What are you working for, money? What makes you Happy, money? What gives meaning to your being, is that money? 

If you think living & living it well, is about the accomplishment of luxuries, I will say, think it, think it again.

What contribution are we making to our own lives? How are we living in the life of the people, who see our presence as a cause, a cause that makes them feel, “their life is complete”?

Ever felt like, you have whatever you need, still, it’s missing, the mental peace? You seem happy however you are not happy indeed, your soul thrives for “quantum of solace”?

The peace is nowhere to find and so, the ramification is an unsatisfied life. The sense of dissatisfaction does affect actions, reactions, thoughts, and the behavior, that encompasses, absorbed by those who are around us.

Especially, kids around us are the souls we inspire, they follow not what we tell them but what we do impacts their minds and memories. They adopt us, children are influenced by our actions in practice, and our soul inspires their minds. 

I’m proud of my hard work. Working hard won’t always lead to the exact things we desire. There are many things I’ve wanted that I haven’t always gotten. But, I have great satisfaction in the blessings from my mother and father, who instilled a great work ethic in me both personally and professionally. ~ Tamron Hall

  • What are we giving to our children?
  • Is money what we are living for, and teaching them to live for it?
  • What is the legacy we are living for and what we’ll leave behind?
  • What gives you a sense of fulfilling life?

Happiness yes, is not based on any worldly thing or person, it’s in eternity, and happiness is peace and fuels purpose. Purpose to be useful, selfless, giving for the greater good and caring. Only a satisfied soul is a selfless soul, living in eternity & rejoicing. 

Caring for our own, those who belong to us is what everybody does, caring for a stranger is what needs effort, and happens with a peaceful heart, the care irrespective of being is divinity, hoping for no returns, no expectancy. 

Achievement of a meaningful life where selfless living proposes joy, and one is unaffected by the emotional or physical setbacks or achievements, however, follows righteousness & shares the light, living for the greater good, Good for society, living beyond self & solely for others happens when one is holding peace at the heart and a selfless mind. 

Anyway, life is not a straight simple track upward. Life happens to us every day, which impacts our being and relations. Things and people that do influence our reason, behaviour and response are never constant, neither are their reasons, action, emotions and reaction towards us and life, their vibes do affect ours. 

The basis average of a person’s behaviour of being friendly, harmonious, helping, self-centred, mean, jealous, zealous, isolated, motivating, inspiring, happy, angry or compassionate, etc are the reflection of our behaviour & relations that attribute goodwill and reputation apart from what we hold in our DNA?

The experience average of the responses and collective experiences you encounter vibes that you send and receive impact the perspective, social and personal relations and reputation. But those who stand still in these tough times are the trendsetters, who rise to greater heights.

Relationships personal/professional we nest in, they do impact the outer world and influence life at the social and professional front of a being. Reacting and responding in a balanced manner scale one’s emotional intelligence tells Peter Salovey and John Mayer. 

It is human nature to cling to the thing and to the person where one feels comforted so, to celebrate, cherish, such relations that bring fullness, answers to reasons, meaning, accomplishment and achievements, the elements of social, professional and personal presence. 

It’s human to get attached to the things or people one surrounds, spending life around. These are souls/ fewer beings that become an inseparable part of life, they propose cheerfulness and joy, in respect of chemistry we hold or spirituality we share.

How hard it is to let go of this fact, a human is a social animal, and our humanity is a reflection of our relations, which can be personal/professional?

We communicate, seek inspiration and propagate the same. People near to our hearts are the causes that make us complete and are distinguished elements of our habitat. These relations are some we are born with and many that we establish. 

Attachment proposes pleasure & pain is a fact. Perhaps an unnoticed fact is, that someday all relations will perish away. What will be left behind are memories, that will eventually define the quality of life. 

We all go through something that marks a difference in our lives and reveals a perspective which was nnever unknown to one before. The dark moment though impacts hard, beat down and breaks off in parts.  

Death of a loved one, a failed relationship, divorce or friends betrayal, failure of some dreams, loss of a job, prolonged sickness, a child falling into the wrong path, experiencing physical or mental trauma, there is so much that happens to all of us all the time.

