We all go through tough times, but the winners are those who pin down the difficulties and transform them into opportunities. COVID Crises has shaken up the world and our lives. The hit of this diabolic virus has shattered the economy of the nations plunging people into emotional & financial trouble. 

Trail of the time down to history, fail not to show how, the catastrophe has tormented people emotionally and socially more throughout the globe but, only to come back stronger to thrive.  

Meditate, Breath & Introspect; Taking an inward journey helps to identify & correct the infirmities conditioning them so that they transform into possibilities.

The awareness that we are not the product of our environment, and we do have the power to create our environment unlocks the vision. Even a bleak Lightray is cogent enough to spark up the possibilities that can pull people or a person out of the obscurity. 

The truth is, the toughest seasons can transform everything and take your life to the next level sprouting new beginnings. Adversities are the opportunities to break through, to break free breaking boundaries pushing mind from finite mindset to infinite mind.

You are no ordinary person you are creating History. When the COVID Crises is over, as a generation you are going to come out better, being more; +Transilient +Antifragile +Exapted

Transilient; The reality of life is its transient in nature. The people and material possessions that you adore so, and everything close to you shall perish with time. Generations will go and new shall come only to evolve, the crisis being the foundation transforming you stronger.  

Antifragile; You are antifragile. Nothing can kill the will to live, the light of Divine. Setbacks may hurt you, they may derail you, maybe tough time will break you down, but only to make you stronger. You as an individual or as collective as a generation will bounce back only to rise. 

Exapted; Crises kicks evolution that brings a shift in the function of a trait. COVID crisis has induced Social Distancing as a subconscious social behaviour that is transforming the much important and basic need of the people; public transportation, now there’s no space for compact space & social distancing is mandated. Right?

The crisis is the greatest blessing for the people and nations. They carry transition and brings progress. It is in the crisis for the invention, discoveries & large strategies thrusting to Rise. Who overcome crises outdoes himself without being overcome. Albert Einstien

So, thrive not Just Survive to propose Positive Vibes Only. Be Authentic, get a grip of your life, overcomes the crises, use the time wisely, build strategies to come up better bold and stand out. 

Comply diligently the strategies; 

How to transform Uncertainty into action?

An idea is an inspiration, taking it forward, transforming into practicality with purpose; while on securing profit is now the strategy of success. The Purpose that proposes value towards the community and the environment and at the same time procures profit. 

Focus on your vision.

COVID crises is a lesson of the century that bangs on one message, Loud and Clear, “Growth and development are now the synonyms of ‘Sustainable Growth and development’. Service to the community and caring for the people = PROFIT “, has to be the focus of your vision to sustain and win the long race of competition. 

Research has suggested that 40% of a person’s happiness comes from the choices they make. So the right choice is the key to be happy, what to let go and how quick one does it, is responsible for one being happy. 

Action & Commitment

Persistent action and commitment are the keys that unfold the hidden bounty. No road leading to success is smooth, Jolts and bumpers are fundamental, one cannot escape them, you have to conquer the battle to call in Victory.  

Perseverance is key to continuous progress and exponential growth. Fighting against the weakness is a painful process and hard to withstand, but that is what is necessary. 

Research & Resolve to Change

Those who change and change for better are the winners. Conditioning the weakness to be the Cornerstone is the game changer from unhappy being to a Happy Soul and the same condition applies for the successful entrepreneurship. 

How to pin down problems? 

Taking a SWOT analysis of oneself and the environment helps. COVID has reformed personal & professional culture impacting the lives and behaviour of people. To lead a peaceful life, you have to be aware of strengths & weakness so to condition them for better. 


  • How do you leverage your strengths so to benefit from opportunities? 
  • How will you ensure your weakness will not stop you harvest the best of opportunities? 
  • How you use your strength to minimise the impact of threats? 
  • How will you fix weakness that can work as a threat and can impact on you? 

Kindness, compassion, Integrity, Honesty, Humility, Sincerity, Equality and treating people right are the virtue that passes all test of time & never fails, the little things where your strength lies. Being faithful and resolute on principles are the armours that let you fight and win the game of life. 

Give Back. 

The moment one comprehends how life is short, one is more likely to pay more attention to what makes them happy. Choosing then that side of meaning and purposeful life is happiness. 

Choose Right, dare to give, Giving Back affirms life, the Midas touch that can light up the dark souls, you may not live forever but your deeds do, they propose principles, values, compassion, care to lives up to infinity.

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