Population, What Could be the Solutions for the one big problem?

Soon our nation will surpass to become the most populous country in the world which makes the Indian population the main contributor to ecological footprints and so contributes to the developing economy.

The population is termed to be overpopulation when the ecological footprint in a geographical area exceeds the carrying capacity of the place occupied in terms of resource overstretching capability to sustain life.

With 1.38 billion people we are going to be the most populous country and contribute to 18 % of the global population. Perhaps, sooner will be the number one nation.

Well as is assumed that population increase helps a nation’s economy by stimulating economic growth and development but we can’t deny overpopulation and population growth place a tremendous amount of pressure on natural resources, which results in a chain reaction of problems as the nation grows.

More people also means a country can produce and consume more goods and services, leading to economic growth. But this can only occur when employment opportunities grow at least as fast as the labour force and when people have access to the necessary education and training. This is a race India needs to win. Rapid population growth complicates the task of providing & maintaining.

Other effects of population growth and, specifically, overpopulation include poverty caused by low income per capital, famine, and disease. The major problem of our nation is population and that is the root cause of other problems. Well, now we are going to have the highest population in the world sooner or later.

The way to harness these demographic dividends is by rooting and channeling the populations. India is a young nation which means a major population of youths and so it becomes urgent and important for the think tanks and policymakers, as they focus on creating job opportunities, facilitating entrepreneurs’ spirit alongside sustaining the needs of life and living.

Population control is not immediately balancing out what we need is a paradigm shift. Leading forwards with billions is possible when the orientation shifts from surviving to thriving mentality from billionaires to billions of people struggling to meet the end needs.

A paradigm shift we need, and has to impact as now when we can sense that ‘normal’ isn’t coming back, that we are being born into a new normal, a new kind that going to remain new for quite a long time. Now onward as a society, we need a new relationship to the earth, a new experience to act on from barely surviving to well-being, a good life, a flourishing life for all beings.

India’s half population is under the age of 30, which is set to be the world’s fastest-growing major economy in the coming years. Making the most of the demographic dividend opening opportunities to new horizons of growth and development is urgent and can happen by evoking awareness. A zeal to lead a quality life above rich life.

The degree of quality is based on factors like passion, purpose and positive thinking, and zeal for living. To live a Happy satisfied life, a mentally and physically fit life. Life is directed to meaning and purpose all intact with Character & Virtue embracing close social relationships empowering self and lifting others too. Seeding this line of thinking in young India is the need. Improving these factor scores via counselling and raising awareness can improve the quality of living.

India is a young India the data of the population index reflects more than 50% of the Indian population is youth, also we have a clear picture that the youths are facing mental health issues to the percentage of 32, that is every 7 youth in the nation is a struggle from mental health problems like depression anxiety & suicidal tendency.

Also, the physical health index shows obesity and type two diabetes is on the rise among the population. Joblessness and employment are not separate problems. The latest research reveals data on Happiness and Employment which are the elements of measuring the quality of life of people, expressed by the “index of Happiness and employment of the population, their social status and cultural values”, are on the slope downside as per the data of World Happiness Index(WHR).

Raising awareness to the level so the people are oriented toward life goals, such that they do not just earn a living but are also intentionally driven towards their choice of work that fuels passion and purpose.

This positive drive in the mentality of the people won’t just help them to earn living but also to a life full of passion and purpose while serving society, and community hospitality to the marginalized. People making not just money but meaning being kind moving forwards that no one leaves behind is the binding glue to the solution to the population problem.

Small acts, such as holding the door for a stranger, petting an animal, bringing tea/coffee to a colleague, helping a friend move or visiting a sick peer can have an impact when you share more in a socially connected way. Not a random act but more in a socially rational connected way matters as these gestures unlock the emotional hormonal reward system evoking happy chemicals which eventually affect behavior, well-being and so the quality of life.

People add value to themselves and others as they find worth and rejoice in worthy living. Happy people make the environment happier, they lead a satisfied life and so is a healthy contributor to a healthier and stronger nation. When people are for the people the people will overcome the problem of population.

