Life happens to all of us all the time. Some days it’s bright some days are deep as dark as Night. What to do, how to wield such a dark phase being strong? Unwavering, not distracted by worries and blind spots of life?

Every Adversity is a great OPPORTUNITY to Rise & Shine when one graciously endured it in the purity of the Divine, we become like a shining diamond they say, darkness breaks out failing to further prevail.

Bloom where you are planted and the fragrance shall diffuse away scattering good vibes. Pressed in pressure the essence evermore soar with the light of Divine. Nurture strength of the spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.

Be pure perfume, carry the spirit of supreme and wherever you pass, darkness must leave, cherish and apprehend positive vibes only. 

They will see you strong, but will never comprehend what have you suffered or gone through? #Life! They may underestimate you in beginning, maybe many laughs at you all at the end to be one just as you.

Don’t become a copy of someone or try to fit in or be free from this world, be the better version of yourselves, ” the sacred version of Supreme”. Cherish and apprehend positive vibes only. 

Nurture the strength of spirit, How?

1. Move on; 

They say, “Move on”, which comes from not those who have never experienced love nor grief, but from them who have seen life more and experienced it wholly, THE LOSS ~ THE GAIN. 

Move on doesn’t means to go mean, and insensitive to feelings, but if you cannot move on to be happy you hurt the emotions of them who cared for you then and care for you now. Living just in selfishness is not life, right?

Move on means to let go the hold that influence the present moment and so hurdles the free flow of your energy to greater good. When you are touched by something, Love or grief, it’s not “A Moment”, thing that, with time passes on.

You live with it, some time sad, some times happy but that moment is with you, i don’t deny, giving energy to those moment may propose happy vibes and feeling of compassion but don’t give them power to over shadow your present.

Let go the hold, if thoughts of past come let them, if they go let them, don’t try to control. Move on and enjoy the life surrendering to divine, saying yes to what comes, stop energizing the sad vibes.

Living in present, rejoicing the flow, focused in present, moving on with the moment of past, as a treasure deep buried within a treasure trove. Don’t try to steal time to play peek-a-boo, only again to catch up the blues. Live in the present moment in the flow, a new life, new you chasing positiveness of the moment striving to be content, to be self to be happy.

2. Keep control; 

Having control is best, better is having full control over self. Though Self control does not comes easy and for the mind, there is nothing easy or difficult it’s all about mindset. Mend the mind and so the thoughts and what one shall harvest are the meaningful positive intention leading positive actions that will bounce you back, strong soul, strong you. Nurture the strength of spirit and mind will be flexible to let go. 

3. Embrace change; 

The Long old saying,” Change is the only constant” is never urgent as ever before. Life is not any more personal, its internet that is ruling our worlds. Evolving and learning new styles and new skills is a basic necessity.

The recent news of Microsoft discontinuing the windows 7 set up with instruction the user to upgrade the existing old version of computer systems into an upgraded version is excellent examples for us to understand the significance of Change. 

Emotions, personal or professional, impact our thinking, and our behaviour. When now life is ever more dependent on technology is a clear indication to embrace change and learn new things. Keep evolving is the mantra to be happy, to be at peace. If now not will catch up the pace of change will soon be thrown out of the wheel in motion, the wheel of life and evolution that is the basic nature of Earth. 

Be the better version of self every moment each day. To witness the change you have to either change the processor or either the feed. Reliving the same past and patterns can not fuel a future with a new outcome. Change for the better, embrace change within. 

4. Don’t complain;

Complain is the consequence of dissatisfaction, and dissatisfaction causes us to seek change. The right understanding of what to change that will bring the real variation in the situation and so the end of complaining is an endless hunt. Truth is a peaceful mind seek peace in any subjection of place or person around. 

So, the trick is to know what is the barrier within that keeps one out of the circle of peace, break the barriers within, change the mindset and not the setup and it will be the dawn of life, new you, strong you. 

5. Dare to speak up;

Once you have clear hold of your intention and you have well worked on your “mind to tongue filter”, automatically you will step into the zone of confidence. 

Train of thoughts is much faster than words we speak, poor sync in causes one to stumble & slip. Worry not, train your mind to think fast and speak slow, hold your confidence and speak up anyways no matter how slow, if you want to reach the dreamland. 

Fear not of falling, fear of falling apart. Do not afraid to speak up the mind, afraid of the provoking thought that pollutes intentions and so the positive vibes. Outspokenness is fine, Losing a sense of integrity or losing the sense of values which guide you is the point to fear of. Practice mind power and you will never fall apart. Be confident and speak your mind.

6. Take calculated risks;

 Risk embarks fear, more the risk higher is the fear. Feel the risk and do it anyway, as said, “The most significant risk is not taking it at all”. Gasping the breath of confidence, just do it.  

Risk, as the word itself, defines danger, I will be silly to jump without throwing caution to the wind. Intentions are the best compass to measure the outcome, rarely good deed eloped with righteousness in action fails. I will say rather never fails. This is my personal experience.

So, go ahead and in synchronization of your positive intentions and deed set the sail on surrendering to divinity, to explore the life, and what you will attain is the treasure of success and lessons.

7. Accept the responsibility of past; 

Accept the responsibility of past and be smart to polish it fast, understand the Darkness of the past can fuel the present to Incandescence, make correction your Kaizen. 

Apprehend, light needs space to penetrate one will fall again & again until they break. Lessons are repeated until are not learned, the light Kindled within shall prevent you from falling again. Wille zum Leben let not perish, completely continue to accomplish. Fuel you kaizen and change for the better. 

Train your mind to tame the dragons within. Robbers are the directionless desire. Desires are the dragons if ride well can thrust one into the passion that has the power to transforms the dreams into reality, directed the desire in the right direction. 

Desire to change others, the situation or setup are peace stealers. Desire to bring change in mindset and not the setup. 

8. Fear Not To Fail;

Failures are the stepping stones that serve as a staircase to success. Each failure shall let you climb over and reach to the highest potential, instead of fighting back try to overcome them with self-improvement and self-correction. 

Check the causes of the failures, condition with the correction to set them as the cornerstone. Know that you don’t know your self and at least as well as you think and so there are many things you think you can’t do but you can. Try, try, try, again until you you make it, enjoy, and be at peace.”

9 Enjoy Your Time Alone; 

Solitude is the secret of success. Its enlightenment to know the difference between loneliness and being alone. Being alone while busy within your deeds aspiring positive energy, peace, passion and purpose reforming you, transforming you to Strong You is victory, Success! 

A recent revelation from Mr Bill Gates is stunning and a sober example of how solitude leads to a successful being. ″…I would literally take boxes out to a beach place and sit there for a week reading them day and night and scribbling on them to putting it entirely online,” Mr Bill Gates said in 2008 video of Microsoft’s CEO Summit.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi too practices such habit of rejoicing solitude. Mr Modi, amid his fast-paced life and busy schedules, take some time in solitude to think and introspect. 

Solitude is the basic need to meditate, to contemplate the past and future with self-corrective actions and possible correction in the environment without losing a sense of content. To think you need still mind and zeal to listen to the silence of divine. To be still one need to be away from distractions that come with right choice.

Nurture the strength of spirit to shield you of sudden misfortune, Divine is the only unwavering source that never betrays. Anchor in Supreme, be satisfied up to infinite solace, that let not one distress out of dark imaginings when lonely, for many fears are born of loneliness, so, harness solitude within.