A house transcendence into the home with the touch of a woman. Her selfless deed, her courage, her unconditional love and her sacrifices for the family members are the vibes that keep people warm, full and high as she nurtures strength & they soar over the wings of success. 

From comforter to commander she stands tall thriving to live and not just live. Where her early role was much confined to the walls of the house, now with the urbanisation of economy and culture she steps out taking care of financial and social responsibilities too. 

Homemaker to destiny maker she is the pivot over which the family/world revolves. Sure how strong she needs to be and now what she seeks is a future loaded with equality, peace care and dignity a sustainable future, opportunities for self & humanity. 

As we celebrate International women’s day let commit to her success coming together to help her, empower her. The best way I see is to empower women is to make them aware. Educating them, making them aware of the world realities so she can raise children not to follow the path of the same disparities, a generation living equality in respect & harmony. 

Helping her in-home chaos, extending support at work, sharing workload indoors outdoor, personally- professionally. International women’s day is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

At Narmada Health Group the event is more of our lifestyle and not a ritual of a day. Under the leadership of Dr Renu Sharma, we celebrate this day as an encouragement to boost the enthu of our female team members. 

We choose to challenge for from challenge comes change. Let’s all choose to challenge. How will forge a gender-equal world? By, Celebrating women’s achievement. Raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

We celebrate our team members who all in a revolutionary manner promotes and uplifted and empower each other being planted where they are pawing the path toward equality, development and growth. 

Women, you are a winner to be, You balance your work-life pinning down astrocytes. You overcome all suffering, surrendering in refinement & harmony. You survive all so can make others thrive. You intercede happiness and positivity. You, stuff love motif weaving selfless vibes. 

An equal world is a balanced world. Balance that edifies to evolve better. Promoting the ability to actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

Small dots connect to form a line and to connect them one has to look back first drawing a string forwards. One bow down & not breaks, when is loaded of Gratitude, Love, Kindness and Compassion all in Grace. The blessing from the divine in abundance, an extra portion has given to the women kind. 

Only a strong woman dares to fix the other woman’s Crown, “Be that One”. As we celebrate women’s day let this not be an event of a day but an everyday celebration of our individuality in unity. Support each other, commemorating “We are one ” is a necessity.  

Choose to challenge is the pledge for this year. A pledge to change the status quo. From challenge comes change, do your bit, speak up, for when you do you do not for your self but many others too so speak up and speak up with confidence.

The biggest challenge we see and what i have tried to depict with this video is, in whatever role women are they are overloaded. They do a much wider and vast part of work and order, She from dawn to dusk works at home or work without complaining and not seeking time for herself and rest.

As women, we must advocate for the work we have done and take credit where credit is due. I thrive on change people’s understandings of how capable women are.

You are a pioneer with the privilege to pave the path for the ladies of next-generation, when you will speak and stand today you are creating hope for the girl of the next generation.

Help other women, mentor them where you can. Whatever you are, wherever you are; a seasoned veteran or just starting? Be bold, be the change you want to see, above all –> be yourself.

We celebrate the Women Power, as we celebrate Ladies who in a revolutionary manner inspire, promote and uplift other women in society. Individuality impact the outcome of collective efforts. So to bring the change towards the desired goal as moving forward retaining one’s potential, embracing uniqueness is equally important.

A Woman You Are, A Winner To Be.