Some quotes sinks straight deep into the hearts and the mind, though the two are terrible to consign and are poles apart. But awaken soul is the string that holds them tight together.

In a parent-child relationship, or in a husband-wife’s or for the matter of fact in between friends too, what matters is trust. Husband and wife may share the same roof, but what more they share is the soul and promises. A promise never to break the trust no matter love gets little to address. In the sea of life, which lets the two souls sail tight together, is trustful life.

Towards a child, how much we show love and affection if we betray his faith to bring him the disgrace, in whatever way may be, it is not possible to get back the cushion of trust which we shattered away.

The kid will hide away from us and will be hesitant to share wandering lust. Trust is the foundation from the day seed is sown in the womb like mommy and papa will never leave in the days of doom.

They say, God gave us relative, and we can choose our friends, but friendship lies their where trust never ends. Friends may not love, but they care and its trust which takes friendship to the horizon of unfailing flare.