The share of life’s pleasure and pain all without fear and with equality is the recent verdict of the Supreme Court of India. The verdict which says, “intercourse outside marriage cannot be criminalised, though it is an act of adultery”.
Can adultery be a criminal act? No, now tells the judiciary, and it was never told history.  However, by the law of society, it was set over as a  judgmental act in differentiation over gender equality. The act that earlier was only liberal as well as punishable for men and evaded woman for the same, unfaithful act of adultery has placed them now under charges of equality.
 Where adultery was never illegal in India, however adultery by a man was illegal. An alleged woman of adultery was not under any punishment if the alarm was not raised by the husband. Now with the new law, she will suffer the same punishment as that of the man with whom she gets involved in the adulterous act if charged. Society has two sets of standards for judging the morality of men and women. The law was gender biased and gave unequal voice to partners earlier.
Whereas the change that is only constant, stayed still for the women, whose world has evolved and limited around her husband is now set free by this verdict. The new law states, “that a husband is not the master of the wife. Legal sovereignty of one sex over other sex is wrong. The dignity of a woman must be honoured. Democracy is about “THE I, YOU AND ME”. Women are not objects to be forwarded and ‘trespassed'”. “The judgement further stated, adultery could be a ground for civil issues, including dissolution of marriage, it could not be a criminal offence.
Where this law has provided the convenience to the people in adultery in the society, to  Live and rejoice all without fear and inequality, the recent verdict has boosted the future of single parenting which will impact to the growth of a child definitely in all negativity, resulting in weaker child and weaker- future of society.
Prudent preaches that young children must always be the priority for parents. If this verdict does not affect the focus of prime parenting which seems almost impracticable and affect the pure hearts of children, the act of adultery will no more be judged. But is this really possible? Is Indian society has this mature acceptance?
Happiness what we desire, and to have a happy life we are sometimes forced to look outside the window when the room is not light enough from inside. The Supreme Court also pointed out this, stating adultery might not be the cause of an unhappy marriage, it could be the result of an unhappy marriage. So, what ultimately stands is the happiness between the two people loving, living respectfully, and how does it matter if it comes at cost of adultery.
What is that makes us live polygamy? Why we are moving away from, monogamy breaching the sanctity of wedlock and look and live comforting life relations outside? When two souls come together and bring out the wholeness in each other and ultimately unite with Spirit, that union is a true marriage between soul mates. The soul companions connection is always more than of physical connect being primarily united in spirit and love, in the joy of God as they breathe of their existence.
The relationship that drags away partners can be of more than physical attraction. Not having their minds primarily engaged and engrossed in the perfect love could also be the reason. Sometimes it’s not the emotional or physical factor for but the extra active limbo which put the partner into adultery.
Any marriage where a partner has not yet extinguished their sexual appetites are not truly united as soul mates. A marriage without spiritual love remains on the level of nature’s law of animal union and cannot be termed a divine true marriage, a union of souls. In such cases, the journey of the search of a true divine soul continues. Matrimony without a foundation of spiritual life is not true soul-marriage, triggering chance for the union as exists in the animal kingdom, where polygamy is not forbidden.
Gods special creation far above animals, the special creation, capable of expressing divinity, formed by the divine father of creation on a basis of spiritual love. A marriage without spiritual love remains unsatisfied resulting in looking outside for happiness.
What’s your Opinion over the Verdict?
Has life brought you to the point, where happiness in love does not happen anymore?