Managing resources and depleting nature with the increasing population is a challenge the nation is going to face in the coming times. Passionate people catch up on life without being burned out and instead gratifying their peace of mind enables them to earn managing resources. Perhaps a greater ability to not just survive but thrive. A tool that is necessary for every youth to be equipped with is passion, purpose and positive vibes.

Implanting the “PPP” KIT is the call of the times.
Passion Purpose and Positive Vibes deep in the minds of the youths are the keys. The way is the end, it’s love, harmony, compassion and sustainability. Spreading awareness and education is key.

The light of education must be spread among people of all areas irrespective of religion, caste or creed. Awareness changes the outlook of people, educated men prefer to delay marriage and adopt small family norms. Educated women are more health conscious and avoid frequent pregnancies and thus helping in lowering the birth rate.

Controlling the birth rate is one thing but not the only thing, the need is to divert energy towards constructive pursuits & sustainability. Empowering and educating is the key to victory over poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc… in the modern world.

Now India is about to be the number one in the World population. Now India has to solve the problem of population explosion.

There are several ways that India can solve the population explosion problem. India has a history of providing safety and housing for its citizens, which has helped to keep the population in check. Additionally, India has invested heavily in education, which has allowed more people to have more opportunities. There is also a need to focus on family Planning and early education so that couples can sustainably plan their families.

How can sustainable development and population problems be managed in parallel With India’s increase in population?

The general principle that when populations increase, their demands on the environment also increase is known as population growth limitation. In developed countries, population growth limitation has been achieved by achieving a high level of economic development, which has led to reductions in the birth rate and in the number of people needing to be supported by the natural environment.

In India, population growth limitation is still possible, but would likely require a very different approach, such as greater emphasis on education, our suggestion to implement the PPP Kit, and employment opportunities to help people have more control over their lives.

Mind mapping that Unity in diversity can help increase the population to convert the population from problem to power of people. United being different in physical qualities, skin colour, caste, creed, and culture and there are many ways Unity in Diversity can help increase the population to convert the population from a problem to a power of people.

Unity in Diversity can help increase understanding and appreciation of diversity and can help build communities that support diversity. Unity in Diversity can also help increase access to education and professional development opportunities that promote diversity. It helps to create culturally responsive workplaces that explore and embrace diversity.
Can help manage an increasing population with limited resources, manage hunger & poverty and health problems.

Unity in diversity can help manage an increasing population with limited resources, and manage hunger & poverty and health problems by teaching people to respect one another, to work together and to live cooperatively.

Yes, though there is no definitive answer, surely we know it depends on a variety of specific factors, including policies and social conditions. Some possible solutions include:

– Increasing access to contraception and ensuring that all women have access to it
– Improving women’s education and careers
– Raising families’ incomes so that they can more easily afford contraception and other family planning services
– Encouraging couples to have smaller families
– Reducing infant mortality rates
– Promoting health and well-being for pregnant women and newborns

Happiness yes, is not based on any worldly thing or person, it’s in eternity, and happiness is peace and fuels purpose. Purpose to be useful, selfless, giving for the greater good and caring. Only a satisfied soul is a selfless soul, living in eternity & rejoicing.

Caring for our own, those who belong to us is what everybody does, caring for a stranger is what needs effort, and happens with a peaceful heart, the care irrespective of being is divinity, hoping for no returns, no expectancy.

Efforts to establish a flourishing Society.

When the end of all political, social, economic, psychological and, physiological activity is to build people even the weakest of the society.
If any activity is known to be harmful to the overall well-being of human beings, or any one person or group in society, then it should be opposed and ended. The way is the end, it’s love, harmony, compassion and sustainability. Spreading awareness and education is key.

Awareness of our individuality, our differences, and acceptance of the same for others make us one. People are different and accepting this truth is what makes us human. Our individuality, uniqueness, skin, and thinking all are explicitly coupled in the oneness of shared goals, values, and sustainability for all.

The diversity, uniqueness & individuality that’s woven over the tapestry of the closely knit motif. The different patterns that turn one piece into a masterpiece, ordinary into extraordinary. A stronger fabric surface in tone throughout when tightly spun and densely packed individual yarns share a common goal equipped with elegance, beauty, and warmth in all its integrity. A collective win is a way of questioning established power structures and renegotiating hierarchies.

” Leave No One Behind”