It’s an old saying,” a broken heart, can only be fixed with love”, but then love never breaks a heart. With pieces of my heart in my palm, I will love never, to love again, am sure!
I have experienced love before. I know how to control my self and never let to surrender my soul any more. Am determined that it’s a vivid affair well nothing more, just a heal to pain closure!
Being with you for a few hours and moving forwards leaving you offshore, I will. Even if, I lean to the train of thoughts, that journey will be short maybe of a few minutes, not more!
Certainly, will jump into the daily chores only to be lucid for long hours of many. I am not going to love again, little or any. If there will be a serious urge to see you again, I will tell myself this is no love so you can’t!
When, I tripped in never knew,  falling short of all excuses, not to be with you. Now being with you is the habit, trolling in a trail of thoughts for hours, now minutes am busy with vivid chorus only to fall back in memory, how this happened I am not sure!
Am addicted to your love, how come well this happened when I was so certain that was a definite affair, your presence taking over my life, of which I was not sure?
 In fullness, my soul surrender, euphoria takes over, which I can not compromise any more, how well this happened, “I will not love,” when I was so assured. I loved before, still, My soul surrenders to yours!!