In a broken nest are some whole eggs, least save them. Rising life is the wisest project, the most beautiful art is the

“art of living”.

Tolerance isn’t weakness, it empowers, establishes equanimity leveraging scope for contemplation and correction. Being a tolerant person is a virtue and not an infirmity. Perhaps the most important need of the hour is the virtue of tolerance, an instrument to wipe out the yielding of intolerance, which are anger, hate judgments and not to miss self-pity. 

Positivity fuel from within & come from self-love, self-care, self-esteem, self-worth, self-awareness & self-knowledge. BUT not to forget all is meaning full & harmless when allowed to overflow with purpose, to live, to let live, to serve others.

Let love flow so is life, lift others with selfless vibes. It cleanses your soul so does the world, grow stronger to help others. Love yourself to share the love, and is when people live in peace and harmony. 

The above-mentioned proposition isn’t imaginative? But the truth that’s waning with time and needs to be rejuvenated, to be practised in words and deeds.  

This thought intrigues me as I come across this narrative, a video that I come across Social Media quoting, “Our world is in the grip of a mental health crisis “, and the cause is the toxic positivity.

It’s far from my imagination that being optimistic can cause anybody sick. Positivity can boost health, life and can create wonders and magic. But being positive isn’t mean to be unrealistic. As mentioned, “A darker side of being optimistic and that is when you upbeat, yourself to be positive at all cost”. 

It’s high time to contemplate, what are we missing or what is misleading? Why everything is getting polarised? Positive Vibe, Negative Vibes, Black White, left-right.?

The toll is very high on such a mentality. These understandings, now costing humanity, the life of youths and Genz. What world we are creating and why none than ever before more we are now fighting in the name of love, peace and harmony.

Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes the solutions, knows about difficulties, but believes, can be overcome. Sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but exceeds the best, has reason to complain but chooses to smile.” ― William A Warden

To be selfless requires tolerance, the greatest lesson that is running out of energy hence all confusion. Mean mentality is on rising that’s failing people to practice compassion kindness & selflessness in action.

Perhaps the narrative that youths failing to catch as affirming self-love is ignorance to its complete meaning. “Self-love is taking care of self more, to nurture a stronger core so that one can support others “. Raising your vibrations high, embracing your Mind Body Soul to the Divine, outshining your light so you can see the light in others too”.

Self-love is to be selfless and is not about materialism or comparison but embracing spirituality. Not doing so, leads to competition, judgment, envy, self pitty & mean mentality, resulting in what people define as TOXIC POSITIVITY.

Think what a remarkable, un-duplicatable, and miraculous thing it is to be yourself. You are an original, a masterpiece, people will come and go over the phase of earth and none shall be like YOU. This is the power of your being. 

You have Light within, how this light can be the source of negativity the toxicity? Well, it’s when you fail to acknowledge, accept & recognize the Light in others. A perception that you build? Peace within is peace in the world, we are busy pointing fingers. 

The truth is nothing is within, it’s empty unless we focus on the Divine Supreme. Look at that blind person, can’t they hope to laugh live life. To see the colour, flowers & skies?. Well certainly yes, when someone tells them, teach them, show them the light and then they see with the “eye of the heart”. 

We need solitude & silence to see with the eyes of the heart. What you know is the subjective fact fed into you and now become your precepts. Meaning comes from giving, sharing what you have within.

The human’s highest significance is our humanity, our ability to take care of ourselves and of others. Caring for flora to fauna sharing self-less deeds. We come to our being to serve mother-earth and her offspring, a journey from me to WE.

When you can comprehend everything is ONE, everything holds Divine Energy, the power that drives the world & binds in intentionality. When you know energy is also a building block between us, will realise, what a privilege, greater Power & Responsibility we have toward the universe and ourselves. Creating an environment that nurtures ALL sharing equal opportunities proposing Peace, Love, Harmony, and is how we can banish “toxic positivity”. 

Accept all of life’s perspectives, realities and differences being tolerant. What is the use of TRUST that defines us as opponents? Isn’t it’s the failure of values & principalities that fuels INTOLERANCE, escalating differences? Fussing failing our energy, our unity? 

TRUST is the most misquoted word just like that of Religion or Spirituality. For, the values & principalities are the essences of integrity being different & unique staying integral defines us ONE. When we Urge to define them against significance or for personal benefits escalating differences, such intentions become the cause of crises. 

Your Mind is a MAGNET! 

If you think about problems, you will attract problems. If you think about the solutions you will attract solutions. Truth is when we fail to accept differences being TOLERANT, being integrated we call for singularity in the name of Religion or Spirituality, its the sophisticated form of narcissist mentality?

