People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

Marriage of Minds, "Machine and Mankind"!

Marriage of Minds, “Machine and Mankind”!

Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. With firm determination and a determined mind you step to break the ice and that is when you break free.

Break free: a tussle, myth, or truth is a question the human mind is facing with the challenges of evolving technology and at the same time it’s getting deeply rooted into our lives. Formally recognized as separate entities, machines, and mankind are now partners. One can’t imagine life without the support and use of technology. 

Like any other partnership, this marriage of machine and mankind has its complications, and despite challenges, parting ways isn’t possible. The ability to work well and think well are the outcomes of a peaceful and happy mind. What’s most precious in present times is a peaceful and positive mindset. 

But the quest seems unattainable in the present Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous world. The truth is that life isn’t a war nor a race to be chased to be declared as winners or losers; now machines are well on their way to be our partners. 

The future is a technology-driven life but the present scenario has prompted serious questions about the technology itself. Perhaps the recent scenario of layoffs of lakhs of employees has sensationalized the world. It has made us contemplate how uncertain life is, and how much is beyond our control. Reports from the media suggest layoffs come to many as a wake-up call – they are suddenly out of jobs, resulting in mental shock and trauma that impacts them and their family.  

The company covers the arguments with the projection of compensation offering a safe landing. Well, the food for thought is this: Is it only about money when we look at a job? Good and long-term compensation too can’t diminish the impact of layoffs.

When they say hope for the best and be ready to face the worst, how practical and healthy is it to live constantly under the sword… waking each morning with a fear of an email dropping, saying: “Hey you, yes you… This is to inform you that you are out of your job”? 

This is how ambiguity is getting rooted in our lives. More and more, the VUCA world is turning into a hard-pressed reality. The message is clear, what needs to change is our mentality. We have to imbibe into reality to create not life but a robust lifestyle. Fueling vitality and virtues for living a resilient and grit-grounded life. With the advancement of technology and the emergence of AI, advanced machine science is gripping our human minds. 

So, what is the message here? Surely one can’t measure success based on the job, salaries, labels, positions, accomplishments, or possessions. Perhaps it’s time to change how we as a society think, what makes sense, why we wake up in the morning. That which isn’t about being in a rat race, chasing after transient success, but waking up in a good mood, having dreams & believing, confidence to pursue, to flourish, to yield well-being for ALL.

The urgent call of the time is to keep the machine mentality pin-down. Protecting our cognition, creativity, and conscience. At the same time, the increasing population and depletion of natural resources are acting as double-edged swords. Leaving us with no choice but to gear up to choose a positive mindset living a purpose-driven life soaked in passion. 

A major percentage of people working in the sector faced layoffs are Indians. India is the highest producer of tech people. The challenge is technology is evolving ever faster than humanity’s ability to learn and evolve. What we were doing earlier, now machines can perform much more quickly and efficiently. 

The point to ponder is chasing a life that runs around money isn’t a bit of good advice. Money-focused career choice isn’t good advice now for the gen-Z, and the gen -Alpha future challenge is a safe choice. Truth is nothing is assured, nothing is secure in the future, not even life or death. It’s all about living in the moment with the choice, choices that breathe peace, satisfaction, well-being, and quality of living for all. 

Also, the point of the Objective is to emphasize igniting young minds with the urge to lead a holistic lifestyle. Embracing and building abilities that are based on talent and creativity and not based on machine mentality. In a time when a machine can accomplish/perform what humans are doing, there is a rising threat of layoff. The need isn’t to race up but to ace up, emphasizing embracing critical thinking and uplifting impacting venture capital and the startup ecosystem. 

Confucius Stated:

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and the third by experience, which is the bitterest… 

Let this quote be our inspiration, it’s time for India and Indians to learn from the mistakes of the western world, the so-called advance economies. They may be ahead in the financial race but with each day what they are facing is defeat by the hit of speed that’s taken the wrong direction. Losing each day of the “life Of Exuberance”, because of chasing and racing behind power, guns, polarization, and violence.

And what is the general idea of parenting? To develop kids with Midas touch, right? So that whatever they touch turns into gold? Well, but when it comes to food, What to do? Some things that we not just have to have for ourselves but have to share too. 

It’s challenging, but to have a future, it has to be sustainable. A flourishing society where no part of the population lags. The marginalized, the underprivileged, the daily wage workers, and the poor people. Life is about living in harmony with the universe, being loved and loving to make meaning, to go beyond ourselves to help others to walk with the world. 

Indeed this paradigm shift in thinking needs the courage to execute. The present challenge India is about to face is population rise. The majority of the population in India is youth, and with this demographic dividend, perhaps a divine Providence that escalates opportunity to harvest youthful mission vision dreams aspirations, and growth.

Everything was out of normal but still not less than a challenge. Each day throws up its struggles & fights. Where the need is just to stay cool, calm, composed, happy, and at peace. Perhaps holding on to peace is the toughest challenge for the world and youths.  

The disparity in life and living do escalate differences that are a major hit in the form of poor health, education, nutrition, opportunities all in all the poor quality of life. As a society, we prioritize physical health over mental well-being despite the very fact that they’re inexorably linked. 

To overcome the challenges where government roles and policies and execution are needed to be prompt and in place, the objective and achievable with the public partnership. The contribution of a healthy county, all in the psychological and physical being. 

