Rewire your Brain with Happy Brain Chemicals!

“Woh Chemical Locha Bahout Kuchh Sikha Gayaa”! 

Who can forget the lesson form the Munnabhai MBBS? A Raju Hirani’s production that encrypted the essence of “Jaddu ki Zhappi”, a solution for all the problems emanating from serious to senseless.

Agreeably it’s Chemical Locha in the brains of human that is setting the world in turbulence. From COVID crises to Global warming, it’s all about the Chemical Locha. Coping this chemical Locha seems possibly the way out, rather the only way out, that is adhering chemical balance in our brain. 

Point to ponder is, from where this imbalance in the mind of the people is coming from? All that narcissism, bigotry; Oh, the vocabulary is not enough to express the depth of pessimism, hate and diabolic deeds that are enrooting into the environment.

Is this the fault of this generation that is fighting more, angrier, intolerant and hungry for the power? Ever seen before so much hate on the name of Love?

Centuries may come centuries may pass by, what is constant & common is and shall be? The radical actions of the former generation bagged to be loaded or cleaned or raised by the later one. 

Contemplate & will find that the world is a collection of individuals, either people in power, leader or population. The people who dare to change the world are seemingly similar but different in all sense. 

It is the perception of an individual, the chemical Locha happening inside the brain that differentiates individuals & their reality. This can be either positive or negative, the fact is giving energy to the positive perception build a positive world of an individual. 

The collective perception of humanity causes the creation of the world. Destruction is instant, happens “just like that”. Whereas creation is laborious and time-consuming, the output of both acts is the projection that we see the physical world around, which is the projection of human consciousness in both cases.  

It is the consciousness that has to be changed to transform the Chemical Locha into CHEMICAL BALANCE, Collective-consciousness of the individuals. When we manifest the desired outcome, the expression changes consciousness, and thus the transformation transpires in action.

The spurt chemical locha happening in youth during adolescence is an outcome, a projection of action or attitude that creates the world. An adolescent child and their consciousness form the foundation of the world. 

To bring reform in the present world on a revolutionary level, we have to work on youth Education and environment. The adolescent population is the future of the world and the fertile ground for the formation of a beautiful positive world. 

Environment and only the environment the youths experience is responsible for the direction that they shall follow for life ahead. This lead of thoughts shall become and create their world & the world for others, a verbatim of the environment.  

  • During adolescents, youth experience a growing capacity for abstract thought. During this stage, adolescents begin to set long-term goals and become interested in the meaning of life and moral reasoning.
  • Adolescents in this stage of development experience numerous social and emotional changes including increased self-involvement and an increased drive for independence an outcome of the chemical locha inside their brains. 

As a parent, you never need to worry, that your children never listen to you, but always worry that they are watching you. Your actions are creating their environment. And what they are watching they perceive. Their unexpressed emotions never die, but bury deep and surface at a later stage of life. 

Music is my what I love, I live for giving meaning to my singing, my Ikigai. I do the things that propose happy vibes and sharing them cherishes my soul. 

Sharing my work with the world that proposes meaning and purpose fuels my passion. History is what intrigue me, kneading ways to light the present with the great lessons from the past. 

My present series of Songs of Bony M serves this message; Set the precursor right,& ramifications are right. This song, “Ma Baker”, is an attempt to divert the light on the importance & influence of parent and the environment. 

In present times the influence of Media & Social Media is creating an environment that subconsciously feeds the youth of the world with anger and hate. 

Ma Baker song by Boney M which is based on the life of Kate Barker, the mother of American Criminals is a narrative of harsh reality to refer that’s how parenting & environment matters. 

The statistics form The National Crime Records Bureau does reveal how Juvelian crime and hate are on the rise in the Nation. Youth is misled and commit the crime. The irony is the huge per cent of the youth committing the crime are not orphan of street children, however barring a family background.  

Spending time in activities with kids is, not just about spending #time, its an experience teaching to be happy in anticipation of the unknown, 2bait a hook, cast a line & fish: #Patience, #ProblemSolving, #BeingPresent in the moment while fueling #faith #love & #confidence in them. To bait a hook, cast a line & fish: #Patience, problem-solving, being present at the moment while fueling faith, love & confidence in them. 

Child’s emotional & social development is at a peak during adolescence. A parent must priorities two to provide them with an environment that fuels love faith & confidence.

  • +Parents no matter what life you are living, you have to keep kids away from the suffering & pains. When a parent fails to do so, they ;
  • +Silently damage the kid’s memory
  • +Subconsciously you are feeding anger & hate to them.
  • +No matter how harsh is the reality, you need not that to serve it to kids.
  • +Exposing children to negative news / angry talks show for building communication is far wrong. Taking them to protest programs and march is worse. 

What environment Society must propose for the positive and optimistic growth of children? 

  • Offer programs for children to participate in life skills and social development, that are designed such to help manage anger, resolve conflict, and develop the necessary social skills to solve problems. 
  • The whole-school approach has to be towards violence prevention in educational facilities.
  • Launch of programmes that support parents and teach positive parenting skills.
  • Preschool programmes that provide children with academic and social skills at an early age.
  • Therapeutic approaches for youths at high risk of being involved in violence. 
  • Implementation of law that reduces access to alcohol.
  • Community and problem-oriented policing. 
  • Interventions to reduce concentrated poverty and to upgrade urban environments.

Preventing youth violence requires a comprehensive approach that addresses the social determinants of violence, such as;

Income inequality, 

Rapid demographic.

Social changes, 

& low levels of social protection.

Critical to reducing the immediate consequences of youth violence are improvements in pre-hospital and emergency care, including access to care.