Listening to the unsaid words is what is called understanding. The call to action without one told in words, the understanding between the two makes relationships happier and more successful.
Understanding in a given relationship made it stronger and provided a cushion of confidence to both the partners. When two people live together, and they spend more time together, it becomes essential to show that one cares and understand and each is needed to do their part. The way of expressing and understanding enhances better communication bringing in more happiness and success.
Understanding comes from active listening. When two people are in any relationship, they want to be understood, and if the partner gives a little ear, defiantly this will grow one’s understanding of the other. Listening is defiantly not waiting for your turn to talk but to understand what the person is trying to tell.
Owning feelings and reflecting is also equally necessary. It’s good to talk about how you feel and to show off the emotions that how the other had made you think. Ownership of feeling is not to act the way your partner wants but, how and what you wish to and graceful acceptance of your decision by the prater in the real understanding. Talking about feelings helps and increases understanding.
After being long in any relationship the attraction fades, the person once you fall in love, soon loses your attention not because they change but because we being human, we are greedy and selfish. Our demand increases realising the right moment and acting selflessly in a more understating way, willing to do things together helps.
Prioritising and communicating in relationship help to nurture a healthy and prosperous connection. Prioritizing your partner over your needs builds understanding. If this person loves you they will follow, and they will do something about it, but the confrontation as one partner’s desire to change the other is a mistake. Show up your affection to the partner, tell them how much you love them, not only by word but by action with pit they asking is understanding. We all change over time, the world is changing too, but the person one chooses to spend life should be a constant.