Pin down the problems that consume your Energy and so your Enthusiasm?

The world is overflowing with tips on how to be successful. Point is knowing, how to identify the blind spots & how to pin down them. The problems that consume your energy and so your enthusiasm? 

Things to give up for success;

Stop Complaining. 

Limiting beliefs.

Blaming Others

Limiting self-talks.

Dwelling on past.

Resistance to Change.

Need to always be right.

Need to please others. 

Need for others approval.

The reason a person behaving in above said manner is lack of self-confidence. The cause of loss of confidence in self is the loss of faith.

What fuels your Faith?

One has to stop seeking validation from people or situation. Place your faith in Divine, who never fails to supports, provide & shield you in time of need or sudden misfortune.

You seek validation from people who decease with time or fail on the promise due to their situation. People are like moving shadows, never firm. The situation can always change.  Don’t fall into the trap of appeasements & appreciation from people or situation. These all are your experiences, the labels over you, although not you. 

They say, know yourself and it will be dawn. Your, job, place, position or situation does not define you, they define your experience & environment. You are a portion of Divine, the handiwork of Supreme. Invoke HIS presence in your being, your Mind, Body, Soul & you will be unstoppable. 

When you know who you are, and whom you belong to things become better. With self-confidence and faith in Divine, who fuels your being, manifest; your plans, your goals, your achievements. Learn tools & techniques while on the way to success that enhances your abilities. 

Your perception is your experience, they are the labels that you wear, and the good news is you can always change them. A Glass is half empty or full? what you see is your perception. If you will work on your perception with the boost of positivity, with the practice being persistent you can end up changing your experience.

Because you judge your life in the index of past pain and experience, the level of happiness you relate to the level of unhappiness. You summon your past from past experience of stress like situation. Responsibilities of paying the bill, school fee or house rent, such a situation makes you feel less happy.

It’s self-perception, that limit you and your happiness and not the situation nor the people. It’s all about your mindset. Your own sense of responsibility that you mirror in your surrounding and so you build your own happiness.

It’s proven fact that what perception frequency you allow, that creates your reality. So, the key is, giving energy to the positive perception to build a positive life. Which can happen with the FAITH in Divine, who fuels your being!

Direct your energy that you source form your past or pain to build your self up not to destruct.

Being angry rather than simply in pain has a number of advantages, primarily among them a distraction.

Distraction in the right meaningful direction leads to change, which begins with self-transformation.

Anger a strong force that can shatter things inside-outside, with focus when applied to the right direction then brings the change, “change for better”.

Anger is a powerful force and when we’ll be directed with purpose becomes the cause of new creation which can be anything, life/fit body/good scores/accomplishing projects; anything positive and not becomes the cause of destruction.

Being angry not giving up on time tested values; #Honesty#integrity#empathy#compassion, is what changes the world. Change yourself perception and bring the change you want to see.