With increasing infection and risk to life, people are called to live quarantine life. Who doesn’t go through a negative situation in life? The winner is one who knows, how to crush down negativity under the heel to transform them as stepping stones, the stairways that lead one to succeed.  

Successful people are not just dreamers but are those who live through the story of life with optimism to the Glorious Mystery, transforming chaos into peace. 

Use solace to write your success stories. prepare yourself to be good, so to come out great, banish selfishness & celebrate selflessness, try to be great not just settle for good. 

Dark days are must phase a seed needs to germinate, as it grasps roots better to grow, to cope up the changing weather & more. 

Use the time, inspire yourself to be an inspiration!

Embrace these lonely times to embrace your talents & celebrate Life. 

When social distancing is need of the hour, to prevent the spread of Covid-19. utilise these times falling in the right choice. Embrace these moments to practice and preach solitude, adapt inculcate the artistic ways.

They say world us under repair, to me, it’s not the time to lose self in despair but to search our true self, one has to repair self. Embrace what one has in reality notwithstanding virtuality. What wrong we have done to bring this disaster over the Mother earth, Her Children?

A right Choice is a powerful device and is an inbuild of soul, that is activated only with the interaction of #divine. Dive in search of divinity, use these days of despair wisely. 

Inspire yourself to the positive vibes, use these lonely time to transform you, polish out your abilities, to chime- rise and shine. 

Here are suggestions that you can look into; Inspire yourself & be the inspiration, take up some purpose out of your Quarantine life. 

Positive Vibes- Positive Life, embrace solitude!

 1. Pray 

2. Exercise 

3. Paint 

4. Cook, try new recipes.

5. Read, books. 

6. See movies 

7. Reflect on the future 

8. Watch TED talk 

9. Meditate & Breathe

10. Organise your room 

11. Social media 

12. Hear nostalgic music 

13. Write a letter 

14. Talk to long lost friends

15. Learn a new skill

16. Play cards.

17. Scrabble

18. Face Time Family.

19. Enjoy the greatest gift of God, “Family”. 

20. Embrace music. 

21. Clean-reset, home and Garage. 

22. Do the thing that you always feel like doing if you have more time. 

23. Deep clean, mind-body and Soul.

24. Embrace doing nothing, be zen. 

25. Genealogy- Family history. 

26. Embrace good vibes, good memories- turn around old album and photographs. 

27. Plan new home decore, search for new themes. 

28. Plan future holidays. 

29. Plan budget of your home.

30. last but not least, don’t forget to ‘be yourself.’ 

Home heals! What a #weekend it was, what a week it’s going to be! Affirm with me;

1) We, Will, Be OK.

2) #IAM not anxious about the future, am in #FAITH at peace.

3) Keep Moving, Keep Going, Keep Strong-#together.