There is no relationship without communication, there is no love without respect, and without trust, there is no reason to continue. Every relationship demands faith to maintain. Relationship breaths and need to be feed with love, respect and trust, especially the one which are our soul relations like, Parent – children one.
To have a friendly relationship with the adolescence kids trusting them and at the same time getting hold of their trust is essential.Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair, and this philosophy holds utter true in connection to the parent-child relation. Manifested through behaviour and understanding between parent and the kid, whether it’s lying, sneaking out at night, or not keeping promises, it is all a sign of trust in your relationship with your child.  The two ways road of love and understanding is bridged with trust.
When a kids are born since then as they grew up to be a teen the parent had provide food, a home, and clothes but this is not the story alone once they turn out to be  teenagers.  Teens also need to think that mom and dad will be there and react with compassion when they make a mistake. This  trust of receiving sympathy at the time of crises let them open up, talk freely and share voluntarily to the errors if they have undertaken any and this all compliments to a complete relationship of child and parent.
To achieve this moment of trust, mommy and daddy needs to spend quality time with kids and not pass them over for work or other responsibilities. They need to ask about what is going on in life and be genuinely interested, they need mommy  and papa to keep their word, they need to have family moments together regularly where positive talk takes place, and experiences and stories are shared and  exchanged, they need mommy  and papa  to provide a safe home without constant hostility or arguments. All these things demonstrate care and as a result, build trust.
It’s been seen, says Ivana Pejakovic, when teens do not get adequate attention from either of the parents or both, they falsify the behaviour as a lack of care. Here are few tips to strengthen your relationship with rour teen taking trust in the front end.
Understand Its parent’s job to make the first move when have to re-build trust. Parent are on the need to lead by an example and cannot wait for the kid to initiate the process of rebuilding faith, the behaviours of the teens instead may worsen the situation.
Provide them with the path of open and accessible communication: It should never be difficult for the kid to reach out you or approach you to open up. They should feel confident that when they want they will be given ears to hear. It is difficult to enhance your confidence if you are not communicating your perspectives.
Keep your promises: Due to lack of time, the shift in priorities or may be due to other reasons many a time both parents and teens will make promises and then cancel, this becomes the easiest way to distrust unknowingly. As children are needed to keep their promises, parents need to keep their hopes to their kids also.
Respect: It is important for parent and children to “treat each other and speaking to each other – and about each other” with respect. It is difficult to develop a trustful relationship if badmouthing.
Patience: Building a trusting relationship happens over time. It is easy for a single wrong action to wipe out all the seven rights. At times you may feel like your relationship is progressing and at other times you may feel it is disintegrating. During these times, it is essential you keep your positive and hopeful mentality and continue with your plan for building a trusting relationship with the apple of your eye.