Be brave. When you take a stand being bold it’s not only you that is benefited but you pave the path for others too. You inspire & impact others too to dream, to be more, to become more. “Change, so to change the world; for better, from good to great”.

Know your self and it shall be Dawn!

Believe in yourself, know you matter, commit to what you always wanted to do and achieve. The first action in the series for achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations is to stop being comfortable. Stop being yourself, growth demands more from you and that you cant invest in being a person comfortable at ease as you were yesterday.

Sure, comfort zone prevents you from the struggles, plights, fights and falls, but living to the fullest of your calling, your vocation first you have to be in Breaking the Habit of Being small being yourself, says Dr Joseph Dispenza. Create the reality you choose, stop being timid, seeking permission in everything you do.

We all are unique and possess precious qualities, amazing abilities and talents that can help us realize greatness. It’s also true despite being talented and resourceful very few soar to great heights. 

What differentiates a person from many? For say, Why many are called but few are chosen? 

We are the persons of our Choice, what we choose now defines our future reality, personality and the future person in the future reality. Chose greatness stop playing small. 

I have stopped explaining to people for people they understand from their level of perception. The only difference is; MINDSET. People who deny playing small doesn’t give up to fear, people who face life as a package and move forwards with courage, daunting the eye only on the price, they are the victors already. 

If you are emphasising & paying attention to the people point of view & to that of society, you perhaps subject yourself to shrink your greatness. Don’t let the fog of fear diminish your vibes, hold on to the Faith, Light & Life. Save yourself from the confusing world and, you will be amazing. Recognize, your calling is to be great, leading a meaningful life. You are born to not just survive but to thrive.

When you change your mindset, you change the situation. Your subconscious mind is where all the behaviours that you want to change rest. If you do not find the need, you can’t change it. And when you change yourself, you change the world.

Everything is contagious everything impacts mentality, thoughts and actions. This reality escalates the need of the lightworkers, the happiness creators all, in selflessness and authenticity.

The fuming situations; Climate emergency, increase in violence, free nations under terrorists, simply untenable is much evidence of the humanitarian crisis? The world needs you, the influencers, changemakers who shall source ramifications on the distorted precursors as humanity seems to crawl through the valley of fall?

The world needs leaders thriving to live by principalities, promoting embracing tolerance, diversity in unity. Curbing radicalisation, fostering harmony, leaders who believe in big dreams to bring change in lives, communities and countries. Providing opportunities, chances for development growth stability. Not just good but a great life, infusing a great future building reality.

How can we make this change? How can one overcome finite challenges?

To live the fullest of purpose a meaningful life, embracing diversity in unity. Not working towards building just a material world in prosperity but raising evolving in the fullness of compassion courage & tolerance the rich minds. The idea hasn’t to be perfect but to be “whole”, feeling the warmth of fabric togetherness holding on to the beauty & elegance of the motifs the embodied individuality.

Harnessing the energy from the Divine who forsakes not and provides more than our needs, stop imbibing in the swirl of differences. Don’t let the fog of fear diminish your vibes practising self-control, build Faith, live by Laughter & Light. Save yourself from the confusing world, indulging in fights & flights to be the first acquiring materialistic possession and extrovert world. Know, Smile is the best makeup, Attitude the best attire. Kindness is the best jewel.

Nothing happens overnight the scars impressed over the soul of mother earth over the face of history shall take time to heal. The world needs no more power, the world needs positive vibes only. And people who propose love in action, people who are ready to suffer but not surrender to hate calling for good to a great life. 

Well kindness that is getting costly with chinging times the state of affair in Afghanistan the plight of people, women and children are the true revelations of human inclinations towards the neurotic – dangerous intentions. How the world is drifting away from the true essence of “human virtue”? A jolt on the heart of humanity, pointing genuine questions in deep ways. And the answer is a revelation of Intentions. Building and healing, vibrating on the highest vibrations of healing energy, Optimism, love, joy peace. .  

Proposing a unified approach coming together, raising voice and awareness being the voice of each other. When you know not what you need, you’ll never find it. If you know what you need, you’ll never compromise it. Freedom, peace, harmony, joy & equality is what eminent blessing humankind is created to relish.

Work to optimise your potential, mental health – physical health & your wellbeing. Influence & inspire the change for the better, and when you do know, subconsciously you put energy in the universe that reforms and laud the environment the lives of others too. The only condition is your actions & intentions has to be in the synchronisation of love, joys and peace.

Our ability to learn is our greatest possession, the greatest gift of the divine. Open your mind, be curious increase your knowledge. Develop coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills. The challenges the world is facing can always be overcome. Also, clear validation problems can’t be solved in the same ways as were once created.

The world needs to learn to build intentions, embracing, gratitude, compassion and tolerance. We need leaders who walk the talk, the lightworker and healers, the joy & happiness creators. This means people can always chase for a great life. We need leaders who work on optimisation and reforming the world with positive intentions and actions.


The Healer, Light-worker, Intention Builder ALL you can be if you possess these seven qualities. 

1. Are you resourceful.?

If you always seem to figure out a way to make things happen, no matter what you’re faced up against in the past? That’s a sign you’re naturally resourceful. 

2. Are you a natural problem-solver?

Copy to resourcefulness, if you’re a natural problem-solver, it’s a sign you’re destined for greatness no matter what you do. 

3. Are you a go-getter, nothing stops you from accomplishing your goals? 

Are you the kind of person who always finishes what she starts? If you always complete what you set out to do, no matter what happens, and you never give up or quit on your goals, you possess one of the most valuable qualities a person can have, a key to greatness in any endeavour.

4. Are you persistent & Possess grit? 

If you’re the kind of person who gets up every time you get knocked down and pushes forward through rain or shine, know you are destined for greatness. 

5. You’re not afraid of asking questions

Greatness requires self-development, and self-development requires that you be willing and unafraid to ask questions. It’s as simple as that. If you’re the kind of person who isn’t afraid to raise your hand in a class setting, and you possess the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, then you very well may be destined for greatness.

6. You never fear failure. 

You do not view failure as a setback but as a stepping stone. If you treat failures like a building block, a valuable learning experience that moves you further forward towards your dreams and goals. 

7. You understand that change is in your hands

Many believe; the world can’t be changed people are stuck blowing in a storm called fate. But you comprehend, invest time, energy in learning, in the synthesis, reforming and changing yourself, you believe when you change your change the world, this is the fundamental realisation a calling for greatness.

It just takes 17 seconds to change; Thoughts Mind Life… You have to be vigilant with an urge to follow the Light and you can change the world. Just be present. Some of us are so focused on looking for things to correct we miss to correct ourselves and hence miss the chance to change the world, calling for greatness. 

Stop playing small, smirking in the shell of labels.  Be true to yourself, is key to a strong you with a stronger foundation, that never collapses over time. The company of self with head-high will never let you tired of time. Respect yourself & love what you are, believe in yourself, and when you will, others will too. 

We shall appreciate your feedback. 

  • Do you agree with the narrative that people have the power to change the world as they begin to live from good to great? 
  • We value your suggestion that adds to the mentioned qualities and helps to create a beautiful world. 

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