People often complain about their relationships, as they forget relationships are living bonds. They breathe the warm of souls, relationships Soul Conjunction need to be feed and pamper with respect, time, emotions, care, belongingness and not just the worldly things

Dare to bring the change you wish to see, Just Do It : Be Kind!
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Seek Well-Being Seek Peace & Happiness Will Follow!

Bring The Change You Wish To See?

Just Do It: Be Kind!

A finite mentality is a challenge, in Infinite play.

Fear prevents triggering new fractals causing change, 

Things flourish in their own time in their seasons.

And rainbows are caught up Only after the rains,

Life is a game of boomerang let, Kindness play.

Ain’t what one deserves but Divine Grace!

“Margin of safety”, oh you remember how you made the bridges? 

It lies nay in limiting but in working out the limits. 

Let’s bring the change we wish to see. 

Death one can’t avert? and can alter the reasons & reality. 

Building a buffer, tolerance and resilience for a safer peaceful world. 

What is the definition of joy for you? Definition of happiness?!

Pleasure, weekend, a public holiday moment of solace?!!


The crux of the question is how you decide to spend your leisure time. Sure this way or that way… no other way but joyously…

Alongside family, friends, loved ones or acquaintances? Perhaps for many may be the company of self is sufficient! Categorically if I may ask, for a sports lover what is your idea of happiness? For, ULTRA, the football fans it’s an upcoming football game in the city, or maybe far away?!

You know the most popular sport in the world and that draws the highest audience is the game of football. Simply for a clear reason: compared to other sports no sport can cause suspense and excitement for players like the game of football. Research proves as a sport that affects your hormone rush and relieves stress. It brings people together as a remedy to help them temporarily forget the worries and worries of daily life.

Football is adored as a sport across the world it captivates fans across the world. The exciting, action-packed games, intense rivalries, and family-friendly fun are what give this unique sport its charm, creating enthusiasts who are passionate and excited about it. Football is an industry driven by emotions. Fans experience many different emotions related to their teams. 

If you think why I am sharing with you all the benefits of being a soccer/football player/fan out of the blue.
O’ Wait… there is more… 

Sure many of you are working women and mothers, 

perhaps a partner/family to her. 

How many of you have to push your career,

Into the back seat? To take care of your kids?

How many of you are looking for daycare, 

So you can drop your heartthrobs, your children,

What you may create your space back in the professional world?

Are you a parent to a young adolescent?

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?

Knowing your child is out partying over the weekend.

Having children who are studying abroad and you feel,

The kids are not safer on unknown streets?

You’re fear, visiting foreign nations due to increasing violence?!

O’ just one more narrative… how do you see?
The idea is to make a sensation to raise a valid point, 
With all invalid methods? Hate, Anger and Harming others?

Recently a few headlines shocked the world. 

When the rivalry descended into violence,

In minutes causing the death of hundreds. 

People went to watch a football game,

Or to meet with death?

The youngest of the cheerleaders,

Heart grieves knowing he was of age just three.  

Can any wrong way ever may lead to “CORRECT” Outcomes? 

Why people try to cook brownies with polarization?

Are youths misguided or few are misguiding youths?

For some short-long term benefits? 

Is consumerization crossing all limits?

Just for the sake of minting money? 

Or when the keeper of safety becomes the threat? 

A former policeman killed 34 people O’ including 23 children, 

Many between the ages of 2&3 years, 

With a knife and gun rampage at a daycare centre. 


When the legendary work of Vincent Van Gogh,

Worth around USD 84.2 million equivalent or more,

To anything over ₹693 Indian Rupee in crores.

When do they say what matters isn’t what you do,

But how do you do it? Guess what? 

you can put all the security checks, 

Behold what one carries on?

But, what can be more lethal than angry minds?

How to check the intentions & vibes?

The ignorant youths end up poly in hands of the powerful.

It’s high time to protect innocent minds,

From becoming ANGRY MACHINES.

The list is overflowing with the narrative of confusion, 

Increasing Hate, anger and aggression. 

