Giving and receiving different kinds of support is natural in any relationship. We take care of each other differently depending on the bases of our connection to the person with whom we are interacting. We may look to an individual member of the family for a particular kind of advice or spend time with the children to help them to grow in various areas of their life. There are unique kinds of support that every member offers in the family.

Relationships with kids are not only downloading them with information or instructions, teaching or guidance; however it’s a learning sequence too, children the little bundle of joy are a powerhouse of inspiration letting us see the world again with innocent eyes, full with creativity and fearlessness that rejuvenates our soul. Relationships make us loving and feeling loved, sharing vulnerable thoughts and feelings, spending time together, a sense of feeling needed by another person, affirming competence, access to needed help, a general feeling of overall satisfaction in the relationship. All kind of support is not the outcome of one single relation. But the family relations offers cushion at the time of emotional setbacks. The relationship between the grandchildren and the grandparents comprises the amalgamation of all the above patterns, giving and receiving in the prime phase of life for both the sides.

Grandparents relationship with their grandchildren is rejuvenating for the elder as they recognise in them their days and the future they hope for, same time giving vast scope to the children’s view from the kaleidoscope of experience of life they have who else can offer.  Grown-up grandchildren value spending time with their grandparents. There are many things they like to do together. Going on walks, playing board games, having lunch, gardening, going shopping, or just talking to each other are some of the top things kids love to do and enjoy doing with their grandparents. It gives them great satisfaction. Satisfaction for whom you might ask? One of the best things about this relationship is that this togetherness brings a great deal of pleasure to the grandparents also, a  boost for the soul.The duo has the most fun and intimate moments filling joy into each others days where each moment counts. A relationship that is built to care, cookies sharing and love. Grandparents, where tells the best advice, grandparents too see the world with the fresh eyes.