If you want to change the world, go HOME and love your FAMILY.~ Mother Teresa

One can lead from Good to Great, regardless of what are you and where you belong to. You can mark the change, you can bring that change for good. When you hold high aspirations and crave to lead a meaningful life, when you wish to contribute towards change for good.
And when you desire to mark an impact on life what all it takes is turning your purpose into practice and thoughts into deeds. How can one make up to these?
A soul high on spirit, full of passion and in line with discipline can achieve this. The first response for the offset goal to make the right move is taking care of people that you and your presence impacts.
Those who matter to you and to those, for whom you do. You have to take care of what falls first well in contact and in response. What energy you feed them with is the way they will act and react to.
How you behave and interact with the people around you is how you will reach to the last in a wave. As said, all good begins from home, remember you are impacting your first contacts far more than what you think of.
Your every thought and every action are inspiring and influencing the people around you to be more good, do more good. Your actions are an impetus to the people who you inspire.
Look at that child who is growup looking at you. They would be the future contributor out of what he/she received from you to further divulge into the future. As a parent, you are the hero for the kids who rise all looking up high on you.

I’m proud of my hard work. Working hard won’t always lead to the exact things we desire. There are many things I’ve wanted that I haven’t always gotten. But, I have great satisfaction in the blessings from my mother and father, who instilled a great work ethic in me both personally and professionally. ~ Tamron Hall

Father plays a crucial role in the upbringing of children, in the true sense they are the maker of society. The study and report from the University of Illinois insinuate says, the physical presence of father and interaction they hold with the children during their rising years and aldolase hood matters a lot.

 The kids with no father or with the father at distance or of divorced mothers are at loss contrasted to those who are raised with the Father-Monther living together. “

The report mentions from the university, an important note and that is, “in order to benefit children, this FATHER not necessarily has to be a biological father. A father figure, any adult male in the family, or a stepdad or adoptive father can be an insightful person for the children.
The father who holds interaction with the kids day in day out, and keeps in touch with their well being as well feed them with knowledge and understanding while sharing the life anecdotes and experiences provide them with a better and concrete foundation as compared to the kids who are raised by a single mother, which impact to their confidence, personality and development.
The University of Oxford  England, in a research program over the father and children relationship, in their report mentions apart impacting the behavioural attribute, the academics and educational growth are also impacted if children are raised by a single mother.
Psychologist, Eirine Flouri, Oxford, mentions; “A father who reads to his child, takes them for outings, is interested in the children education and not only limit himself to this but also takes up the role of mother in managing kids, ie the one who is more than typical dads type, their kids are likely to score good grades. “

Father’s Influence on His Sons;

Besides these benefits, the positives specific to a good father-son relationship, according to experts:
A good dad can be a positive role model for boys and help them to adopt a healthy gender identity as well as a better awareness of their feelings and emotions.
However, someone other than the boy’s birth father can provide a beneficial male influence. Single mothers can find alternative role models for their boys in an uncle, grandfather, or good friend.

Father’s influence on daughters;

The presence of a father during the foundation day of a girl child has a huge positive influence.
The girl who is raised under the protective wings of her father is confident and is happy and with a positive attitude. She suffers merely of mental health problems like depression during the later age of her days relates the study on child-father relationship undertaken by Vanderbilt University.
Genuine praise and admiration from a father is a huge impetus that let the child to earth strong roots with confidence letting them soar high being an independent woman as she enters into her future to face the world on her own.
If a father can contribute some more of self at home apart from the financial support, towards the little souls to whom their every action teaches and inspire that action can create magic.
Why it is so we look at the outside world and thrive to change to bring the change, but we forget the little and small that needs our attention, the little things at home from where the real world begin?
Why are we missing out compassion and care for our very own little young souls, while running after and choosing life, dreams that will lead us to ride over the skies but alone empty souls?