With each passing day the number of narratives,

Manifesting Negatives resulting in hurt & loss traumatizing ages,

Are increasing Stealing peace, making people’s lives miserable…

Whether it may be a hate crime or war among the nations. 


To raise awareness…so spoiling the painting of sunflowers, 

Spilling milk on the floor… the generation is affluent one for sure?

Nay, they know the hunger & the plight of destitute & penurious!

Apathy is on the increase? Think about it!!

Let this be our meal for tonight. 

The narratives are different and are from different parts of the world,

But the different antecedent resulting in the same consequences.

Display of intolerance, anger, jealousy and aggression, revenge,

Unsatisfied manifestation affirming victories  through slippery slopes of illusions?

Isn’t now the path to success is a cake walk over the face of others. 

Amid all this present scenario, what is your idea of a good life? 

Unlike the Covid times, to confine yourselves to computers?

A virtual world, tours to libraries/ museums/ information centres?

For women, to drop on dreaming, never to imagine again?

Strengthening her career, her future her empowered self? 

Family time but never a joy outdoors? 

Because it is too loud and threatening of course.

Everyday terror, risk of life, and killers moving on streets? 

One can’t differentiate how and where death arrives. 

A stadium, a daycare centre ,while walking on the street,

Or having a burger over the wheel? 

The war that is happening in another part of the world,

What about the wars people are fighting at personal levels. 

Food for thought is, Isn’t peace is becoming costly,

A dividing world and polarization are becoming the practice. 

Chaos and clutter are becoming threats to freedom,

Of Independent thinkers, individuality and the cluster culture.

What is to comprehend from the general tendency that is increasing among the millennials ? Aggression, anger, anxiety, and hate to reach/achieve peace ‘n success all by conflicts? Or there is something more that’s cooking creating heat that escalates the dissonance and rush leading to mental health crises?

Yes, it is a serious point to ponder for people to comprehend and follow in action to bring change for the better. You know the pillar of the well-being of an individual that eventually becomes the well-being factor for society is the strong social, emotional, psychological and financial status that eventually impacts & shapes the environment and society. 

Anger, aggression and anxiety are forms of mental health crises, the factors that determine the well-being among the masses are the reflection of well-being factors. Poor well-being factors lead to Behavioural disorders, Eating disorders, and many Psychological Disorders. 

Sudden setbacks are like a sudden jolt that drives out the wind from the sail. The trauma symptoms exacerbate and you may find yourself becoming angrier, stressed and unhappier becomes an everyday pattern. This is it negativity goes in a cycle consuming your goodness and affecting your environment. 

Being kind increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood. Kindness inspires others and it warms your heart too. You gain life & joy when you share kindness with others. The point to ponder is why there is a surge in chaos in the world. 

Yes, you heard me right. The happiness and happy mood of an individual is dependent on the chemicals the human brain releases when they are exposed to the triggering stimuli. When we experience compassion, kindness, a loving or motivating talk, a touch – cuddle, hug, hold hands or exercise our bodies release “feel good” hormones. These hormones include oxytocin, dopamine, endomorphin and serotonin. Once the hormones are released into our bodies we experience feelings of happiness, relaxation, improved mood, and lower levels of depression.

But there is a twist, there is more to the news… 

The research of recent times suggests where these hormones flow causes a person to be in a state of mindfulness and cheerfulness the absence of these hormones impacts the brain. The size of the hippocampus which is responsible for memory and the prefrontal cortex is responsible for the reaction to stimuli and so the cognitive processes that lead to mental health problems all shrink triggering aggressive behaviour. 

The data from WHO reveals: 

  • Globally, one in seven 10-19-year-olds experiences a mental disorder, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group.
  • Depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents.
  • Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds.
  • The consequences of failing to address adolescent mental health conditions extend to adulthood, impairing both physical and mental health and limiting opportunities to lead fulfilling lives as adults.

Why rise in mental health issues, which are the repercussions that we are witnessing already, it’s dangerous and should be a point of concern for the world.

