How the world sojourn up till here, catching a forward journey of the thousands of years from the past? By Compassion, Care & Charity. Service is the essence, giving to others, having their back make the highest performing person.

Not just, intelligence or strength, but the willingness to be there for each other propels the world, community, society forward. Nobody is strong enough to carry the cross alone, we need each other to support & this is the way the world is working & moving forwards from generations to generations.

A kind heart is a default installation of Divine, Compassion & Care are the basic attribute of being human. Kindness is the lesson world needs to evoke that is forgotten of time in the race of life, to serve the bread on the table at night. All gone layered in the dust of consumerization and competitions that’s determined to build a powerful world.

The world needs not to be corrected, the world needs love. It is not power that will bring the change in the world we wish to see, it is Kindness, Compassion & Care.

I came across this poster, shared by a friend, and i was moved & smitten to learn about the psychology and science behind the fact.

People made through the test of times, the truth of time by compassion and care, not just, intelligence, power or strength. How did people make through ages? Why compassion has to be the index, the compass that does define the direction, Social strength and growth of people, community and world?

Anthropologist Margaret Mead, was once asked by Someone; What she considered to be the first evidence of civilization? To this, Ms Mead said; “A human thigh bone with a healed fracture found in an archaeological site 15,000 years old”. Why not tools for hunting or religious artefacts or primitive form self-governance?

Mead points out that for a person to survive a broken femur the individual had to have been cared for long enough for that bone to heal. Others must have provided shelter, protection, food and drink over an extended period for this kind of healing to be possible.

The great anthropologist Margaret Mead suggests that; The first indication of human civilization is care over time, evidenced through a fractured thigh bone that was healed.

As people age, it’s scientific that people become more considerate and caring. Perhaps the consciousness renders soul review; Introinspecting, how well / satisfied you lived? Challenges deep insight to self-review. Confrontation to truth pushes people to make meaning, to be useful.

And if not so, failures change people to desire, to help others so that others may not suffer. Caring is the basic attribute of the human being. Reflection over time challenges faced and overcoming life. motivates people to comprehend, living & supporting others is life.

What matters in life is the care that one received. Healing out of brokenness happened due to some who stood with you so you can recover. People who stood tight together supporting each other. Research shows; Infants, even before they can talk, show a preference for examples of helpful behaviour and turn away from illustrations of harm.

The conclusion is that basic human nature is positive and kind. Therefore, cultivating warm-heartedness and compassion is something we can all do. Entire life people thrive to be happy, and only to discover life is not about living happy but is about living a meaningful life.

Which is not based on any worldly thing or person, it’s in eternity, happiness is PEACE & fuels purpose. Purpose to be USEFUL, selfless & giving for the greater good, happiness is living life for others. The human mind wants to make sense of the end of our lives and of those we love and it includes beautiful photographs and touching poetry.

To unbox till the last days that; Who we are as our souls move from creation through earthly life to eternity.” With fast-moving and changing life, people are busy, having no time to look out of the window of their minds.

Whining for life and luxury, forgetting; possession make meaning when we are not alone and also that there is nothing that can separate people to move forwards together, towards a common goal. People are one, under this heaven, as we share; same INTENTIONS, mind, beauty, nature, air, water, smile, sunshine, love and light. We are One.

Just like Air, Water, Fire, Earth and space, education is a basic element to support human life-giving meaning. The present & coming generation needs to be educated that; kindness for others is not an act but a basic attribute of being human. Compassion is an element, a basic sense and not an action of convenience.

Self-made me is a myth. People are the product of care and compassion and charity they receive as they sojourn forwards in life. I recall the days when we initially started our venture Narmada health group. From a six bedded hospital to what we hold now.

Some gems we embed with us underwent fire and all the test of time and it’s them and their support that we kept moving forwards and now are what we are. Forgetting all differences, coming together tolerant and all in humility with integrity.

Narmada Health Group or our journey personal/professional is/was never ours nor is about us, it is about all who build us being together. The need of the hour is building a strong compassionate society.

That accept all of life’s perspectives & realities, differences being tolerant. What is the use of TRUST that defines us as opponents? Isn’t it’s the failure of us being TOLERANT that call for to be Integral in Values & principalities of Truth, Trust & Unity? To Be ONE supporting each other having back of others to hold?

And when you do so, you realise, it’s never about me but WE. We are here for we sojourned together and the way forward is to lead others with love only.

Accept all of life’s perspectives and realities, differences being tolerant. What is the use of TRUST that defines us as opponents? Isn’t it’s the failure of us being TOLERANT that call for to be Integral in Values & principalities?

TRUST is the most misquoted word just like that of Religion or Spirituality. For the values & principalities are the essences of Integrity being different & unique it defines us ONE. When we Urge to define them against significance, or for personal benefits escalating differences, arises crises.

Truth is when we fail to accept differences being TOLERANT, being integrated we call for singularity in the name of Truth, Religion or Spirituality, the sophisticated form of narcist mentality?

Respecting Tolerating Accepting & living the difference in truth being ONE, being integral working & leading towards ONE Goal all in Integrity of Values & Principalities is TRUST & UNITY.

Let, Social Distancing May Not Cause Emotional Distance in Relationships!