The grim times are the reflection of the reality that sets us to contemplate, what went wrong? How to mend and correct ways then.

We are together and will make it through. Whenever human runs a race to step over humanity, God comes out with strict activities. Mankind, The Master of Science is trampled in seconds of own pride. 

The world was so much so at unrest, people were running around worldly things with clear conscious. Life was much like a race to prove out, “Man is the Master of the Universe”; God in no time brought the world to lockdown. 

Mend your ways while we have time, rest, reminisce & embrace positive vibes. Think through, there are things that money can’t buy, the little thing they are the LIFE Enjoy them with Gratitude in love with solace and slow in pace don’t rush life. Look and not just see, proposes selflessness mend the selfish ways.

Use these tough time to toughen you, embrace solitude, love, peace and harmony all things that never depends on money. The most powerful thing one can do to change the world is to, change yourself. Embrace “I AM”, the portion on the divine in you, not prase self the seed of pride.

Change For Better

Tune your vibes to the Master of the universe, The One, The Supreme & Infinite. Embrace the power of Divine, for God, can do it, Just Like That”. Surrender to His Wish, His Speed, His time. 

Keep doing the right things the basic of life. Bypassing the basic is like setting a huge structure over dynamite, infusing the parasites in a sailing ship, how one will survive? Contemplate and correct your self, your lifestyle. Follow general guideline, HYGIENIC BEHAVIOR, CLEAN AND HYGIENIC HABITS. 

Solitude, a dash of sanity, and a lot of Faith will make us sail through today & every day. We are people of our choices. Its all begin in our mind so be strong & positive minded. Indulge in positivity, conceive & create your magic

After all, we are a person of our choice. A right Choice is a powerful device and is an inbuild of soul, that is activated only with the interaction of #divine. We are in it #together and will make it together! 

In End Nature will #Win. The basic nature of Human that is the portion of Divine is; To Love. Rejoice Truth. Value Time. Practice Peace. Embrace Talent. Build Health. Live Class. Treasure Friends. Banish diabolic life. Propose Positivity.

Mend your corrupt ways, change for better, not to fit in this world but to become the sacred version of yourself, and then healing will happen of yours and of mother earth and her children, “The HumanKind”. !