Creativity is a paradox and brews out of freedom and solitude. It takes flight when it is balanced with the weight of equanimity, trust, and faith. 

And what drives traction to it is, the environment loaded with value principles, harmony, and peace. When they say artists will save the world, in this era of changing trends and mediums art isn’t any more an expression & catharsis but a medium to reach the masses, impacting, influencing, and conditioning minds.   

Media is the most powerful medium that creates congruence loading mass consciousness. But when the fast switching trend becomes pressure points the priorities & the purpose change, the pov are overpowered by the profits. 

People are now busy bodies nowhere left out with time to think and evaluate what’s dished out, it’s more masala-driven catering cherry-picked sensation adventure and differences rather than being a business providing people with the information they need to make better decisions about their lives and society. 

The whole medium is changing, from television telecasts to thriving OTT platforms, and now the reforming world of YouTube reels & IGTV everything is switching fast and evolving. People want to customize – personalized content, seeking privacy but eventually losing privacy to AI & search engines.  

With each passing day, people are losing freedom and tied up in the strong bond of addiction. Now the ultimate free entity over the phase of the earth is the internet enjoying its reach into our lives from bedrooms to inside our minds. With each passing day, people are getting tangled and turned into slaves. 

The point to ponder is, it’s not just the audience that is losing its freedom but the creators are at stake. Now the powerful creators are those who can protect their independence. Gone are the days when few large media companies, music labels, and publishers owned the creator-to-fan pipeline, deciding who and what audiences see, and wielding total financial power over creators and their content. Then came the resistance that led to saturation to ultimately disruption. 

Now, a new digitally native playing field allowed creators to become their publishers. Monetization tools soon followed, and the audience-first business was born. The top tier of these personas-cum-moguls now carries massive influence, with platforms wooing them with funding, brands clamoring for partnerships, and devotees gobbling up any product they promote.

Truth is saturation is inevitable and gives rise to boredom which perhaps fuels imagination, new work, and designs. Passion & Purpose provides much fire in the belly to level up breaking the glass ceiling but this whole process is time-consuming. Now the era is of speed dimension of quantity & not quality is emphasized upon to break number records & to soar the success. 

In the name of creativity, the differentiation is thriving to an ultimately different dimension. This phenomenon often called “the business of influence” has been growing, aspiring stars no longer needed production deals to gain viewership and challenge the sensor ship. Leaving no choice but to sensor self and prevent brain & life decay from falling values, missing virtues, compromising ethics, and genuine creativity all in all-embracing critical thinking

Once what was written in the blogs is now played into podcasts… where creators create now are getting busy with transforming data over mediums, and viewers are getting conditioned losing their thinking and imagination. All are ain’t more quantity than on curiosity and quality?

Perhaps the weight of the “thinking hat”, has become heavier to bear in this era of instant gratification n redemption which is much now a course of life in action. Whatever, professional or personal now it’s more like riding onto the bandwagon. 

When said Scott Adam, “Creativity Is Allowing Yourself to Make Mistakes. Art Is Knowing Which Ones to Keep“, 

To keep up with this spirit & essence of substance what’s needed is open-mindedness. But contrary to that, too many ready-made opinions are served. This rising trend of cooked opinions on fire of hidden incentives many times is misleading. 

Chaos, unrest, and imbalance are increasing in the world courtesy of polarization, running away and shutting down your ear & eyes isn’t the solution. 

When they say the way to get through is through… the truth is evolution and technology are not synonyms. With tech giants taking the lead the power of the mind is to stay human. 

Educating the mind is the only option and won’t happen without educating the heart. Love, kindness, peace, harmony, truth, ethics, and being optimistic are no more just definitions but the tenet we need to carry passing over to the next generation. A share of hopeful sustainable life for all, leaving no one behind.  

The emerging latest report from the Apollo Hospital research shows that where India is moving towards fit India with upgraded health and high life expectancy, there is a significant rise in non-communicable diseases. The need of the hour is taking measures & raising awareness towards preventive health care. 

Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Cholesterol are health issues increasing in the population, perhaps a clear correlation between poor lifestyles. The falling scale on the happiness index and increasing numbers of suicides manifest the masses’ consciousness is at unrest and deemed of awareness regarding health and mental health issues. 

The latest data on suicide reveals 164,033 Indians committed suicide in 2021, the highest rate of deaths from suicides since 1967, which is the earliest recorded year for this data manifesting poor quality of life. A life that is missing mental peace. ” It’s time to make preventive healthcare a national priority for India”, says Ms. Sangeeta Reddy, CEO of Apollo. 

The goal of life is rapture. 

Art is the way we experience it. 

When they say, an intelligent enemy,

is better than a foolish friend.  

Allow me to instate that perhaps this is how posterity has induced something in the game of Dungeons & Dragons. But then you need equal intelligent participation and this can happen when the population is learned and aware when it is loaded not just with information but with wisdom and understanding. 

How can one fetch the right judgment in the present scenario when every action is market-oriented and money-driven? The trend automatically leads you to a house of huge benefits at a hidden cost in this world of heuristics. “Quote-to-miss quote” is becoming a beneficial trend. Everything is shared and served in comparison… red herring, and causal fallacy work as a cherry on top, isn’t it an appeal of ignorance?

In the quote where the focus is placed on the world “intelligent” and “fool” in comparison, virtuously the keywords have to be EMPTY and FRIENDS and this is the test. When you are a leader and have self-belief no matter what you are, you will not rely on your enemy and help your foolish friend which isn’t of their foolishness but because of friendship. 

Well, i see the remedy to the rise in mental health problems can be : teaching Positive Psychology to the genZ and youths as part of the curriculum. Truth is one has to have full trust and control over oneself… and once you have it, you will not compromise the values and principles, fooling yourself by giving leverage to people’s opinions or to the environment which is ever getting polarized. 

We tend to trust what goes on in our brains. After all, if you can’t trust your brain, what can you trust? Generally, this is a good thing our brain has been wired to alert us to danger, attract us to potential mates, and find solutions to the problems we encounter every day.

A clear mind and critical thinking are necessary and happen when you do put your mind to rest and all it to not consume the information but deep thinking. You can embrace pausing, getting closer to nature, and cutting out the noises that don’t allow you to think by yourself. When you learn to understand and manage your feelings. 

Socrates’ principle of Self-talk is an effective therapy to understand yourself better and establishing self-talk helps you to overcome yourself. This knowing self-help builds your self-confidence, learning, building focus, self-control, and new skills.

You know the factors that stop deep thinking and new learning are presupposed inference. There are some occasions when your brain wants to second-guess and it’s your brain only telling you not to… it’s not that your brain is purposely lying to you, but it’s just that it may have developed some faulty or non-helpful connections over time. In the context of our thoughts and beliefs, these mistakes are referred to as “cognitive distortions.”

Our brains are predisposed to make connections between thoughts, ideas, actions, and consequences, whether they are truly connected or not. This tendency to make connections where there is no true relationship is the basis of a common problem when it comes to interpreting the assumption and the predisposed ideas create a domino effect one thought leading to another in the wrong direction ceasing creativity and openness. 

Heuristics are the strategy of generalization, reduce cognitive load, and can be effective for making immediate judgments, however, they often result in irrational or inaccurate conclusions and are becoming an increasing trend to influence the masses. 

We are so busy with the world and studying others, we forget ourselves. If one can retrieve some time to study SELF. Will discover the power lies within us, only if we know ourselves better. It’s within us, in our limit, it’s our power, the power of our thinking and creativity. 

Only if one knows, we hold the absolute within. Introspect and dare to shroud it out, the layer so self-lies and self-beliefs of conveniences. Introspect and adjust before opening the shutter. The SOUL is the lens of the camera called Life. Be Semantic signifies the truth. 


Thinking through begins when you give time to the thoughts, Challenge your assumptions. Give de-catastrophizing a try, survey, and not rely on yourself. Not confusing self with heavy words but simplify, check on others? check on self: for double standards. Remember, life isn’t about white and black but shades of grey. 

As said by Edward DE Bono, “A conclusion is just a place where you stop thinking”.