You might have listened and probably had taken up many 21 days challenges, the challenge to reform yourself and your environment. 

Challenge to lose weight, to fit in some dress to change habits and build discipline. A 21 days challenge to learn a new skill and upgrade your professional scores or student grades, a challenge to fight climate change? Well, counting on days to challenge is so potent, just imagine if you challenge to practice kindness? Why not even for one day, for one random person, one living being what you can make happen? You can transform not just one life but yourself and the world.

And to do this, what you need is the intention not money but tonnes of courage & compassion, loads of joyous shimmer and enormous self-confidence. Yes, you get me right kindness isn’t something that money can buy, but to pursue empathy in a world full of trickery & broken dreams what you need much more is courage. 

Small acts, such as holding the door for a stranger, petting an animal, bringing tea/coffee to a colleague, helping a friend move or visiting a sick peer can have an impact when you share more in a socially connected way it impacts better. Not a random act but more in a socially rational connected way matters as these gestures unlock the emotional hormonal reward system evoking happy chemicals which eventually affect behaviour wellbeing and so the quality of life. 

To be kind, you need no power, no more money or position, but you need a loving heart & courageous soul. Love aspires to do good courage is a virtue that fuels an optimistic attitude to be persistent even when it is difficult. Courage demands the most, our respect without selfish motivation, a moral strength in the face of danger, courage is most virtuous when it is in amalgamation with patience ‘n wisdom. When you practice empathy you create well-being for yourself and others.  

The social, physical, psychological, and economic life of a person is dependent on their well-being and quality of life. When you are kind you behave more generous and that is when you harness happy hormones that impact your life. Scientifically also it is proven that performing acts of generosity boosts happiness and well-being. 

To be kind the first rule is to be kind to yourself, you cant share from an empty vessel. You have to be kind and compassionate respectful holding a higher level of perspective for yourself and when you do you can see the same high virtues and the light of others too, the beauty of others beyond judgement. 

The most important relationship you ever have is that you have with yourself. It is in this relationship that you set the standard for all others. Love, honesty & respect, when you settle for less you perhaps feel empty, incomplete and fail to feel the wonderful magic of others.

You trip in fall in the loop of misgiving & judgments, to be kind you have to begin with yourself. Knowing yourself is not enough but self-acceptance is a must and this is courage. And when you live by it you break free of the barrier within sharing your light & Love. 

Yes, a fact one just has to act upon in consciousness courageously accepting self-correction and breaking barriers within. Concede & believe that you are the creator; you create your environment. To create a kind world in realia one has to practice real optimism. a reality that you have to create moment by moment. Spark the light that shines from within, it’s powerful and dispels negative thinking. Only if you can behold the spark, even when you are in moments of despair are living empathy sharing kindness. 


Be One who can create Joy & Peace.

Be Kind for what you send, you receive.

Be quick to listen & you will be heard,

Be patient and you will not regret it.

Be One sharing hope & you’ll,

Be bound to receive Happiness.

Be who stands for principles values,

Unity n’ you will be respected.

Lift others & your life is rich,

Be tolerant but not timid.

Speak, Act, Impact, n’ take a stand,

For What you believe. And when you do?

Universe summons Grace “n More Good.

Kindness Is Medicine When You Give It To Others It Heals You.