There is a divine purpose behind everything – and therefore a divine presence in everything. May the reason for our celebration, too has a meaning. 

Happiness is Someone else’s Happiness.

where is hate, bring LOVE,

where is grieve, bring HEALING,

where doubt, true FAITH,

where is despair in life, bring HOPE,

where is darkness, only LIGHT,

where is sadness, ever JOY!

We celebrate Diwali because this day Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanwaas and Ravan Dahan. People of Ayodhya decided to greet their beloved king by lightning his path with rows of ‘Diyas’. 

Now we the descendants of Lord Ram celebrate and worship his homecoming, with all joyous hearts and cheerfully sanctifying the moment. 

However, with the changing phase of time, and development overpowering our lives the patterns of celebrations have changed, setting life at risk to the health of human and climate. 

Escalating the need of thorough thinking and implementation of the eco-friendly way all in harmony being less hazardous to the health of humans and Mother Earth. Why not this Diwali celebrate with green crackers and silent fireworks to cheer up the mother earth and pets. 

Make this festival of lights more brighter and meaningful with the joy of sharing happiness with the needy. Diwali is the time to seek blessings from the elderly and show affection to babies. Lighting up homes of the destitute is what joyous Diwali is- Bringing cheerful grin to many faces with, “Joy of giving”.

Use organic colours and real flowers and leaves for Rangolis. Instead of plastic flowers and plastic ribbons decorate home with some bright, glittering and colourful Chunnaries and Sarees. 

Use organic dhoop and incense sticks and fresh flowers, why don’t we? Presenting to you some ways to celebrate, safe and ecofriendly Diwali while you enjoy with your near and dear ones.

Earthen Lamps & Diyas, Natural Colours for Rangoli, carry cloths bags for shopping and home decor Eco-friendly materials. Biodegradable servings and classic glass crockery. Gift plants this Diwali. Do charity, appreciate the efforts expressing gratitude towards less privileged ones in the society, and needy. Share the joy.

Happy Diwali 2019