Well to change to the future what is needed is a change in the course of children’s foundation. I think the future of a healthy nation is in the school system that promotes critical thinking. Inculcating creativity, teaching methods of monetization, up- skill and up-gradations through creation of new job opportunities & setting up of startups. 

Now wealth isn’t the measure of being rich & health isn’t about fitness alone. But being happy, satisfied, and caring for your well-being has to be the goal. Midas touch is proposing well being & a good quality of life for all. In this new normal world loaded with data & digitization, yes data is the GOLD. How one manages and ropes in life being satisfied all in between the pillars of social, physical, psychological, emotional, and financial factors is the key, a shared life. 

The indicators that direct to pay more emphasize inculcating well-being, and mental health of the population and youths to harvest happiness and a flourishing future is a positive mindset, passion, and purpose-driven life. This is not news – well-being, and meditation are rooted deeply in our lifestyle.

The significance of good health has evolved during and after the pandemic, driving considerable attention to embrace changing lifestyles from living to living a thriving life, from being to being human. Globalization, the influence of technology and the internet in our daily lives has changed at many levels. 

The rise of mindfulness and well-being worldwide presses me to emphasize how mindfulness and well-being are what India is built of. It’s in our roots, it’s our heritage. To evoke the forgotten GOLD to match with the gold of  data, the power of the mind, what is needed is to ignite the thinking. Reincarnating living style, prioritizing mental health and peace – placing in practice meditation, yoga and arts, handiwork and crafts all in synchronization with technology for the future.

The rise of the mindfulness movement is an advantage to India. Inviting students to join in the movement is possible by raising awareness. Meditation isn’t just sitting silent and affirming chants but any activity that raises awareness, and calmness, pulling in your involvement & focus is meditation. 

Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Arts, reading, listening to music, or playing a sport, calms your thoughts so that you should be ready to listen to wisdom. Meditation helps calm down, organizes ideas, thoughts, and emotions, speeds the executive functions all the foundation of critical thinking.

The subconscious human mind can become a conscious happiness factory with the triggering of the right thoughts, when neurons produce the pattern – “our actions”, to fetch the outcome, “our purpose”. Inside the human mind, neurotransmitters affect our mood and hence our attitude. These chemical transmitters that help regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood. For instance, there is a strong connection between knitting and reported feelings of calm and happiness in the brain. The social aspect of knitting can also lead to better mental health.

It’s all about what you give power to? Mind or Matter, what drives you? What do you prefer? Mind over matter or matter over mind?!

With a rising population is a clear sign that the way forward is together, a tenet to be followed by the calling of the times. Lets seek an “exuberant life” and not the life of exuberance”, the one loaded of materialistic possessions. Let riches nay be the labels of success, the cosmic consumption but, when we can be caring for all make a life of success. Commonly,  Spin Wool for all, Food for all & well-being that’s when can call a flourishing Successful life. 

The feeling of good and functioning well, experiencing positive emotions, positive interest, and engagement with the world. Leading meaningful and purpose-driven lives most of the time. How to create such life?

Well when they say all begins and ends in the mind. Creation is the ability of our mind. The neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, Oxycontin, and endorphins, affect our sense of well-being and mood. If you can control or affect their balance in the brain through healthy living and mindfulness practices, humans can be happier living their lives, as these chemicals impact our motivation, performance, and well-being.

Hone your perception and intuitive ability, and think and validate your dreams and aspirations. Be curious and learn about intuitive techniques. Your calm mind is the best guide, which directs your instinctive thinking. However, this does not have to be a forced process, whereas the opposite is suggested, enjoy, have fun, and keep your mind open.

Art is in itself a therapy, children liking their hobbies so that they can possibly pursue them not only professionally, but also help build their social and psychological strength. Activities like knitting, painting, singing, and dancing, can be extremely helpful for improving your skills and furthering many cognitive processes. They can help to sensitize, bring in the moment for self, and disconnect from the world of multitasking and endless distractions. 

Get out of yourself,

So to walk with the world. 

Without losing your own fragment,

Holding tight to authenticity and integrity 

Your own voice in the voice of the world. 

Be yourself, Love yourself, 

Being kind, practicing gratitude. 

Not wealth, not power, not success but education & awareness can help self, and help make the world a place to live for all 8 billion and the coming more to live with peace and without disparity and machine-driven polarity. The world needs not more power, but more love & kindness to reform ourselves. The need of the hour is being more human. 

Avoid the VUCA vibes, how? you may ask… Padma Shri Awardee Shri T N Mahoharan in his book suggests, “Replace”:  

Volatility with Vision 

Uncertainty with Understanding

Complexity With Clarity

Ambiguity with Agility

It’s one world, one love, and one mind. They say the way is the journey and acceptance of “what is”, is the key. For a sustainable, safer, happier world, now is the time to notch a level up and celebrate the power of billions of human minds riding over technology in the amalgamation of arts & education. 

Technology isn’t an enemy, it’s a friend, it’s the future already. We can ride it well and not let it ride and ruin our lives. Everything is possible when we can hone our human intelligence, and complement that of the machines.

All in all our Humility, Understanding, Creativity, curiosity, Ambition, wisdom, and especially Love, and, more importantly, human stupidity the machine will have no match to these. Won’t even when loaded with all mythical language, narrative, definitions & algorithms. Machines can never attain on their own, not even the advanced versions of chat GPT without the jack of humans’ minds.

Laugh Love Life, In Meta!

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