Scientific research indicates, any habit taken up for 60 days or more is potent enough to rewire the mind. With COVID-19 in the air and extended lockdown, certainly, this has impacted psyche. 

The barrier that has built out of social distancing, can only be overcome by selfless living. Due to lock down young or adults, people are forced to spend more time alone. Indulged in remote activities & the internet, or in activities which embrace solitude. 

This forced change in living style where has a positive impact, does have a darker side too. Especially for youths who are supposed to be learning, living and developing in a community. 

How important is for children to learn, caring and sharing for others? Well, its human nature we learn more from observation rather than of being told. 

Now where schools and colleges are shutdown, youths are rejoicing solitude all soaked in self-indulgence & self-love. 

Infusing values and principles in children is one way to reduce this negative impact of lockdown. So that when children, especially youths when are unlocked to social life,  they come out all punched caring not just for self terrified practising social distancing but, staying intact emotionally, caring and sharing more for others too. 

Children who are close to divinity and righteous living, are nurtured & replenished by the strength of soulful living from the early age. Turn out to be more considerate & aware of self and surrounding.More resilient and resolute they become. Soaked in confidence being humble, strong to cope up life and challenges that life offers. 

Younger and beautiful they are, indulgence in the ecstasy of Divine wires their delicate minds to positivity. Being a parent it’s your responsibility to build their strength of spirit


For a Positive soul proposes joy and strength for self and surrounding. To think of Selfless & to be Selfless more, one has to first indulge in self-care for a stronger core.

The relationship gives a new beginning and meaning to your life, they revive your life each day. The best thing to hold onto, in life is each other. The relationships are the treasure earned out of love and respect. 

Souls soar high in the open skies reaching for the stars and get back as the day overs to the nest, not just to rest but that gives meaning & purpose, making life worthwhile, to be together, taking care of each other. 

One of the secrets of an efficacious relationship is acceptance of differences. People are different and so is life for everyone, forgetting the differences opening the heart to each other is a true relationship, that builds a ‘family’. 

An attitude of equanimity & selflessness, where above ourselves we keep others, and their happiness is what makes us happy is a ‘family’. World is a family, COVID-19 is a problem that we have to cope up staying together is what kids need to be taught. 

The values and principle of One love, One World, Togetherness and Selflessness has to be infused in the wiring, & then will make out of this. We shall over come together & to be so, one have to be stronger from the core.

A positive self is a happier soul. Discernment of self deficiencies and overcoming them comprehending, what can make you happy & live on it. A happy and healthy relationship is more sharing and giving. 

Space, care, understanding, are the attributes of Love that give meaning to a relationship. In an individual perspective of extending more and expecting less makes a relation works.  

Know your self better, self-awareness is the key to a happy relationship. Knowing what are your weakness and strengths, conditioning them to positivity is happiness. 

They say most of the things that impact us not because of another person’s wrongdoings but your own attitude towards a specific situation. 

Embracing self-Love and living life from the place of self-confidence is necessary for any healthy relationship. Doubts are the spoilers, doubts are a major cause of falling relations, and self-doubt adds ignition to it.

Having a loving & healthy relationship with another individual especially in a family, your sibling, Parents, or relationship with friends affects your personality, aspirations and achievements.

To chase your dreams while persevering on to the roots and relations, love to yourself is the glue that bonds. So love yours & forget not to love yourself first, not browbeating but being humble is the key. 

Family, friends or acquaintance; any relation needs most is exaptation to equanimity. Any of it; Social-Personal-Professional.  

  • Trust an obvious disposition. 
  • Respect; Most beautiful connections are built on Respect. The sea of life what, let the two souls sail tight together, is RESPECT. A deep feeling of immense inclination that holds on forever, and never grows old. The admiration of the qualities, abilities and achievements for each other never ends. Respect is the shockabsorbers in high and low that protects bond even when love fails to show.

Wedding bells do announce many new relations to once life. Marriage is a complete package of relations where you get all sort of relationships verbatim by Divine. Getting married means having more new relationships.

You step into new people’s life as you open the door of yours for them. Kinship becomes the kingdom and what flourishes & marks the success of this kingdom are the intentions of all, care and share is the first call without being judgemental.  

Work on yourself, be a better, a happier a sacred version of self each day. when you are satisfied with yourself, you don’t look around for others to make you happy. And this least state of expectant mind is a happy mind holding happy relationships. 

Happiness is infectious like Light. When you kindle light to light up your path, you light the path for others too. Happiness is positive energy & powerful that heals. It’s a therapy that begins with self-healing and ends healing others, bonding-building relations. 

Relationship breathes, they do need care and attention and acknowledgement as much as a person you do. The need for human connection appears to be innate—but the ability to form healthy, loving relationships is learned.

Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological anguish. Strong relationships are continually nurtured with care, communication and Gratitude. 

Self-motivation form core to see the person and spending a reasonable amount of time, emotion, and energy all in a two way build relationships of a lifetime. 

Earlier centuries relationships were about the economy of a family and one was intended to be more dutiful, with changing times, the social economy of relationships that we have forgotten and the secular society, that embrace consumption and materialism. 

Swapping culture where vows and promise has an all-new definition far integrity vows and commitment. Beware and forget not the Maslow’s Law, that life is never about an individual but a comprehensive living in society. 

Trust is not a matter of belief and reliability but a measure of action. The nuts and bolts of life are individuality. 

I‘ve learned that people will forget what you saidpeople will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.~ Maya Angelou. 

And exactly this is how relationships for a lifetime work;

People around you must feel feeling. Not finance, for feelings nurture a family tree. 

  • Infuse; 
  • Value, not vulnerability;
  • Respect, not remorsefulness ;
  • Gratitude, not take relations for granted; 
  • All this is nowhere of about expecting but is about extending which happen when you have it in yourself infinite. 
  • Learn to be selfless, that is when; you earn what money cant buy, Relations. 


Whatever you may own, riches of world, Heaven or Earth, earning just a single soul that last next to you taking care of you when you forget to take care of yourself is Gift of the Divine. 

Family; by blood or those who are always ready to bleed for love, whatever!