No matter you are single, dating, engaged or married. Whatever relationship you are into, it  takes the investment of efforts to maintain. And whatever they end, in tears or in jubilees of years of togetherness, it takes a lot even more to lead it from a good to a great connection.
Here are the very best suggestions from the top relationship therapists, researchers. These are the refined inside of their wisdom and knowledge they have learned.
Daily a dose of appreciation is a must. It’s not like that they may understand the unsaid words. It is necessary to appreciate and make the one you care to show, yes you do and to enhance their confidence to believe in you that to like things about them, now no matter how long you are together.
Every existence has value and so relationships too have value regardless of how long it lasts. Expert says there is no such thing called failed romance. The relationship evolved to the level what they are meant to be.  It’s best not to take something that is meant to be temporary or short-term into a lifelong relationship.  Learn to let go and enjoy the journey.
Taking the partner for granted is the spoiler. It is very important to realize that everyone probably has a breaking point. Over stressing to the extent of breaking cost relationship. Many people assume that as they are okay without things, likewise  the partner is also okay, this becomes the cause. No relationship is perfect and need to match up to the complacency.