One, who holds inner peace, is in harmony and without stress at ease with existence.  Being honestly happy with inner self is the mantra of a happy being in a relationship. Relationship and connection make us happy, however only when – one is satisfied with the inner self. When someone’s behaviour does not match with our expectations, that very moment becomes the reason of disputes. However, the slight shift in perception which brings in harmony to the situation is helpful to keep the difference away. Such rise of positive thoughts and placing it into action is only possible when one is at peace with self.

When people don’t feel complete or happy in self, they look into a relationship demanding, hoping relationship may fill in the gap, and when that does not happen the world turns upside down becoming the cause of suffering and pain. Pure happiness in relationships comes when people themselves own their joy and not loading the cross of expectations over the partner’s shoulder. The mistake many of us tend to make is to demand that, relationship or people to make us happy. If you look at a tie for happiness, they can easily cause you unhappiness, it is an unfair demand unless you agree with the Inner Self for joy.