Relationships we celebrate and they bring all life to our lives. We life to be loved and realitons breath oxyen to our life. Some ralations are, mere refrence of which brings a pause to the train of thoughts especially to the positive one,and that is the relationship equaton between,  Mother In law and Daughter In Law.   
The most unsung heroes of Motherhood and underived negative refrences are mothers-in-law. MIL is the Mother of your spouse. It’s a blessing to have a strong bond and a humorous relationship with your mother-in-law. 
Among many soul connections, the weirdest Soul Connection is the connection between Mother In Law/ Daughter In Law. “I told my mother-in-law my house is your house. So she sold it.” – Henny Youngman
All soaked in sarcasm with the bittersweet witty tongue is this relation.  It can be a love-hate relationship for many married ones. But, you also share an unforgettable bond between you guys. Right?
Marriage is a complete package of relations where you get all sort of relationships copied in by holy connection of marriage. Getting married means having more new relationships. One of the beautiful bond is with darling mother in law, who have found you a perfect match for her son/daughter.
A bond unlike all other relations that one get post marriage is a relation of MIL, however little overloaded with expectations and psychological cliches is this bond.
While this relationship is considered as sharing the most tenuous bond, this is the relationship which also shares the closest bond, cliches and peace. Most silent over negotiation in middle of shaky truce,  still the loudest one.
As in some fairy tale story, where the prince’s soul resides in some frog, it’s your MIL where the soul of your spouse lives in real life. To touch down deep your spouse heart the way is via a Mother In Law.
Sharing so close to heart still, they are so apart why? Why umbilical cord fight out with the divine tied knot, what the point of tension? To the best of my comprehension, the battle is for Son/Husband.
 Boys need moms, too much to the extent its true too. Studies show that there is a unique bond between mom and a son, and without proper attachment form there mom’s boys turn out to be violent or show instabilities noticeably, whereas the same is not established for girls by studies.
Studies suggest where the father’s supervision helps to raise the boy as the man, studies confirm mom can provide that supervision in current times too but additionally what flows through the motherly bond is the truth of love through her care and gaze.
So we can say where the father raises up the boy into a man, a mother places all gentleness, to raises this man to be a gentleman. Mom breaths her life to her son and this practice of many years for every day is tough on her part to release. It’s tough to share that space.
Creating Space to Welcome the life of your son,” His WIFE”.
Your heartthrob is your son whose soul resides in the women he loves, his wife. You should create a positive environment providing a harmonious and happy environment for the person who is coming to your home as in new life, her second birth.
All raise in aspirations, all for belongingness, acceptance. She needs your confidence, which gives you both a secure zone to bond together for life independent of the bond connecting you both, your son who is not her husband.
However, this happens very less, to the contrary both the MIL and DIL feel insecure. Where the Mother has the perception that her son now will have no time to love and care for her, the wife feels to hold the home through her husband, truly both sides are feeling insecure actually, and that becomes the cause of all estrangements and maladies.
Marriage requires the total self-gift, Mother has to let go her son out of affection so he can give himself totally into his wife. Self Gift from mother is the moment of acceptance, which changes everything in the relationship between the man, mother and the bride, all that unconscious blames and feeling of rejection can be changed.
Wives should hold high respect for their mother-in-law as well, with proper respect and gratitude for the gift of the husband. Selflessness and Gratitude is the key, she should consider her MIL  as a mentor rather than mother or mother in law, should consider her as friend and mentor, who hold all the knowledge of the subject, ( her husband).
MIL and DIL must be united by their common love. While many a time the bride will face tension but then still she is married into a family and respect is important. If she finds the mother in law is not able to be selfless and finds hard to let go, of the son, she should serve sympathy and focus on mutual trust with her husband so that the tension does not infiltrate and weaken marital unity.
God brings men and women together in holy connection of marriage, the fruit of that union is children, parents love for them has to be unconditional all in selfless giving. Embracing this reality, exercising Gratitude and Selflessness for “one love” between is the key to celebrate this soul connection, the very weird Soul Connection, Connection between MIL/DIL.