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Let Your Shine Cheer Up The World, Be a Sunflower if Not The Sun Itself!

Some days are gloomy, someday are Bright,
the winner is one who not let night steal Light.
You may not see Sun now, & wisdom is knowing,
you hold light within & the sun shall rise again.

How Sunflower Source Energy on a cloudy day? They, source energy from turning to each other. Let your shine cheer up the world. Be the Sunflower if Not the Sun itself.

These days of Corona Crises has taught, a lesson well to the world, ie, “with Love, Care and Selflessness while surrendering to the sustainability only“, life can progress forward.

With the world under the attack of COVID-19, diabolic is trying to infuse mind to distort life. Increasing infection and risk to life, people are called to live a quarantine life.

Who doesn’t go through the negative situation in life? These are the grim days, what we need more is to extend support for each other and boost each other up with optimism.

Seek your inspiration from divine, that offers unbiased, pure selfless vibes. The intention is one, purposeful creation, sharing love and life. Look, and not just see, how nature teaches us to rejoice sharing In togetherness soulful joy and SUPPORT.

Ever seen Sunflowers plants? They are structured to “chase the light” doing whirl ballet with the shifting of SUN. The flower that proposes meaning to life, they are harvested to be crushed and produce edible oil. Still, the never ceases to emit joy and positivity while knowing the end of its vibrancy is in the threshing oil mill.

A dull day, dim skies, hold no power over the grace that the sunflower holds and rejoice. On a cloudy day, Sunflowers sources energy form each other, they turn towards each other to activate and exchange their inner light and strength, they reciprocate warmth and vibes sharing the strength and light of each other and overcome the no sun day.

Defeat the diabolic by exactly doing what it does not what people to be. COVID has created barriers and distanced people, it does not want people to be together rejoicing life. The stigma of COVID has set people to worries so much that they are now soaked in selfish behaviour forgetting to care for others.

Human is a social animal the very basic definition, is the essence. Supporting each other, extending help and energy to perform better and thrive is the purpose of mankind. COVID crisis is an effort of the diabolic to steal the peace of mind taking aways the very basic need.

Happy days are bright that light up the skies of our lives igniting the spark so we thrive and not just live. COVID had turned the life upside down, the days are not the same any more. To be at your best you have to source strength in these bad situation, to pindown COVID the key is to pin down the stigma being together, Let, Social Distancing May Not Cause Emotional Distance in Relationships!

Scientific research indicates any habit taken up for 60 days or more is potent enough to rewire the mind. With COVID-19 in the air and extended lockdown, certainly, this has impacted psyche. 

The barrier that has built out of social distancing, can only be overcome by selfless living. Due to lock down young or adults, people are forced to spend more time alone. Indulged in remote activities & the internet, or in activities which embrace solitude. 

This forced change in living style where has a positive impact, does have a darker side too. Especially for youths who are supposed to be learning, living and developing in a community. 

Inspiring, sharing positive spur, helps people to cope up and come up stronger and then even the unending long night also soothes out aches with the views of stars. Let your shine cheer up the world, be the Sunflower if Not the Sun itself.

Going against the tide is the key to fight COVID. Keeping following social distancing & not distancing souls. Loving & caring, sharing, staying intact with humanity, just as Prime Minister Modi defines, COVID-19.

C are for seniors & doctors,
O bey social distancing,
R aise your immunity,
O pt for AarogyaSetu app,
N eedy and poor people help,
A void job cuts.

Who doesn’t go through the negative situation in life? These are the grim days of life, what we need more is to support each other and boost each other up with optimism. 


How can one be so Giving?

When you are aware of our strengths, and you work towards not just profits but with purpose, you contribute towards building a community that helps to spread happiness.

Happiness is infectious like #Light. When you kindle light to light up your path, you light the path for others too. Happiness is positive energy & powerful that heals. It’s a therapy that begins with self-healing and ends healing others.

When you Love yourself, you care for self and strength your core, so you can share more love taking care of the need of people around. What the world needs today is nothing more but love. Every being is hurt and is seeking love. People are aching from buries, be the healer, just like the sunflowers who take care of each other when the sun is not around.

Together we can defeat this diabolic COVID!

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