Respecting Tolerating Accepting & Living the difference in truth being ONE, being integral working & leading towards ONE Goal all in Integrity of Values & Principalities is TRUST & UNITY. And when you realise and accept this truth one can comprehend & confront that toxic positivity is not a reality but catharsis and imagination of your own mind, a mean mentality. 

Bring the change in thoughts, words and action? Perhaps covid crises was a forced period of reflection. The solitude when truly people live by heart & speak natural unadulterated mind. And the outcome isn’t the Love, peace and harmony the gift of the Divine?

Why not let the reason for the People Purpose Peace & Prosperity be the souls and spirituality? The world we wish to build, we dream, One Love One World, that can happen when we create peace within lifting others regarding their light, their divinity. 

It’s love and not the power that has always saved the world directing towards Progress peace & purpose. People then, people now moved forward, being together, being ONE. Holding creating the beautiful patterns a wonderful world and beautiful life.

Change, change for the better, don’t compete with others but set your competition with yourself, be the better version of yourself each day. What is most expensive & explicit? It’s Education. What is the role of education if we can’t build an Equal & Safe world that burgeons Love & Light?

Far from polarisation, the division of minds, Black White, Day Night, Negative /Positive vibes, but loving all accepting all rooted in our realities, in one love. Be a flame incandescent deep and you’ll glisten the spark infusing desire to live and not just live, uplifting a fainting soul to rise, a dusky mind perhaps cheer up proposing positive vibes.

Evoke your HOTS a state of mind where you are derived with the passion to work for a higher purpose, a purpose beyond yourself. Beyond boundaries of me extending it to WE. Respecting Tolerating, Accepting & Living difference in truth being ONE in reality. 

How to bring this change in thoughts, words & action? 

Breathe deep introspect taking, an inward journey. Identify & correct infirmities conditioning them into possibilities. Nither the blush on or rouge light up the skies, its big wide grin & sparkling eyes. Believe in yourself, do what you say, show the world, the way the Light of your being. 

Believe more, do more scars are precursor ramifying into scarlet bloom healing into incandescent defusing hope. Little things lift the spirit high, dancing the rough rationalism to empiricism living the crux of meaning & lunatic dictates no more your life.

We need solitude & silence to see with the “eyes of the heart”. What you know is the subjective fact fed into your mind & becomes your precepts. Selflove makes meaning when is given, shared creating well-being & Good for ALL. 

Kindness is confidence and is a powerful instrument to bring change. To bring the change, you have to first begin it with yourself with love and compassion, and what you’ll find is the world-changing. Aaah, a mere reflection of your works. 

Togetherness is not a mask, it’s a genuine glue that binds the people through thick and thin with purpose all in authenticity. Alone you can do so little, together can achieve great things. To be first, FIRST, you have to Finish. And, you couldn’t make it without team & TEAM SPIRIT.

If we are one, leading forwards together for one purpose, what is taking a toll on mental health? And the harming health of the youths? 

Togetherness is a mask, a cloak people are wearing but for self-growth? OR truly it’s a genuine glue that binds the people through thick and thin? With purpose all in authenticity, with your perception, invoking intention of unity, yes you can disrupt the cloak and the masks. Believe in the power of mind that bind and brings thoughts to life, compassion kindness into reality.

When the trust and compassion fall in the one direction to sway against the tides – time and circumstances the spirit of togetherness chimes, when you serve to be the strong connection holding the weak in togetherness tightly. 

Banishing sorrow, soaring in Ecstasy,

Building bridges, burgeoning belief,

Oust selfish motives, empowering selflessly,

Purpose-driven life proposing Peace & Positivity,

All begins in the mind, Mind is powerful,

And your intentionality triggers it.  

The binding energy is formative energy that evokes intention, reforming the world. The gesture that is taking a toll on mental health is self-love not in its complete reasonableness, becoming a race to be win, people are running to be first at all cost shunning consciousness shunning peace and love. 

Freedom is not about boundaries that limit you? But evoking consciousness, that directs you to be good, to do good. For, yourself, your society, community and country being resilient & tolerant. When you are derived with passion towards your purpose, that is beyond yourself breaking boundaries evoking care and consciousness you extend the circle from me to we, you unlock the state of HOTs. 

Maslow states self-actualization is the state that let you evoke your Higher order thinking (HOTS), a state of mind where you are derived with the passion to work for a higher purpose, a purpose beyond yourself. Beyond the boundaries of me, extending it to WE. 

This reminds me of a childhood days scrapbook and the quote by Edwin Markham, “He drew a circle that shut me out – Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle and took him In!” perhaps it time now to colour up the skies & Lives, with Joy Love & Peace. Raising the vibration of Hearts creating an Optimistic field, emitting hope. The source is purpose. Purpose to care, to heal. People & Mother Earth. Fueling compassion, harmony & sustainability. 

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