Compromise is part of any relationship when two people sharing their lives. Communication is not the only critical factor however for two people to be happy in life, compromise plays a substantial role. Compromising does not mean submissive or weak partner or sacrifice of self for the sake of the relationship. However, compromise in positive ways is an act that lets both the partners felt valued and fulfilled as they share their lives.

Giving up things and not getting as expected in return or nothing is way much of contrary compromise. If such one-sided sacrifice living continues, it leads to the dissatisfaction. Compromise should come from both the partners in a healthy relationship. Lack of balance booms anger and which also becomes the cause of failure of a relationship. However, compromising in a fit or say positive ways all valued and fulfilled as one share life enhance bonding.
The Signs of Healthy Compromise:
•    Not just one, but both of you need to give up.
•    Try to compromise in positive ways, rather than of sacrificing. Negotiate rather than subtract.
•    Anger kills the perception, so try not to compromise in rage. A calm and confident mind can bring console and motivation.
•    You must be clear about what you cannot compromise on. Your priorities must be evident. As you are flexible, maybe the partner to be having the same instincts, never assume.
•    Compromising ability comes from practice with the feeling that you are not sacrificing the importance of self-priorities.
Once you feel appreciated and valued for your shared interests and your priorities and pursuits the word compromise won’t feel bothering, scary or negative but rather an imperative essential inoculation for happiness.