Yes, it’s urgent and necessary that the world needs more and more light workers, the people who live love light life sharing peace and harmony. People who walk the talk and not just tolerate atrocities but, raise their voices to break free cheering for unity harmony and peace. Not giving up moving forward but moving in principalities the torchbearers of hope joy peace in pledge with resilience, grit and goodness. 

All in all, people seek happiness, a happy life, good life and successful life. What if the parameter to a happy life, good life and successful life become the path to success… that too instantly? 

What are you working for, money? What makes you Happy, money? What gives meaning to your being, is that money? If you think living & living it well, is about The accomplishment of luxuries, I will say, Think it, think it again. As the long old saying goes, “There is no shortcut to success”, it’s a long one road and is too loaded with difficulties, Patience, Peace and a Good Attitude are the keys. 

But then in this era of instant gratification and instant manifestation, the dream shatters a toll on the mental and psychological balance and behaviour causing dissatisfaction, anxiety and many other mental health crises. People bust out, they give up before reaching the goal and giving up on their dreams. A negative attitude sucks your energy and causes frustration. Leading to anger issues, not just pushing back the process of healing. Also, induce fear and instigate a response of anger & hateful behaviour. 

Every then and now, people faces hate and anger, stress and problems from personal to financial to social levels. Such scenario pushes people to cheat to opt for shortcuts to succeed at the cost of principles, values, ethics and unity…? Many things can trigger anger, including stress, family problems, and financial issues. For some people, anger is caused by an underlying disorder, such as alcoholism or depression. Anger itself isn’t considered a disorder, but anger is a known symptom of several mental health conditions.

Where there are no fixed reasons for mental health problems scientists suggest the reasons can be genetic, social, psychological or due to induced trauma. The research of recent times suggests mental health problems impact the size of the brain & the flow of neurotransmitters. The size of the hippocampus and the frontal lobe squeezes causing blood rush, pulse and rise of heartbeat and short temper resulting in poor tolerance and increasing anger.  

Apart from preventing the flow of fear in the environment that threatens individuality like polarization promoting equality, well-being and a flourishing mentality, I hope compassion and kindness will help to build a resilient and optimistic environment and mentality. 

Raising awareness among students, and equipping them with social skills and critical thinking. Helping them to develop tolerance, grit and resilience. So they can face any challenge by opting for openness and not fear flight response. 

As a society, we priorities physical health over mental well-being despite the very fact that they’re indistinguishably linked. We do take care of our physical boundaries so as not to allow any physical violation likewise it’s necessary for us to keep a check on & bar any violation of emotions.

 What triggers human emotion and so the actions are words. Words are powerful, words can motivate and inspire, and words can build bridges and can burn them down. Language is evolving with changing times and one can’t deny its fueling heat in the environment and the lives of people. The research of the present time reveals the use of blatant and derogatory words & language is increasing.

People are failing to comprehend that the scars of verbal abuse are real. It flinches deep wounds that are difficult to see and equally difficult to heal. For they leave no scars thus there are no strict social taboos against the abusers who shame, ridicule, or scream but they do cause cognitive damage, health issues, disputes, polarization, broken relationships & divided societies. 

The significance of good health has evolved driving much attention to embrace changing lifestyles. With globalization, the influence of technology and the internet in our daily lives has changed at many levels. Now wealth isn’t the measure of being rich & health isn’t about fitness. But being happy, satisfied, and caring for your well-being that proposes a good quality of life is the new rich. How one manages and ropes in life being satisfied all in between the pillars of social, physical, psychological, emotional and financial factors is the key. 

Depression is the 1st step towards mental health issues. When a person fails to see the Light, & they close the scope of letting light in? Why do they do so? What can be done to stop them from doing so? When a person picks self-abuse, it’s the moment when they play over and over again the negative words and negative experiences that happened to them, from where the abuser left depression begins. 

Key to blocking negative voices at the same time while fueling self-confidence is the moment when a kind soft word matters and acts as a barrier to further the negative pattern formation. The urgent need is, for people around need to be Kind, giving space, sharing time, helping & letting him/her share their thoughts & feelings.

