People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls. Those souls which are more than a world for each other; likewise, they are the world within themselves.
We want warmth from relations, we give and share that love. However, every individual holds its identity, and losing this thought beats the vibes. Relationships come in the package that has many quills in too. But the mantra for a peaceful life is to tolerate so one can survive the toughest time through.
If you have complains: your spouse is insensitive, speaks harsh and its difficult to handle? Why your kids don’t behave the way you want?  or they try to control every aspect of your life? if you have complains of your simple parent’s unsophisticated behaviour for the way they behave in society’s urban setting? one can have an endless list of complaints about the relationships around them.
In such case would you run up the hill all screaming? Will you run away to lead a lonely life and when though time comes left alone in the cold?.  Instead, being little tolerant can turn the tables. Would you not like to cherish the warmth of those who loves and stand beside you during these tough times?.
Relationships come with things you have not opted for in the package but, one has to accept to enjoy the warmth of love tells Christine Hassler. You cannot only look to the upside, however, have to admit the downfalls too together. And these are the quills of relationships one has to go through.
As you get more precise on your relationship what truly matters, the things that you absolutely cannot compromise on will also become more explicit.  Likewise, the superficial things that mattered in the past may become less meaningful. For your self-healing and for your self-sake at peace,  you have to be tolerant of the quills. Remember the life of porcupine how they live in a group, they have thousands of quills around them poking and banging into each other but what holds them tight together and to survive cold killing winters is tolerance for sharp poking quills from some other porcupine.