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Let your energy flow, so is your Light!

2-Jan 2020

Let your energy flow, so the Love, Light & life. 

We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle

Surrendering in the flow happens when you learn and are willing to Let Go. To let go the past one have to indulge in new. What new resolves and how to carry the resolute? The right choice, the right direction one attains from the compass of past experiences.  

Once you have chosen to be in synchronisation within the flow, it is easy to catch up the resolute. Honestly, you have won the half battle as you surrender mentally. Whats remain is the directing deeds now into action. Very meticulously minded that you have not to grant space to those thoughts that drag you and your spirit down. 

Picking up the pursuits that give you a sense of satisfaction, so much so that you are out of the sense of time, time vanishes away before you know when indulging in the task that you enjoy.  

To be taken over by an assignment, loss completely in it what you need is light in the right direction. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi tells one needs two basic circumstances to set in; 

  • Complete control of self. The basic challenge that this tech-savvy generation is facing is losing self in internet wold that causes crises of time, time to do right. 
  • To be in a distraction-free environment. Many times it is not the nature of responsibilities that makes it tough or easy to attain, however, the challenge that not let accomplishing the goal to the fullest is a distraction. 

Once you are focused and have picked up the practice thing become graceful. Choose the assignment that is not influenced by the fashion of the surrounding but is your true calling. 

Choosing the right tasks is the key to success and sure gateway to peace and prosperity. Evaluate the task on the scale of its Degree of Easy, Challange and Beyond ability. 

Easy tack cause boredom that is the obstacle to development. Well, calculated introspected interest is the right choice that does challenges you but does not disappoint you. A task that is beyond ability will lead one to a dead end with rising in anxiety. 

With fixation of the task, now it’s time to practice. You may not always be self-motivated to catchup the craft and this is the time when discipline comes into the role, persistence let you enjoy the flow. 

Do not predominate to the negative vibe nor try to hold self with the fraudulent mind, be determined & surrender to the flow. Ever noticed, when you swim you do not grab hold the water however you relax and float. Do not build the barriers within that hinder light but let it be lite. 

Keep going with the flow don’t retire even on some days when there is no sunshine, keep lighting your candle and sure there will be light. Practicing a task, evolving and developing into it fuels the strength of spirit the light within, that illuminates to incandescence and not just goes off with misfortune. 

Things you can do to beat up the barriers within, to illuminate up to incandescence. To catch up the positivity and light that can thrust you to your task so you can thrive.

Invoke your IKIGAI!

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