Adolescence and the early years of adulthood are a time of life when many changes occur, for example changing schools, leaving home, and starting university or a new job. Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14 growing recognition of the importance of building mental resilience, prevention begins with a better understanding. 

In 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer was arrested after killing two people in California. When asked why she did it, her reply was:

“I just don’t like Mondays.” 

Pain is that There is no single key to Growth & Development. Passion, perception, people, proactiveness, permanent change, persistence learning, potential, and #perseverance needs much hard work and these ALL are the keys to Growth, holding them all is not an easy task. Growth is often painful and uncomfortable. 

For example, the Helping Adolescents Thrive (HAT) Initiative is a joint WHO-UNICEF effort to strengthen policies and programmes for the mental health of adolescents. More specifically, the efforts made through the Initiative are to promote mental health and prevent mental health conditions. They are also intended to help prevent self-harm and other risky behaviours, such as the harmful use of alcohol and drugs, that hurt the mental ̶ and physical ̶ health of young people.

Albert Einstein talked about spooky action at a distance and Erwin Schrödinger said it was quantum mechanics’ most important trait. There is no option than to help them to develop a flourishing attitude. 

Failure is part of life, teaching acceptance, courage to what comes with facing with an open mind, and self-belief that one can make it if not today or tomorrow with a new peek of the sun are the habits to inculcate. 

And if not so, failures change people to desire, to help others so that others may not suffer. Caring is the basic attribute of the human being. Reflection over time challenges faced and overcoming life. Motivating them to comprehend, living & supporting others is life. What matters in life is the care that one receives. Healing out of brokenness happened due to some who stood with you so you can recover. People who stood tight together supported each other.

Research shows; Infants, even before they can talk, show a preference for examples of helpful behaviour and turn away from illustrations of harm. The conclusion is that basic human nature is positive and kind. Therefore, cultivating warm-heartedness and compassion is something we can all do. 

The basic attribute of being human is our kindness, and love for people. The attribute of being a human being is our humanity, our togetherness. The ability of humans to move forwards together. Humans are social animals and we love people and we need love and belongingness. 

Throughout life people thrive to be happy, only to discover life is not about living happy but is about living a meaningful life. Seek well-being Seek Peace and happiness will follow. Happiness is not based on any worldly thing or person, it’s in eternity, happiness is PEACE & fuels purpose. Purpose to be USEFUL, selfless & giving for the greater good, happiness is living life for others.

The human mind wants to make sense of the end of our lives and of those we love and it includes beautiful photographs and touching poetry. To unbox till the last days that; Who we are as our souls move from creation through earthly life to eternity.” With fast-moving and changing life, people are busy, having no time to look out of the window of their minds.

Instant gratification with the sense of instant achievement, whining for life and luxury, forgetting; possession makes meaning when we are not alone and also that there is nothing that can separate people to move forwards together, towards a common goal. People are one, under this heaven, as we share; the same INTENTIONS, mind, beauty, nature, air, water, smile, sunshine, love and light.

Amid all differences in this different world is our love compassion and kindness for each other. Trauma impacts people’s lives and is dangerous. Proper treatment and therapy over the right course are a must. Kindness is a medicine that when you give it to others heals you. Kindness can heal the deepest wounds. The deepest significance of a person is human.  

In this world when hate is loud, Kindness needs to be louder. As happiness is contagious, so is hate and it travels faster because the human brain supports negative thinking and it’s an internal struggle for people to maintain an optimistic attitude amid negative scenarios. Fear further escalates the response making the scenario worse. The human brain responds to fear and proposes emotions, particularly fear, anxiety, and anger.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, so we have kindness and intelligence and the amalgamation can create wonders. The rising hunger for information raising the intelligence of the masses is a boon when it is tightly woven with kindness humility and gratitude. 

 An attitude to care for others while not compromising on selves. Over the past few decades, emotional intelligence has gained recognition for its importance to leadership, but kindness does not receive much attention. The highest wisdom is being kind imagine how wonderous it is taking a turn of 360″ if when intelligence follows kindness we can create a unified beautiful world and we need arms and ammunition but only desire to create PEACE. 

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