You find what you seek. Everything that is made fair, beautiful & and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees. See with the eyes of the heart, develop compassion for self ‘n for others. It’s not about being perfect but being whole & can be.

Purpose, passion and positivity is the path to a content life. When you bury yourselves in the service of others, feel the pain comprehend the agony of theirs and you’ll know what brings solace. This insightful sense of compassion opens your heart fueling courage, you dare to look up at the moon, sense the wind and listen to the chirping of birds soaking in the colour of the flowers. The sun kiss breathes life rejuvenating the dead, nay more like a narcissist who fails to see the love in the world eloped in self.

That is what compassion does it challenges our assumptions, sense of self-limitations, worthlessness, of not having a place in the world. As we develop compassion for self ‘n for others, our hearts open & we sense life.

Compassion isn’t a sign of weakness perhaps it’s courage. Living ‘and leading life with compassion limits neither surrender but mitigate all perspectives being humble is courage. When you take a stand for yourself, you don’t just clear your path but pave the path for others, you light the lamp and it lights up the world.

When you’re thankful for the rising sun and sundowns,
When you search twinkle in the darkest of nights.
When you take a stand against injustice,
When you remain bold being bullied,
you’re trying to share even when things are limited,
When you consent not to be confined,
When you pop out of the shell to your calling,
When you upscale your knowledge and abilities,
When you say no to giving up on the life, struggles and challenges,
When you dare to open your wings, to fly singing songs ‘n hymns,
When life seems to hit hard but you stay still to believing in your dreams
When you can see hope in despair,
When it hurts to love and you dare to go love infinite,
When you see people in plight and that makes you cry,
When you cry only to wipe your tears and rise ,
When you choose to follow purpose with passion,
When you comprehend happiness is a vocation,
When you know well, it’s in giving to receive, Love Joy Peace,
When you hit the sack at night knowing you did your best,
N the coming days are more opportunities to do so ‘n rest,
When you say yes to life knowing “live is life”,
When you dare to surrender to the flow,
When you love ‘n know love is Love, self-love proposes selflessness,
Knowing humility is a possession in the changing fortunes of time,
Shaking off narcissism to be crushed ‘n crumble into a fertile soil,
That is when the heart opens ‘n bloom of compassion blooms
, “Narcissus“.

See with the eyes of the heart!
That is when the heart opens ‘n bloom of compassion blooms, “Narcissus”.

Kindness Is Medicine When You Give It To Others It Heals You.