Does a human have more portion of life than an animal? Or do animals hold a higher life than a plant? Does a human have emotions & animal doesn’t? Does the animal have emotions & plants do not? Isn’t Life just for all? Don’t we all share the same life or not?

What is the factor, that defines the greatness of creation over the other? The level of emotions/ intelligence/appearance, what? As a person lives, engages in the task given, works, and performs all in excellence happens when he is provided with the basic needs and love, and so are animals and plants.

For this reason that plants are silent and cannot walk or move, they experience less pain, suffering or do not have emotions & intelligence is a myth. 

Emotions are the same, our level of understanding and response is different humans have an advanced brain, and we perceive and react to what we hear, see, and feel. We react differently that is according to the level of our understanding and sufferings.

Recent research and studies have proven that plants too have emotions, have volition, show altruism, and understand kinship much like many animal species. An animal that eats plant are called herbivorous, and mammal eats both plants and animals as by nature of creation they are omnivorous. 

Why we humans are insensitive towards plants or animals? Because they are silent and immovable? Or, we are ignorant of their pain and suffering so we feed on plants and animals? Or because, the universe is bounded by law and so we eat plants and animals as defined by the law of life, the law of survival, and the life cycle?

Humans and animals are gifted with a mind, the powerhouse of intelligence that synergies the ability to choose, move, hunt, chase, react, and respond.

Plants “talk” to insects via alluring airborne fragrances. Tells;John T. Andrews
Plants “talk” to insects via alluring airborne fragrances. say; John T. Andrews

Do you know, plants too have the ability, not only do plants engage in neuron-like activity and movement, they make mathematical computations, see us, and, like animals that act altruistically, show kindness toward their relatives.

They can also recognize themselves and communicate with animals and other plants via alluring airborne fragrances and a diverse repertoire of chemical compounds exuded through their roots, says Candice Gaukel Andrews

A harvest is prepared by a farmer with his perspiration, all with joy, grace, and hope. Likewise, an animal is set to graze in the grasslands by a shepherd with love & care and yet in the end, is harvested/slaughtered to consume and sell. Is this behavior cruel? No, but this is the way of nature, the life cycle. 

The trees are most likely talking over your head. ©Henry H. Holdsworth;

How does a human sensitize towards suffering and understanding soul awakening? Because one can listen and hear and so respond/react is a limited mentality. What do the silent grievings and agonies? Mindfulness is all about understanding, having compassion and kindness towards others, it’s divine to experience, silent though. 

Preference for food is a choice that has evolved over centuries, depending upon the availability, geography, vegetation, dependency, and stability of the habitat. Eventually, with the migration of human beings, food, and culture were distributed and inherited from the different culture to cultures and countries. 

Having this or that, not eating this or that is not the care and love but respect to the balance of nature infused in our roots from generation to generation depending upon, from which place one belongs. Respecting and evolving with change and being sustainable is mindfulness. 

What we eat holds life, whether it’s plant or animal and so does the power of the Divine. Thanksgiving and Mindfulness evoke those powers and what we feed on blesses us with the power of the divine. 

Trend and online data reveal that mindfulness is a vast spreading and in-demand business. People are stressed out and are seeking solace. Soul search is what most people are lost in. 

Mixing out false and facts, creating synthetic understanding, and encouraging myths have become more convenient with the emergence of social media. What is served and taught influences the ignorant and innocent minds of people, the big brand makes a big noise.

People lose themselves in haste eventually to find themselves in the shadow of half-truth all distressed, more confused with a zeal to escape life. The loop of false and facts hits back into an endless one, all in ignorance of the sound of silence. 

Questions like; what lifestyle does one follow? what /what not to wear? what one drinks is subject to the quality of life. But in the end, what matters are the intentions and quality not the convenience of thoughts, which ride on to an industrial-driven money-mining mentality. 

Connect yourself to the divine Supreme, and foster the silence of the mind. Whether it’s through meditation, just sitting calmly in nature, or being thoroughly involved in art or sport, that calms your thoughts so that you should be ready to listen to the whisper of wisdom.

Look at that plant and not just see, they too have anecdotes deeper, silent, and dark than roots hidden beneath. They rise, to shine, to provide the fruit of life, all sharing not seeking. 

Not only humans, animals, or whom we can listen to or see, but plants, the silent creation of God too need compassion, they comprehend the environment, health, and economics.

Be sensitive to every living thing, plant-animal, or human being. A touch of love is what all need, apart from what they eat. We eat to live not live to eat, living is caring. Care for each living thing. 

We are What we eat. Food rejuvenates the soul, food heals. 

Khana is the Khajana to abundance because health is wealth. If one unlocks the right food at the right sequence of, nature, vegetation, and habitat, food is the catalyst to good mood, longevity better life, full of positive vibes. 

When one works to meet the goals & mission, one needs the energy to stay high in spirit and has to feed food not just to the body but also to feed the soul. We don’t look for the three courses of the meal that energies the body but have to feed the mind and soul. 

Food affects vitality, what if we can have more healthy food, more pure produce? Food affects the health of a being and the mood and attitude. Food for the soul could be those eating habits that affect your brain and influence mood irrespective of vegetarian/non-vegetarian or vegan. 

Mood alters hormonal levels, interacting with blood chemistry and one’s organs i.e. liver, pancreas, adrenals, digestive system, kidneys, and heart. Your mind, body, and spirit in oneness and harmony with nature lead to inner peace. You feel happier, you indulge in love with yourself, and you become the source of joy for yourself and others.

A satisfied belly prefaces happy vibes. Harmony with nature is the need, being non-vegetarian/ vegetarian or vegan, here I am not at all telling/ opposing being vegan or proposing to turn Vegetarian or Vegan. My urge is, to turn to nature all in mindfulness with compassion and kindness all in sustainable ways. 

Developing a true understanding of the self and the surroundings, respecting the balance to which the Universe suffices, to the higher self, beyond industry-driven money-minting mentality, Replenish Your Inner Sanctuary. 

Food is not the path to attaining a Higher self but, prompting in oneself the compassion, care, and cheerfulness for others!!!