueling heat in the environment and the lives of people. 

What if we develop a world where wars are won and lost with words alone, a paradigm shift? Yes, we need it as urgently as ever before. With rising polarisation things are getting thin and fragile. Spoiling a million-dollar painting as a protest against climate crises? Who will define what’s right and what’s wrong the boundaries and limits.? At high alerts in the danger zone, the worse hit of hate isn’t the nations, climate, or communities, But it’s the youths, the young minds. 

The worst horror of war, life, and suffering is the underlying principle of fallibility, own ability to misunderstand to be wrong to accept own mistakes. When we start looking with this perspective, you may be wrong, and yes necessarily maybe I ain’t right has to be the attitude. To build a space where people lift each other as a society and not take away anybody’s freedom must be the motive. At the same time not giving reasons to lessen your own worth and fueling tolerance so others listen for the reasons not the motives is the key. 

Not self-righteous as for a heck of a reason, “I did many things right in the past so everything is going to be right”, mustn’t be the perspective. But I am open to acceptance and correction is the attitude that keeps one humble, that’s when we prioritize, not self-righteousness but fairness. What about the obligation to each other to future generations? Yes disagree but know we share a world that is the same and needs the same solutions? 

As said by Ruth Bader Ginsburg ~ Fight for the things that you care about but in a way that makes others join you. Righteous anger can consume but conscious radicalism helps to improve and move on. It’s easy to be offended and hard to be effective and passive about the thing that you care about and are concerned about. 

Catharsis over strategy or either way, the important is to remember it’s easy to be offended but hard to be effective. It’s about fairness and nay about self-righteousness, it’s about reasons and not motives all for the sake of the next generation who may raise their voice for securing their future and mother earth but may end up behind the bars ending as tools in the hand of some agenda driven metaphors. 

A shared partnership amid the generations and from generation to generation? Agree to disagree but then it’s equally important to be passive about the things one cares about, the things one believes in. Let it always be the reasons and not the motive that drives people. May we never let conflicts become crises!!? 

Nothingness, no-mindedness, meaningless & empty all is meaningless till is unknown but when amalgamate with the conscious self invisible appears, unlocking the meaning-making sense of everything with immense possibilities. Peace and profits are the need and a process that evolves the vocation the calling fueling well-being so people community society and nation flourish indeed a needed paradigm shift. 

An attitude to care for others while not compromising on selves. Over the past few decades, emotional intelligence has gained recognition for its importance to leadership, but kindness does not receive much attention. The highest wisdom is being kind. Imagine how wondrous it is to take a turn of 360″ if when intelligence follows kindness we can create a unified beautiful world and we need arms and ammunition but only desire to create PEACE. 

What can be done to achieve this shift to gain in totality profits and peace? 

We’ve moved from the era of manufacturing to being knowledge-based. Keeping at par the development profits peace that propagate flourishing leaving no one behind. Keeping intact the interest of the people at the bottom line. Empathy is in action when people can comprehend the problems and it will catalyze them to see the heart of another person. 

Emotional intelligence perhaps a strong trait of a narcissist isn’t a gateway to manipulation but a pass to comprehend the need of others with an empathy that enables one to see with the eyes of the heart, listen with the ears of the heart and understand with the mind of the heart for the heart has its intelligence and so we bang on moving forwards “leave no one behind”, predominantly all amid disagreements staying in agreement as we flourish.

“Leave No One Behind”

Alone we can do so little, together we can do much,

To achieve bigger, extravagant & magnanimous goals. 

That’s beyond ourselves & self-interest,

Beyond our strength, opportunity, or chance. 

Sustainable growth is hope for all,

We can share when we can’t sacrifice. 

Have to accept I may be necessarily wrong

when you ain’t always right. 

Don’t Be Led By Bias. Be Aware AND Beware Of Information Traps.



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