Yes, She Deserves, as She Gifted You, Your 1st & NOW, Post COVID-19, THE SECOND LIFE! 

Love of Mother Nature for her offspring -” the human beings” is unconditional, so much as to awake us she took sufferings all over herself. Giving us the warning to stir and amend the ways to contemplate, recounting us to stop, to change.

By hurting and damaging Mother Nature would humans will be able to sustain it? The existence of humanity is dependent on Nature, but mother earth is in danger, it is high time to take action and incorporate them into our daily lives.

Who will care for Mother Earth and her well being? Her face is covered with PLASTIC, she is suffocating and suffering. Screaming out loud, unable to breathe, mother Earth is reacting in rage showering anger showering scorching heat.

Butterflies, one of the most sensitive and beautiful creatures, their number has been reduced to “84%” tells report due to temperature rise. This is shockingly saddening. One of the many alarms humans ignored and didn’t respond to.

We didn’t take signals then to correct our ways. Now facing the problems sprouted out of our dispositions, the Covid19 crisis sprang much as a surprise, a red alert, an alarm we must understand. 

What can be done, and why any action has not yet been taken? What can be done, what cannot and should not be? While stepping forwards and catching up with the development pace, is it necessary to hurt nature, with this machine mentality?

By Hurting and damaging Mother Nature would humans will ever be able to survive? The existence of humanity is dependent on Nature, and mother earth was in danger. 

That was the high time to take action and incorporate them into our daily lives and we failed. We ignored her call, her screams, her suffering we turned incessantly. 

Human, who cannot create life is soaked in selfishness setting the unborn babies to die. Tornados, volcanoes, landslides, and wildfires, all were a reflection of the pain of Mother Earth seeking our consciousness and taking suffering over herself. 

Now Mankind is suffering from our ruinous intentions, with nowhere left to run no place to deceive, we are limited to our abode. The loss of peace, hello choking mind, surviving engulfed in the suffering, souls under stigma terrified of COVID-19. 

Give a thought, What do we do, when we are tired of routine & life? We take a break to rejuvenate & so is Mother Earth up to her rest time, keeping us under lockdown. 

Have patience, let her heal, and she will be back again more giving and sharing. For that is the nature of Mother Earth to nurture & share, she doesn’t keep something for herself. In the meantime it’s an opportunity for us to contemplate, correct and amend our ways. 

Yes, She Deserves, as She Gifted You, Your 1st & NOW, Post COVID-19, THE SECOND LIFE!

Understand, the destructive pattern of “Development -A cakewalk over the face of Mother Earth”, will lead us only in one direction which is “DEATH “. Life is a gift that we have to forwards to the next generation, just as we have received.

Be ready and be aware, as we are approaching to get back to “THE SECOND LIFE” all by the mercy of mother earth’s kind nature, the wish of the Divine. Gearing up to come out of lockdown as it is important. But understand and not let this lesson go waste. 

Correct DIABOLIC WAYS OF LIVING LIFE and as they say, “live & let life”, though this is not the choice but the ONLY CHOICE, to live in harmony & peace with Nature, Our Mother Earth. 

Let’s come together to build a society that surrenders to sustainability. Pure Selfless Vibes sustain all life on earth, a sustainable future is the only one that we can have. How individuals can contribute to a sustainable future? 

Each drop counts in an ocean, and so are the efforts of each one of us toward a sustainable future. Intention to move towards development with sustainability, Sharing; Life, Love, peace and positivity, is “A Return Gift to Mother Nature”, & towards “Our Second LIfe”. Set the precursors that lead to ramification, a respectful life towards Mother Nature.