A peaceful and happy life is what we all thrive for, what offset or hamper achieving peace is an emotional breakdown. A meltdown that consumes energy so tremendous, that it leaves one exhausted & hopeless, limiting one to a tunnel vision. 

And in such a situation, the rescue left is only to let go. They say let go, so can you cherish new, is letting go easy too? Whether it may be a relationship, a friend, a job or our ego, it’s hard to let go of habits and attachments. 

People fall, who doesn’t? Nobody is perfect. We all have paucities and weaknesses. Life is about facing situations which can be challenging and hard to cope-up with. Resilience is human nature and so we overcome to rise and lead, but the winners are those who fall but do not fail and are quick to catch up and let it go.

However, this choice doesn’t come so easy. The process is not so easy and swift. People torn down by trauma need time. Bitterness rooted deep in buries needs time to heal and another time to delete.

Resilience is a tendency and inbound ability of human DNA. People can be quick, some may be slow, and some may need help but eventually, we renounce to rise to new.

New that will fill the absence of old? Exactly, I tell you this new soon will go old. Enrooted deep down in flesh and mind, a meltdown hard to distinguish between blood, soul and mind, so much so leaving one to depart away again.

Leaving you empty, broken, fragile, looped in pressing nodes of a new sad song. Depositing you in surprise when this transpired? How the rain of tears dared to pool again in your eyes?

They say heaven and hell pass through our eyes, repercussion to our action are the factors that set a sad or happy life. But then no happening is in human control, it’s the control of Supreme that proposes one to succeed.  

Belongingness, unconditional love, healing, power, fullness and abundance offers so much so that you are left with peace and solace, a rejoicing tune of unending joy. No thief can steal away, not calamity can parish it in any way.

People are fighting battles every day to survive, with a task to put up the bread at the table last at night. Some emotional struggle peeps in through the escape of night. Where is that peace and compassion to be shared, the fullest life?

“The moment one realizes how life is short one is more likely to pay more attention to what makes you happy,” says Dr Waldinger. Choosing then that side of meaning and purposeful life is happiness. Choose Right. 

Dare to give, that affirms life, the Midas touch that can light up the dark souls, you may not live forever but your deeds do, they proposes principles, values, compassion, care to lives up to infinity. 

Research has suggested that 40% of people’s happiness comes from the choices they make. So the right choice is the key to being happy, what to let go and how quick one does it, is responsible for one being happy. 

Build life on a foundation rock that is strong enough to face the test of time, your presence is undefined. A legacy that will not perish ever out. Springing up the sense of fulfilling life, our values, our principles, our character they make a complete life, a life that impact. 

People may forget what we did, and how we make them feel, but our action that impacted their life is nonvolatile emotions that will live long, long even after we depart this world. 

This comes from a purposeful life, being on earth alive you are living in the presence of the Supreme, a place of perfect peace and happiness away from worries and tensions.

An earthly feeling like suffering and desire disappear, what you are left with is giving and sharing, giving your every single breath to a meaningful life that prompts change. 

You don’t need to be great to bring the change, to inspire the world. You are doing it every second; you are building the future world every moment. 

Your Kids never look at you well, they see you.

One can lead from Good to Great, regardless of what are you and where you belong to. You can mark the change. You can bring that change for good. 

When you hold high aspirations and crave to lead a meaningful life, when you wish to contribute towards change for good, and when you desire to mark and impact on life. 

What all it takes is turning your purpose into practice and thoughts in deeds. How can one make up to these?

A soul high on spirit, full of passion and in line with discipline can achieve this. The first response for the offset goal to make the right move is taking care of people that you and your presence impacts too. 

Who matters to you and to those to whom you do? You have to take care of what falls first well in contact and response. What energy you feed them with is the way they will act and react to end.

Compassion and grace of sharing, thoughts of others, not living for just materialistic desires, are we passing well these attributes of humanity to the next-gen?

Life is not about living happy but living in peace, a meaningful life. The purpose of life is not to be just happy, it is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate. To mark some difference that you have lived and lived well, leaving well the legacy behind.

If this though has convinced you too to do something meaningful, get up & go out, try to find someone who needs help, prompt purpose and give meaning to your life, living for others. 

Development, A Cakewalk Over the Face of Mother Earth!